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Brother | 1997 | Aleksei Balabanov | Russia

Брат is a unique portrait of 1990s Russia. It shows the violence, desperation, poverty and moral decay of a nation in search for a new identity after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It’s a cult movie in Russia and for me an undisputable masterpiece with profound meaning.


GOT7 as gang members texting Youngjae who is the the new recruit~

Jaebum (Boss): Boss/Ringleader
Mark (Coke): Illegal Gambling/Drug Trafficking
Jackson (Boom): The Weapons Expert/Hitman
Jinyoung (Chip) : Hacker/Computer Expert
BamBam (The Hot One): Honey Trapper/Kidnapper
Yugyeom (Reaper): Assassin/Sniper
Y/N (ICU): Spy/Informant

For those who want to know where this came from: I did a small scenario with an AU for Jaebum/Youngjae in which Jaebum was vandalizing Youngjae’s house and so Youngjae tries to catch him in the act. And then in the story I just threw in the fact that Jaebum may be part of a gang and Youngjae was kind of scared by him which hinted that he may actually be the boss.

So, an anon just asked if it could actually be a story and I assigned them each roles in a gang for fun. And now we’re just kind of rolling with it!

Honestly, I have no idea where this is going to go…just ask me questions about it, make fics and texts and snapchats, send in writings about it and lets all make it a thing together haha~


JR Mafia Boss Au no one asked for?

Lol this is from the Chinese Movie Jonghyun and Mingi were in apparently in which I only heard about recently because Pledis is shit. For all we know  NU’ESt could be in five more movies we had no idea about Lmao.

This has also been a reminder JR looks like a completely different with his hair up. What happened to my soft™ bugi??

Stubborn Love | Nash Gold Jr. x reader (Chapter 4)

Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Rating: Teen
Genre: Action | Drama | Romance | Hurt/Comfort
Summary: You lived many lives, but only one was always real.
Notes: I had this idea. It looked and sounded nice, but I had no idea how to start it. It’s kinda like mafia AU thingy with multiple chapters because the idea itself turned out long. I was conflicted about the title and when I ran into song, with the same title, it all fell perfectly. I also blame NCIS LA for coming with this idea - but totally worth it. Any review/feedback is welcomed.

CHAPTER 1 | CHAPTER 2 | CHAPTER 3 | CHAPTER 4 (completed)

You were sitting at one of the restaurants in La Massana, a small country of Andorra in-between Spain and France. You knew there was a chance that someone might recognize you, but with hair short, reaching only your chin, and different hair colour, you were confident enough that no one would be that fast at recognizing you either. Since you left Los Angeles and the moment you arrived in Madrid, you used only small towns and villages for your stop.

It has been a week since you managed to escape and though you never stayed at one place more than a day, you grew to like La Massana. It was a mistake.

It was early in the morning, with the sun just rising from the East, when a woman approached you and with a soft smile handed you an envelope. With narrowed eyebrows, you thanked her and opened it, taking out the paper. You expression remained the same, but suddenly you were aware of all people that surrounded you.

           You’re being followed.

Three words that made you raise your head as you put paper back into envelope before you stood up and left without a glance behind. You walked down the street until you reached the hotel that was few minutes away. Glancing behind you saw a man following you quite far behind, but didn’t pace up. It confused you. If he wasn’t Kuznetsov’s man then who was he?

You reached your hotel room and grabbed the bag before changing into something more comfortable other than dress. Walking towards the window, you looked outside and saw the same man standing right below, talking with someone on the phone. You narrowed your eyebrows, wondering why he seemed so familiar until you remembered he was outside behind the club when you visited Nash.

Your eyes widened and colour drained from your face. The last thing you wanted was running from Nash as well. He must have known by now that you were an agent and went undercover to bring him down. Closing the curtain, you left the room and walked down the hallway towards elevator. You rushed when you heard men speaking Russian and cursed at the luck.

“I shouldn’t have stayed here longer…” You groaned, but sighed in relief when the elevator closed the moment you heard the doors open. Leaning on the wall behind, you looked up into ceiling before you took out your burning phone you bought in Spain.

Going through contacts, you wondered how could they find out so soon before realization dawned on you. You closed your eyes and sighed. “Of course he’d have someone from the police in too.”

