There has been a SERIOUS lack of RDJude on my dash, so I felt the need to make my own reminder of how awesome they are! And also, can anyone else be as excited as I am about their “meeting” this month?!

Enjoy some pics/gifs above and some quotes below to remind yourselves all why we love them so! :)

Cute Interview Moments: (RDJ- BOLD 

**When asked about their onscreen chemistry and how long it took for them to click "Haven’t met before, and it took-" "Thirty seconds." "Thirty seconds for it to click." "It was absolutely instant.."

**When asked about RDJ’s Golden Globe nomination: "I’m excited, you deserved it dude." "I’m excited that you’re excited. You deserved it too."
**When the interviewer said, “Someone was telling me you had kind of- kind of a guy crush on Jude Law-” his reaction was INSTANT "What?! Quite the reverse! Oh1 In the movie you mean? In the movie my character doesn’t want him to get married because that’ll take him away from me. In real life, Jude was calling me last night while he was on his way out to dinner telling me he missed me."  When they showed Jude the clip from RDJ’s interview the next day his reply? "He’s right. I called him last night and said I miss you. So he’s kind of broken my heart live on TV, what can I say?"

**When describing their first time meeting, "It started there and then, the love affair started then."

**"And often times he would congratulate us on being able to deliver some sort of performance approaching heterosexual.."

**Interviewer tells RDJ that he’s a beautiful man and Jude Law says, "It’s true." they then proceed to have about thirty seconds of eye fucking.

** "Have you ever seen a guy adjust better to a tache? I saw without him afterwards and was like ‘That’s not my Judesie.."

** When asked about who he was currently dating or with, Jude says, "The only person I’m currently in love with is on my left." **See 3rd gif above

**MOST RECENTLY: (two separate interviews) Jude is asked about his man crush, and told about Channing’s crush on him he replies with, "I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Robert Downey Jr. but that’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Even in the films we flirt our way in and out of adventures." "He’s a good one to have a crush on." "He is, isn’t he? He’s a little Peter Pan.” 2nd Interview: "It has to be Downey." "Your choice?" "Has to be. Only because he’d be devastated if I said anyone else."

**Another recent interview, when asked about the “meeting” that’s supposed to happen this month, "He’s been saving the world in so many different guises, I’m gonna have to, ya know, *sigh* Iron Man 3, Avengers.. he’s saving the world.." "He’s really into it, isn’t he? Is he all buff now?" "Well, he’s a fit guy, very health conscious, wasn’t always, but is now. Uhmm, for all I know is.. there’s talk we’re gonna meet in March and start the script process.. I hope we do, I had a lot of fun making those."

** Phrases they’ve used when describing their interactions/chracters/chemistry: "bickering like two old queens.."  


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My other post got so many hits! I’m glad everyone enjoyed it, I though I would do another! Above are some lovely pics of them, and below are some excerpts from some hilarious interviews! Enjoy!
• Interviewer: Everyone talked very warmly about the relationship you guys have on screen.. Going into it for the second time did it feel comfortable?
Jude: *immediately responds* Definitely.
• RDJ: Where we really wound up was something right out of the books, which is a note for Watson that says- *looks to Jude to finish his sentence*
Jude: If inconvenient- no. Come if- I can’t remember now. If incons-
RDJ: Inconvenient.
Jude: Inconvenient! Please come. If inconvenient, please come all the same.
• Interviewer: Reunited. Was it good to get back together?
Jude: SO GOOD!
Interviewer: Was it?
RDJ: *starts singing* Reunited-
Jude: I went into a- I went into a sort of slump of depression for six months.
• Interviewer: It’s what we call “bromance” now.
Jude: Well, apparently. *seethes* I don’t like that word.
RDJ: Yeah, but to me, bromance, I hate to say that that cheapens it, it simplifies the description… Finishing eachother’s sentences, being a cross purposes, coming around to these circles of understandings of love is…
• RDJ: I feel like an honorary Brit. *looks to Jude*
Jude: *studiously avoids eye contact* You should.
RDJ: But I’ll never really be one, will I Jude?
Jude: No.
RDJ: *starts laughing*
Jude: The queen has to ask you, I’m afraid. A little out of my reach.
RDJ: *still chuckling*
• RDJ: Whatever I said, if he says it, he said it correctly.
• Jude: Thats where Rob is very, very good on- on script watch and on set, because he- he- he always manages to ahead of time, sort of map out where these beats have to come and where it’s important to up the drama or up the emotion and keep raising the bar so you kinda spring board into the next section of the film.. I don’t sort of look at stuff like that.
• Jude: I was most excited about the train sequence..
• Interviewer: Who would win in a battle of wits between Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark?
RDJ: Tony, who? I’m sorry, I promote one franchise at a time.
Interviewer: This is what people wanted to know from you.
RDJ: How dare you embarrass my roommate.
Jude: *laughing* But wait a minute, with or without suit?
RDJ: Ohh..
Interviewer: Ooh, without.
RDJ: Now you’re keeping this dead horse alive?
Jude: Sorry. *leans into interviewer and stage whispers Holmes*
Interviewer: *stage whispers Yeah, I think so too*
• Interviewer: Was there a bit of homoerotic subtext in this film?
RDJ: Hm.
Jude: No! God! *looks at RDJ who’s sitting quietly* No. I don’t say that with horror.
Interviewer: *points to RDJ* You think yes, don’t you?
RDJ: Are my eyes saying yes?
Interviewer: *giggles*
RDJ: I think there’s something for everybody.
• Jude: I, if I’m honest, came into this, just because I was intrigued to meet Robert Downey Jr. cause I loved his work and I always loved the spirit of this man I didn’t know.. To be honest, it started there and then. The love affair started there and then. The love affair started..
• Jude: ..we also took a kind of gentleman’s oath, that we were gonna push each other as far as possible, and be there for each other, and back each other up. And the truth is, it started then and it never stopped. And we really- I learned so much from him, in never settling, always looking an trying new ideas.. I know he certainly felt that I was there to do the same for him.. You’re only as good as the person next to you.. It was a very happy work place..
• Interviewer: What was it like working with Jude Law’s mustache?
RDJ: This is the question we’ve all been waiting for, thank you. Ya know.. We didn’t really get along..
Interviewer: It’s a beautiful one.
RDJ: Dude, it’s- it’s the best tache ever. Here’s the thing, if you pay- if you’re really weird and following around me in different “phases of facial hair” right before we started shooting, I had a BIG, 70’s, porno stache going on, like, like you Robert, and it looks good on you, but I was not rocking that mustache, and I thought, “maybe this would be good for Sherlock,” right after me saying, “we’re doing this one right by the book,” I started looking for text that would support me doing what I felt like doing, there was none there. Holmes always was clean shaven, Watson was another story. Uhmm, when were at the wrap party, in the lobby of *adopts feminine accent* fabulous boutique hotel in manhattan, *goes back to normal voice* Jude came down, he had promptly shaved his mustache, having worn it for the better part of four months, he was STRANGELY UNRECOGNIZABLE AS HIMSELF. That guy knows how to rock a tache.