jr is proud of his boy

I’m honestly crying so much and just so happy for the boys, but there’s always going to be a special place in my heart for Mark especially because he WROTE THE LYRICS!!!! to TWO!!!!! (Can’t and See the Light) of the songs on Flight Log: Departure!!!!! This is coming from a boy who didn’t know any Korean when he started, who felt insecure about his own talents and didn’t know how to sing, rap, or dance before he began training at JYP!!!! I’m proud of all of the boys but I can’t help but be so happy that Mark’s being so active in the construction of the album and just seeing his improvement from when he started to now is so humbling. Thank you for working so hard and improving yourself, Mark!

so far in 2016…

  • heffron drive released ‘rain don’t come’, toured, and generally seem to be working on more music
  • carlos performed in grease live! (and killed it, might i add)
  • james announced he’s planning to release more music by/over the summer, maybe an ep and/or album, also is staring in the indie flick wild for the night
  • logan revealed that he’s been working on solo music, his first single is called ‘sleepwalker’ and he plans to release a few singles leading to an ep/album

After lunch yesterday, the boy and I were out running errands when he told me that when he grows up and has kids of his own, he’s gonna name his son Kipp Junior Junior-Junior Jr. And I was all, Why all of the juniors? And the boy was all, “My son’s first name will be Kipp, named after you, obvs, then his middle name will be Junior, then his last name will be Junior-Junior, and since he’s a junior Kipp, he’ll be a Jr.”

And I was all, I’m pretty sure that’s not how naming conventions work. You could name your son Kipp Jarkalooky II? And the boy was all, “Kipp Junior Junior-Junior Jr. is so much more punk rock than Kipp Jarkalooky, don’t you think?” And I was all, Sure.

But what I really wanted to say was, I am so proud that I’m raising an absurdist.