Reaching the first floor, you stepped out of the elevator and walked towards fire exit. The moment you walked through, you were pulled in by the arm and slammed on the wall beside, his hand over your mouth. Your eyes widened as you stared at the man in front of you. Your look soon turned into glare as you tried to free yourself.

“Save it,” He groaned and looked around before focusing on you completely. “Call him.”

Two words that made you completely still. Narrowing your eyebrows, he removed his hand. “Why? He knows I’m an agent. Why the hell should I call him?”

“He can protect you.” The man sighed. “He’s been searching for you since you left.”

“Protect me?” You scoffed. “I wanted to bring him down, arrest him.” You stared right into his eyes. “I even pretended to act so close to him.” Averting your gaze to the side, the pain became visible. “I can’t…I can’t see him. Not after doing that.”

“Kacey changed his mind.” Your eyes widened. “I don’t know how much you’ll believe me, but everyone close to Nash knew you two held feelings for each other. It was quite obvious.” He laughed.

“I can’t stay here any longer.” You whispered, shoulders slumping down.

“Go back to Los Angeles. To Nash.”

“I can’t…” Shaking with head, you turned away. “Kuznetsov is keen on finding and killing me for what happened in Russia. He won’t stop until I’m dead and making sure too.” You looked back at him. “If I go back, not only I’ll endanger those close to me, but they might end up dying so he could bring me out. I can’t do that. Not to Kacey and Nash. Not to anyone…which is why I’m sorry for doing this.”

Making a fist, you punched him in the stomach before going behind him and wrapped an arm around his neck and head. He gasped for air and tried to hold your hand, scratching your arms as he slipped into unconsciousness, too surprised and shocked at your actions.

“I’m trying to protect you and Nash.” You whispered and closed your eyes. “I’m sorry…”

The man slumped down and you leaned him against the wall, sighing. Leaning down, you smiled softly before you took out his phone and went through contacts, finding the familiar name. With narrowed eyebrows, you bit your lower lip, wondering if you should call him or not, having doubts in everything the man said. It was hard to convince Nash.

What’s the news?” His voice sounded rushed and you forced back the laugh that threatened to escape.

“He’s unconscious, but he’s safe.” You spoke.


You gasped, hearing your name from his mouth, but you laughed. “I should’ve expected this…” You murmured and went with hand through your hair. “Don’t follow me if you want to stay alive.” Biting your lower lip hard, you didn’t let him say a word as you hanged up and put phone in the man’s hand. “It’s for the best…”

The phone began ringing, but you ignored it. You ran down the stairs to the ground floor and reached the reception. The receptionist smiled at you and nodded, already knowing that you are leaving.

There’s a man on the fire exit on first floor.” You spoke in Spanish. “He’s one of the good guys.” You smiled and the receptionist nodded before she handed you a key.

The car is waiting in the back.” She replied. “Have a safe trip.

With a nod you took the key and left the hotel at the back doors. “Where should I go next? Italy or Switzerland?” you murmured to yourself, but hearing distant shouts you rushed to the car and sat in before driving away. You still had a chance to disappear after all no one knew who you really were with changed looks.

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Got7 Reaction to surprising you on valentines day

Thankyou~ Bts

Jb: This cost my dignity, but it was worth your happiness!

Jr: I tried,it didn‘t work out the way I wanted but I‘m still happy you‘re surprised

Mark: You are so cute

Youngjae:  You really got surprised

Jackson: Here is another surprise.

BamBam: Why did you look like this? *Imitates you*

Yugyeom: You really are happy? Here something more

I tried!

 Hope you like it. 

Gifs are not mine!

~Mafia Princess~

anonymous asked:

Do u prefer toms hair floppy at the front or slicked back? I live for his hair in its natural state 😁

Controlled waves. Although i love his curly sweaty gym hair too. Anything but slicked back (he looks like a mafia boss jr. I hate it and find it too boring and too traditional and waste of gorgeous hair).

AU: Mafia/Gangsters

Ian, along with Anthony grew up together on the streets as orphans. People often looked down on them and some even went as far as actually beating them up just because they could. The boys always dreamed about a better life but the people around poisoned their views, and they also dreamed about revenge on the people who hurt them. They wanted to have control over those that wronged them. Anthony was always more passionate about their plans. He always was more aggressive and had more pent up rage. Ian was passionate too but there was always a part of him that questioned whether or not the revenge was something to pursue. Later on in life they recruited a group of kids like them who also wanted to wreak havoc or get revenge of sorts. Kids who also dreamt having the power in their hands.

