Hey guys, it’s been a while, huh?

Well here’s a new project to start on. On KCon’s official twitter this past week, they talked about possibly having a KCon in New York next year. That’s great for them, but what about the fans farther down the East Coast and in the South??? We have to let them know just how many fans there are down here and that there is a demand for one.

So, the plan is to tweet kconusa and mnetamerica asking them to consider KCon farther in the Southern United States(so FL,GA, AL, LA, SC, etc. can get some love too). So let’s tweet both of these accounts and #KConSouth to try to show them all the Kpop love there is in the Southern States. Let’s do it guys! 출발~

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We met JRE of JREKML at the BTS Wings concert in Newark last Friday and let him know about our demo! He told us he’d be interested playing it, so we’re eagerly awaiting that! J-hope even recognized him during the concert and pointed him out, so his support would likely be one surefire way for BTS to see the game demo! @jre4eva, just found out you live in Florida, too! Let’s get together soon and talk business and kpop, alright? :)

Top photo: JRE with Ajané, CEO of Aeon Dream Studios @xelestial-skydragon (left) and ADS volunteer @eeveedream (right) 

Bottom photo: JRE with some of his fans holding our To the Edge of the Sky promotional postcard that we handed out at the concert!