Giver: The Equivalent Exchange Remix.

 Everyone has their own circle of friends, or a handful of friends that they can call their own. I believe that we all do things for our friends because we care about them.

 I love my friends— all of them. But my closest friends, or bestfriends; they go on a different line. I give it my 110% to go out of my way to even serve them when I can. Even if I know I’m being openly used, I want to do it. However, not being recognized or considered of the amount of effort I put is strongly disappointing.

 At this time (4:10am) I decided, I’ve grown short of time, effort, patience, tolerance toward people who don’t show even a bit of appreciation for my efforts. It was such a beauty before to be the Hero behind a mask that saves his friends, but I have no mask. I deserve friend(s) who’d do the same for me. And notice the balls to the walls measures I take to ensure that nothing will separate us.

 All I wanted was a text, facebook comment, a message, a letter, a damn messenger pigeon— Or whatever! Just to ensure me I’m not just a plan B in your field of 1,000 acquaintances.

 No longer will I put my above and beyond mind, heart and soul toward the people I whom I thought were close. However, I will keep my promise I made, to always be here if you need me. It does seem like a “lose for me, win for them” situation. But the gain I had was the happiness on your faces.

 I pray one day, that the blood, and sweat I put toward the friendship(s) I sworn to protect becomes noticed— Either that or I pray you’ll consider a little equivalent exchange.

 “Guard up Rewind, these humans were not who you thought they were”.