Mari, the murderous school girl who had a bright future ahead of her, The boy who went by Joven and was a petty thief in order to provide for his sick mother, a boy named Lasercorn who was prone to fighting and getting arrested, Sohinki, a boy who was on the cops watch lists for drug dealing, a sweet boy named Wes who got tangled with the wrong people but won’t hesitate*, and lastly a boy who went by FLitz, all he wanted to do was dance and also had a bright future ahead of him.

These are the kids that Ian and Anthony mentored and took care of. Together they’d go out and make their dreams of power and riches came to life. They made deals and climbed their way to the good life.

Mari decided it wasn’t good enough. In fact, everyone else recruited felt the same way. They felt that they no longer needed the two men that brought them together and rose against them. Leaving Ian and Anthony out and back where they started, they swore revenge on them. Their former gang, who only went by “SG”, had made two very powerful and dangerous enemies. Ian and Anthony swore to make them live to regret everything.

Soon after, they made another gang of equally aggressive and power hungry kids. This time they knew to do better than to teach them too much.

Their new members are:

Courtney, the girl who spent her time seducing boys and stealing from them, just because she could, Olivia, the small girl who all she ever wanted was happiness and love but instead got hate and abuse, just because she’s gay, Noah the youngest and yet the most fucked up. He instills fear in people with just a look, he has psychopathic tendencies and also hears voices from time to time, Keith, the singer who would to absolutely anything to get what he wants or to be where he wants to be without hesitation, then there’s Shayne, the most emotionally unstable person in any of the gangs. He, like most of the gang members (both gangs) is an orphan. He has deeply rooted issues because of his constant need to get approval from his father who was there physically but never emotionally. This led him to getting arrested in order to get his attention but instead got the attention of Ian and Anthony.

This gang goes by “SS”. Nobody on the outside knows what “SG” and “SS” mean. Not even the gang members themselves apart from the two leaders. It was always a sworn secret.

Later on it was known that Lasercorn left the gang but it was never clarified why or how. There were rumours that he got killed somewhere, or that he had a girl somewhere out there and that he got her pregnant so they both left to somewhere far away.

Then the night that changed it all happened.

It was bound to happen sometime. A violent encounter between the two gangs. Both had been doing really well and conducted businesses of their own. By this time it has been years since the original split. Nobody know how it happened or who started it, there were shots fired. Glasses and plates shattering inside that elegant Italian restaurant. Shots went in all directions for a while but neither group realized the tragedies until it was too late. They’re encounter left five wounded and two dead: Anthony and Sohinki.

Note: I had this idea in my head for a while and finally decided it’s time to post this. I’m aware that there could potentially be some mistakes (spelling, grammatical, etc.) If you see any, please let me know so I can correct them! I thought really long and hard about their backstories and to be completely honest, I’m not entirely convinced, so if you guys have any suggestions that are better, I’m so open to hearing them. I worked on this a lot and I really really really hope you guys like it! Also I wanted Boze and Damien to come in later idk how or when.

*“I won’t hesitate, bitch” (vine reference)

Story Theft

So I just woke up to find that my Pezbery fan fiction Falling Stars has been once again, (very badly) changed into a Faberry story, and uploaded to fanfiction.net under the name Starsby Tumblr User stacydogget.

This is a fan fiction that is VERY close to my heart and very personal. I wrote it in 2011, and to this day it still remains my favorite fic I’ve ever written because of the content, and how it helped me work through some of my own personal demons. 

Please, please, please forward this message to everyone within the Pezberry and Faberry communities. Don’t read it. Report the story to fanfiction.net repeatedly. Please. I’m asking you as a fellow writer, shipper, and fan of Glee. 

Lemme See Your Jazz Hands

It’s not just about gaining power, Fake AH Crew is about gaining power with style


✙ Partners In Crime - Set It Off 

✙ No Church In The Wild - Jay-Z/Kanye West 

✙ The Take Over, The Break’s Over - Fall Out Boy 

✙ Search and Destroy - Thirty Seconds To Mars 

✙ Do It Now, Remember It Later - Sleeping With Sirens 

✙ Smile Back - Mac Miller 

✙ One-X - Three Days Grace 

✙ Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance

Ryan's Heist // Fake AH Crew Ficlet
Writer's note: I took a little bit of an artistic licence with this, but I left all the key elements in.

