• Marley(instrumental)
  • JR Jarris

Marley - JR Jarris

Smoke some and take a listen!

this is a beat i was working on the other day i might rap on it, we’ll see! Its a nice and chill beat you can bob your head too and who DOESNT like Bob Marley? Had to do it :)

enjoy.like.reblog.support.XXi XXii.

  • Full of Bad Bitches
  • JR Jarris

Full of Bad Bitches - JR Jarris

full of bad bitches

coast down the blvd prime flow illest

21 duece duece we the realest

roll that doobie up when we come around yo citay

i get paid ill turn around and get laid

now ion give a fuck what a bitch nigga has to say

yup chiefin at noon then grab a brew

posted at the pad jus hit me up to come through

full of bad bitches

or wait nah iono i maybe trippin

and no i aint gotta hurry up i get it enough

hesitate to front when i pull up hella dumped

scrapin all over the town 

round and round and round and round

im so profound im tryna be dope like the niggas in the ground

you know youll be floatin hi whenever im around

and no i aint lyin when i say im fuckin down

jus check the homies we’re gunna come up on the crown

say it fuckin proudly 2122 nigga we outty, bitch