jr linton

I demand an isabella Linton wuthering heights spinoff like wide sargasso sea exists for Jane Eyre. Isabella is a single mother who escapes her abusive husband and gives birth and brings up her son ALONE in the 1700s What’s not to love? And she has a unique attitude to living life not to mention her sass. Wh had too little of her.

My head canon is that Edgar was supporting her monetarily. There’s no way Linton jr could be used to such luxury and so pampered without some status.
But if some talented author could give some other explanation for how she survived in London, I’d love to read it.

A King Speech You've Never Heard — Plus, Your Chance To Do Archive Sleuthing

Davis Houck, a communications professor at Florida State University, recently pointed me toward a little-explored archive at Stanford University called Project South. It’s an intriguing trove — full of original source material. In fact, it’s so rich with historical moments, I need your help to sort it all out.

So I am asking anyone who is interested — historians professional and amateur — to do some research sleuthing. Let’s commit historical crowdsourcery.