jr model


Some more Paw Patrol model sheet stuff that I drew :) The first 3 images are the final designs that I submitted for Chase, Rubble, and Skye. Their models changed a bit as they went into 3d and continued to get developed. I didn’t design Ryder.

When I came onto the show, there were already a lot of preliminary designs done, so I just helped get the dogs closer to a style that the clients liked.
I believe they all liked the way I tapered the legs out at the bottoms, they were looking for designs that would translate well into toys.
There was a lot of tweaks to the designs as we went along, so I would always have to update the model sheets.  It was easier to redraw/trace the same poses though, but I didn’t quite like how Rocky, Marshall, and Zuma’s final sheets came out, so I decided to just show a few earlier sketches that were a bit more loose, although not the final designs. For a while no body knew what kind of dog Rocky should be, so he went though a lot of changes (the tan dog on the last page).