When They Have a Crush On a New JYP Solo Artist (GOT7)

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JB: He’d keep it smooth and discreet, not wanting to come off too strong. He’d start creepin in on you real slow, trying cement his presence in your life and get you to notice him

JR: He would just extend his ‘mother umbrella’ (the one he smothers the other members with) over you as well. He’d go out of his way to look out for you and give you advice on music or anything else any time you needed it. He might be too shy to come out just say he has feelings for you

YOUNGJAE: He would become a constant in your life before you knew it. He would be your sunshine, cheering you up anytime your were down (like any time) He could be eating, showering, sleeping (maybe even performing) and he’d stop what he was doing to talk to you. He’d just like being there for you

JACKSON: He’d be kinda like Jaebum, but much more obvious. Even when he first meets you he’d act like he’s known you for years. Like you have important performance? He’d be there. You need a partner for WGM? He’d be there. Like he’d pop up so frequently that you’d get used to it. He would just be in your life without question (he would start dropping some heavy hints after a while though)

MARK: I think he’d have more traditional approach to it and just flirt and ask you on a date. He wouldn’t wanna come on too strong but he wouldn’t beat around the bush either. He’d let you know exactly how he feels so there wasn’t any confusion

BAMBAM: You know he’d be extra. Like if he had feelings for you, no doubt he’d just be on you (but like in a cute way)

‘Ay girl you look good today’ 

‘I’m (y/n) number one fan. No, don’t fight me on this.’

‘(y/n) can I marry you’

Expect a lot of that shit.

YUGYEOM: I feel like he’d be the shyer one at first, but then start coming out little by little. He’d prob do something super cute like leave you little anon messages like ‘u look rlly pretty 2day’ or ‘thers some1 who luvs u’

I can see him doing something like that

 Can you please do a reaction where got7 comes home late night and sees you sleeping completely shirtless. Please and thank you!

A/N: I didn’t do everyone, I hope that’s okay!

Mark would be surprised at first but he would come back to his senses and cover you up with a blanket then try to forget about it.

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JB would get really shy when he sees you; he’d turn away and grab a jacket for you to cover up with.

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Jackson, oh my gosh, this man. He would tease you about all the time. “It’s not like I haven’t seen you topless before babe.”

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JR would cover you with a blanket right away but I think he’d say something once you woke up reminding you to cover up. 

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¡Presentando a... Got7!

Nombre: Got7 (“7 miembros que tienen suerte permaneciendo juntos.”)

Compañía: JYP Ent.

Miembros: 7 miembros.

Fanclub: IGot7 (Ahgase abreviado)

Fecha de debut:  16 de Enero del 2014.

Pequeña joya de JYP, los chicos más divertidos y encantadores que puedes encontrar. Probablemente uno de los grupos con tan buenas habilidades de variedad y uno de los pocos capaces de usar tan bien conceptos tan diferentes. Ten cuidado porque son capaces de robarte el corazón al instante y, una vez te conviertas en Ahgase, nunca dejarás de serlo.  



  • Variedad:
    • Weekly Idol: x, x, x (Jackson ha sido invitado/MC especial en muchos otros)
    • After School Club: x, x, x, x, x (MarkSon y Bambam invitados a unos cuantos más)


YB · Instagram (JB, Jr., Youngjae, Mark, Jackson, Bambam, Yugyeom) · Twitter (Jr., YoungjaeMark, Bambam) · Facebook (Mark)


  • Aparecieron en el programa “WIN: Who Is Next?” junto a Day6.
  • Uno de los grupos con con el debut más exitoso.
  • Son muy cercanos a BTS.
  • Tienen un webtoon llamado GOTOON que relata sucesos graciosos de sus vidas.
  • Todas las madres de los miembros son más fans de JB que de sus propios hijos. 
  • Shownu de Monsta X y Yoo Youngjae de B.A.P iban a debutar en Got7. 
  • ¿Sabías que este blog existe gracias a Jackson?


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NU'EST "CANVAS" Highlight Medley
The 5th Mini Album "CANVAS" Highlight Medley 2016.08.29 Release.

Track list:

01. Daybrake (Minhyun & JR)
02. R.L.T.L (Real Love, True Love) (One Morning)
03. Love Paint (Every Afternoon)
04. Thank you (Evening by Evening)
05. Look (A starlight night) 


                           Daybrake  / One Morning / Every Afternoon
                               Evening by Evening A starlight night

[Teaser] NU'EST(뉴이스트) _ The 5th Mini Album “CANVAS” Highlight Medley 😊❤ 

These songs are so mesmerizing 😀 Fantastic NU'EST I Love Them😍 

Artist : NU’EST(뉴이스트) Title : Love Paint Release : 2016.08.29



NU'EST The 5th Mini Album “CANVAS” ‘Love Paint’ Official Teaser : Epilogue

(cr: NUEST)



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