You’ve Earned It

A little 19x1 smut, inspired by the now-infamous missing scene. I’ve never, like, formally written this pairing, so. Good luck to me.

Fandom: SVU
Pairing: Barisi
Rating: NC17/E/Porn
WC: 2k~

“I’m goin’ in,” Carisi said, his face set with stubborn lines that Rollins recognized.

“Carisi, come on, they’re in a meeting.”

“Exactly. It’s the perfect time! Her door’s open, so obviously it’s not private, and I know I’m right.”

“You think Barba hasn’t thought of it already?” Rollins said with a frown.

“Maybe. Maybe not. Doesn’t matter. I’m goin’ in.”

She sighed and shook her head. “Fine. Good luck. But try to remember that you’re a—” She sighed again. “Cop,” she said to the empty air, because he was already halfway to Liv’s office.

“What the hell is that fool up to?” Fin said as he appeared from the break room.

“Apparently he’s goin’ in,” she said. “Dominick Carisi, Jr., Esquire.”

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anonymous asked:

But Swanfire has history.

Hum and? Don’t you think so does Captain Swan?

Killian and Emma have history too, if not more:

  • they were first enemies
  • they met in the Enchanted Forest, he was trying to fool them but Emma didn’t buy it. She called him out and tied him to a tree.  
  • They go on an adventure on a beanstalk, they talk a little about each other, their lives and their past, open up slightly to each other
  • They fight a giant, they find a lot of gold and Emma finds the compass, she can’t let him be with her, she can’t risk it, so she decides to leave him behind, chaining him up
  • Hook goes down eventually and he steals Aurora’s heart, who tells Emma he might care for her. He tells her he’s done with her and that he wouldn’t have done the same to her. He wouldn’t have let her down.
  • They have one hell of a swordfight at the Lake, he let her win and he fakes to be unconscious 
  • Emma goes back to SB and he finds a way with the magic bean, he finds his way through the town and he tries to kill Gold.
  • He hurts Belle and he gets hit by a car, EMma finds him and touches his ribs, he goes to the hospital and she asks the nurse to hide him, waits on his bed for him to wake up.
  • She tells him she’d pick him.
  • She leaves for NY so Gold doesn’t kill him, but Hook follows them and he hurts Gold with his hook, Emma smashes him in the end to stop him.
  • She chains him up in NY and leaves him behind again.
  • He comes back to SB via Tamara, teams up with them for a moment to trick Regina and then changes his mind to help the Charming protect the town
  • He fights with Charming against Tamara and Greg,Emma tries to find a way to make this okay.
  • She offers him to stay and be a part of something, telling him they understand each other. He asks her why so passionate and she tells him about Bae/Neal
  • He steals the bean and leaves, Emma prepares herself to die with her parents before doing magic with Regina. Henry is taken to Neverland
  • He comes back because he needed her to remind him he could do better, giving her the bean and a way to Neverland on his ship, he accepts his foe aboard.
  • They take the bean and create a portal. 
  • Emma has her hopes down and she’s mad, Rumple says something not nice and she prepares herself for a fight, he tells her not to listen to him, they share a drink and he gives her Bae’s sword.
  • There’s a shit storm and they get wet (very important part), they sail the JR together, holding the wheel, fight mermaids.
  • A fight start aboard and Emma jumps in the water to stop them all, Killian tries to help and and gets her back aboard with Charming, using the strength of his arms to pull both of them out of the water.
  • He accepts her as the captain of the expedition and tells her he likes her when she’s not yelling at him.
  • They start walking into the forest, and he tells it’s dangerous, Emma says they have to trust and listen to Hook. She tells him about perms
  • They try to fight Pan and she gets a map, she  says she’s an orphan and she shows him the result on the magic map, waiting for his advice. He offers her rum and asks her who she is, and that he would love to get to know her.
  • They fight Pan’s men together, 
  • Regina says he’s her boyfriend.
  • He talks about Bae a little in the Bae’ cave, she realizes he knew him more than she did
  • They share coconuts together, 
  • He tells her he knows how it feels to loose hope.
  • He saves her father
  • He surprises her by his actions and the way he is, she drinks rum with him and he flirts and challenges her to kiss him, which she does.