Ray knew he should have seen this coming. But damn Ryan and that serendipitous little smirk he had on his face when he said he wouldn’t try to kill anyone this time.

Making sure Ryan remained a few paces in front of him, Ray kept his finger on the trigger of his rifle, ready to shoot just in case Haywood tried anything funny. Ryan was, after all, busy making sure no money spilled out of the bag that was slung over his shoulder. There was no way he could reach his gun faster than Ray could pull the trigger.

“So…” said Ryan, his deep voice bouncing off of the concrete walls of the subway, surrounding them. “How are you?”

Ray’s grip on his weapon tightened. He focused on keeping up with the pace of the larger man, but played along anyway. “I’m all right. I mean, I’m alive.”


“How’re you?”

“I’m doin’…” Ryan paused to adjust his grip on the sack of money. “Y'know. Doin’ well. I mean, well I watched a lot of our teammates die.”

Ray rolled his eyes. He hadn’t seen any of it happen, but he wasn’t an idiot. He knew well enough that Ryan had planned on losing Michael, Gavin, and Jack in the helicopter crash. If any of them made it out alive, Ryan had been there to finish them off. “What happened to Geoff?” he asked, feigning ignorance.

Ryan laughed, glancing over his shoulder at Ray. They had abandoned their masks as soon as they entered the tunnel, allowing Ray to glimpse one bright blue eye before he turned away again.

“So…” he started.

“Why’d you kill him?” As soon as the words left Ray’s mouth, the air between them became a little thicker.

“Y'know,” said Ryan, his tone matching the darkness of the subway. “His face was really close to the armored truck. And y'know, I took a swing, and mistakes were made.”

Ray snuffed. Of course it wasn’t a mistake. “Bullshit,” he mumbled, knowing Ryan would hear him. “You hit him that hard to kill him in one shot?”

Ryan just shrugged. It wasn’t totally implausible, though. Ray had seen Ryan bash someone’s skull in with one blow before. He was certainly strong enough, and Geoff wasn’t exactly the most thick-boned man on the planet…

“It was an elbow to the forehead,” said Ryan. “And y'know. He had a weak forehead…”


Ryan didn’t waste any time changing the subject. “It’d be nice if there was a train, wouldn’t it?”

“Or any kind of vehicle,” added Ray, thinking about the car they had left at the top of the stairwell. “We gotta run this whole goddamned thing." 

That pulled an unexpected laugh out of Ryan. "Escaped on public transit,” he chuckled.

“Yeah no shit.”

They fell into silence once more, the only noise between them being their steady, regular footfalls accompanied by light panting. Ray could have sworn Ryan was maybe humming a tune to himself.

“How far away are we from the exit?” asked Ray.

“Shouldn’t be too far,” answered Ryan.

Ray lifted his gun up slightly higher against his chest and prepared himself for the inevitable.

Only a few moments had passed before Ryan tsked and slowed to a stop. Ray stopped as well, making sure Ryan remained in front of him.

Slowly, Ryan turned to face Ray. Every part of him screamed at him to just shoot Haywood down right there, but something compelled him to keep his weapon pointed away.

“Ryan, I don’t want to fight,” said Ray.

Ryan gave a low chuckle. “You know as well as I do that there doesn’t need to be two of us anymore.”

He may have been larger than Ray, but Ryan moved much faster than anyone gave him credit for.

“Don’t you fuckin’ do it.” Before Ryan had the chance to pull the trigger of his SMG on Ray, he had raised his rifle to his shoulder fired only once.

The bang of the gunshot and the kick it threw back into Ray’s shoulder suddenly seemed distant. All he saw was Ryan staggering back, his gun falling out of his hands as he crumbled to his knees. Ryan keeled over, his now lifeless eyes staring blankly at the tunnel’s wall.

Pursing his lips into a thin line, Ray pried the bag out of Ryan’s hand, taking a moment to study his limp body before nudging it with his boot. “Should’ve moved faster, bitch.”