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Cow & Tiger dance break ~ Hello Baby ep.3

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Baby’s First Feeding

Title: Baby’s First Feeding

Pairing: ontae (platonic)

Rating: Pg-13

Warnings: Vampires, blood, cursing, Taemin being an idiot

Summary: Taemin should really learn how to feed without a bendy straw

Notes: I really liked the idea of Taemin sucking at being a vampire so I wrote more uwu

Sequel to Baby Leech

Sometimes, Onew gets really really mad at Taemin. It’s mostly over dumb stuff like Taemin dripping blood everywhere or leaving his teething block on the kitchen counter or hanging upside down over his bed when he’s trying to sleep because it “looks cooler”.

But other times, it’s over something really big.

Taemin!” Onew shrieks, taking the steps three at a time as he rushes down the stairs in an attempt to pull Taemin from the front door as he’s about to step out into the sunlight. “Stop! Don’t fucking go out there!”

Taemin ignores him, eyes trained on the neighbor kid who’s sitting on the sidewalk in front of their house with a scraped knee. The blood dripping from the cut isn’t very plentiful, but after a week with nothing to eat because Onew hadn’t had the chance to contact their supplier, the tiny little cut on the eight year old’s leg looked like an all you can eat buffet.

Taemin’s fangs are poking past his lips and there’s venomous drool sliding down his chin. He can tell from his massively improved vision that his eyes had slid into catlike slits. Normally, he would stop to wonder in amazement as he was suddenly able to see the sweat dripping down the kid’s neck, but instead he can only focus on how ready his body is to pounce.

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Things Jinki needs to do more often: 1)show his arms (because come on) 2)wear his blue contacts. I mean it, blue-eyed Onew will be the death of me

OMG I AGREEEE I AGREEEEEEE…i love his dark eyes but he is STUNNING in blue contacts… and i love his arms seriously..he is more shy about showing anything so just arms being shown is so sexy lol…less is more with Jinki EH? The mystery makes him more exciting..i mean LOOK at him fully covered hes still so uuughghhg


Onew ~ An Encore ~ SMTOWN IV Osaka 150726