I was asked to post a selfie and share ten rando facts about myself so here goes!

1. Before I became a mom (Forest was a big surprise, for those that didn’t know), I didn’t want to be a mom for a long long time–I felt like it would ruin all my plans and steal my identity and force me into ugly jeans and a bad haircut. But it has been the sweetest journey and I have never learned so much or loved so much. And also I can’t believe how cute and sweet and funny he is. Gosh I love him.
2. I have been doing ministry with zach for almost five years! [also I’m a youth pastor’s wife (as of Friday)!!!! Zach got a job as a youth pastor and we are stoked!] We work really well together and it’s so great to be able to creatively have something to work on with each-other.
3. My favorite bands are the Killers, Death Cab, Weezer, and Modest Mouse–I don’t think I will ever grow out of them.
4. I love sleep and I get hardly any of it!
5. I am always in a constant battle between eating healthy (juice cleanse + salads) and not healthy (donuts for every meal)
6. We are in the midst of planning some sort of trip this summer, either to Canada or Alaska (since last year’s Alaska plans didn’t work out) and I think I love the planning stage almost as much as the actual going stage.
7. I struggled with an eating disorder for over five years of my life and even though I’ve mostly gotten over it, it’s something that still affects me in tiny ways.
8. I am an extroverted introvert, aka if I spend too much time alone, I get sad and need to be around people. And if I spend a lot of time with people, I need to be alone to recharge. Also sometimes social situations stress me out, especially if I don’t know most of the people.
9. I absolutely love cooking and meal planning but it took me a year of being a wife to get semi-good at it. Also once I was a vegetarian for two years but I won’t ever do that again cause I love bacon and tri tip, and so does my husband.
10. We have a dream of buying and living in an airstream for about five years and then turning it into a coffee/tea shop with delicious teas from around the world. We also want to show our babies the entire country by traveling around in it. And this year might be the year.

That’s it!

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hi I am slowly replying to messages and have been asked a few times about my favorite tumblr blogs. and my faves are my faves cause I either know em in real life or have had good conversations with them. not a huge fan of the blogs that only reblog, i love the personal stuff!  so because i don’t feel like typing this more than once, here are a few of my favorite tumblr blogs, in no order!

zacheway (well that one is first cause he’s my super cute husband)


thomascoryfoster (one of my bffs)




apatchworkheart (sweet mama friend who I adore)



prevailzine + michaelstolz = thestolzes (cutest + funniest adventurous married couple who I adore)

arianalyneebabcock + thebabcocks 

allthetreesofthefield (hilarious/relatable/sweet/good taste in everything)


missdozier + swordsofreflection (the sweetest and cutest bffs)

jrdnnwlkr (the most stylin girl on here)



carissa-xy + redlettering

creative, beautiful, encouraging, adventurous, brilliant people, all of em.