The Art of Discovery

I come from Modesto, California. Not knowing what the hell I wanted to do, my dad told me to go to the local junior college and figure it out. That gave me a lot of freedom. My dad gave me permission to fail, and he didn’t put any expectations on me. He told me to play around, go explore, see what I hate, see what I love. So I just went out and tried. I studied DOS and other computer languages, but I realized I didn’t have the personality to sit behind a computer for the rest of my life. So I shifted. I thought maybe I wanted to be a cop or a detective, and went into criminology. At the same time, I took an acting class and I got my first paid acting job. It was at the local junior college where they needed actors to play criminals to help police officers in training. They put me in a room the size of a closet and said, “Someone’s going to arrest you, do everything you can do not to be arrested.” They closed the door, and a little while later this guy comes in. He’s kind of scared and says, “Excuse me, Sir, is anybody else home in the house with you?“ I kicked and punched him, and they gave me my 50 bucks and sent me home.


“Ab pata laga kya ahmiyat hai tumhari meri life mein? You stupid security guard…mujhe chod ke ja rahe the? Pagal! Kabhi mujhe chodna mat, ok? Aur haan, main kabhi bhi musibat mein hongi na tumhe aana padega! You silly boy I—I love you! I love you Siddharth! I love you!