  • He finds out Neal is alive and wants to protect Emma in case it’s not true, and they got save him together, he reveals to everyone everything changed since the kiss and he’s now gone, hope filling his heart since he met her. SHe looks back to him before going to Neal, cries and tells him she wanted him dead. Killian looks at them hurt and sad, before seeing them talking and thinking everything is over for whatever was happening between them.
  • Emma still stays close to him for advice, asking him for everything and Killian tells Neal about their dalliance,
  • He tells her he won’t give up and he will fight, and he has faith in them, in her, and that they will find her son. He tells her she can do everything.
  • Neal and him  get in a bickering fight over a lighter, Emma does magic because of Hook being attacked in frnt of her, she calls them both out for being stupid.
  • He takes his distance and let her do what she wants, it’s her choice. He fights with her and help her however he can; She asks him about his brother, she talks to him about Neverland and she always seeks his presence.
  • They go back to SB and Killian decides to let her do what she wants, and tells Neal so, letting him a chance.
  • He’s lonely and sad, he saw Neal asking her out, he tries to seduce Tink,and Emma turns down Neal. They met again and he tries to make her jealous.
  • They all get cursed again and she has to leave, he’s heartbroken, and he tells her he won’t stop thinking of her, and she tells him good before leaving.
  • Back in the EF, he cant stay with her family, he’s heartbroken and not himself, the pirate life not quite cutting it, he misses her and this life is empty withoout her.
  • He finds a way back to her in NY, and he tries TLK on her, before she kicks him in the balls, he comes back and try to change her mind, interrupts a dinner and tells her he knows her better than anyone else.
  • She’s dating Walsh and he tries to convince her to remember him to drink the potion, he tells her to go to this address and she finds Neal’s place.
  • She comes back and she chains him up and calls the cops.
  • Later she comes back for him and frees him from detention, and he convinces her, she’s crying and she’s scared, he tells her she might have love in this other life, and she might love a man. She drinks the potion and remembers him.
  • They are at her place drinking, and he tells her he came back for her, he wants to take care of Walsh but she doesn’t let him.
  • The monkey attacks her, but she fights, he comes back and she tells him she was never safe.
  • Killian meets Henry Swan and he mocks his pirate outfit, she calls him Killian for the first time and they all go to SB together
  • He pulls back the Hook and she takes the jacket and puts it on. And she goes to her parents.
  • She tells everyone he found her.
  • They talk about what happened and how are things in this life with her parents
  • He mocks her about the monkey she almost married.
  • They fight side by side. And she calls him out later for mocking her. She tells him she got her heart broken again. He tells her a broke heart means it still works.
  • They go after Zelena together.
  • They find Neal and both Emma and Killian get their goodbye with him.
  • Funeral! he’s at her side and she buries her first love. He tells her revenge is not the solution and he offers her to help her and Henry by talking to the boy. He goes with him to the docks and they have a fun day, they talk about Neal and he teaches him about the stars.
  • He brings Henry back home and tells Emma he needs more and he needs to know. She thanks him twice and leaves him standng in font of her door.
  • Emma comes back to the docks and asks him to take care of Henry again while she goes studying magic, he tells her she is wonderful and her magic is amazing, she can do it and embrace it. SHe tells him she is not, she wants to get back to NY for Henry. He tells her she can’t forget this life. 
  • He gets played by Zelena into admitting he’s in love with Emma even though she broke his heart. He gets cursed and can’t kiss her without taking away her powers.
  • He goes to the Charming’s and Emma makes magic in front of him, happy and impressed by him helping Ariel; He tells her it’s not him but all Ariel’s doing. 
  • When she asks him to stay for dinner, he turns it down because he can’t stay. She tells him she wants to move on and she is tired of living in the past. He tells her he knows the feeling.
  • Heartbroken, he watches them having dinner, knowing he belongs there.

No history you say?