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I miss you Duckie! I miss your Maknae-Hyung ridiculous antics. I miss your beautiful voice. I miss your pranks on Ren and Minhyun lol. I miss your stupid facial expressions. I miss your flirting with Ren. I miss your childish personality. I miss your pretty face.

Most of all I miss seeing you with the rest of Nu’est. 

Whatever you are going through right now, please stay strong and know how much we love you. I’m praying for the day we can see Nu’est as OT5 once again <3


On this day in music history: May 14, 1971 - “Just As I Am”, the debut album by Bill Withers is released. Produced by Booker T. Jones, it is recorded at Wally Heider Studio 3 and Sunset Sound Recorders in Hollywood, CA in July 1970 and January 1971. Harboring a passion for music since childhood, but painfully shy and a chronic stutterer, it is not until after Bill Withers spends a decade in the Navy, that he decides to pursue his dream. He relocates to Los Angeles, working days at an aircraft assembly plant, and writing songs at night. Withers saves his money to record demos to shop to record labels. Nearly thirty, the executives he encounters are dismissive, telling him “he’s too old to make it in the music business”. Unwilling to give up, he keeps trying, when his luck changes. In 1970, Bill meets Ray Jackson of Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. Jackson offers to help him record more demos. Ray plays them for Forest Hamilton, the son of jazz drummer Chico Hamilton. Forest introduces Withers to Clarence Avant, the founder of Sussex Records who offers to sign him. Avant pairs Bill with Booker T. Jones of the legendary Memphis soul band Booker T. & The MG’s to produce. Jones enlists his band mates Al Jackson, Jr. (drums) and Donald “Duck” Dunn (bass) to back Withers. Jones also invites his friend Stephen Stills to sit in and play. They originally intend to record the album in four three hour sessions. Things do not go as planned, when they are kicked out of the studio after the second session when Sussex runs out of funds. Six months goes by before recording resumes. They relocate to Sunset Sound with Jim Keltner (drums), Chris Etheridge (bass) and Bobbye Hall (percussion). Recorded for the paltry sum of only $3,600, the cover of “Just As I Am” features a photo of Withers standing outside of the factory where he was still working. The course of his life changes forever with the release of “Ain’t No Sunshine” (#3 Pop, #6 R&B, #2 AC), inspired by the film “The Days Of Wine And Roses”. It becomes a multi-format smash, going Gold by September. Receiving great praise for his honest and heartfelt songs, at thirty three, Bill Withers becomes a star, earning three Grammy nominations in 1972, and winning Best R&B Song for “Ain’t No Sunshine”. The follow up “Grandma’s Hands” (#42 Pop, #18 R&B, #16 AC) is also a hit, later becoming the basis of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”. First released on CD in the early 90’s, it is remastered and reissued as a DualDisc/DVD-A disc with the DVD side featuring a 5.1 Surround remix and a documentary on the making of the record, along with three live television performances. It is remastered again in 2012 as part of “The Complete Sussex And Columbia Albums” box set and on vinyl by 4 Men With Beards and Music On Vinyl. “Just As I Am” peaks at number five on the Billboard R&B album chart, number thirty nine on the Top 200.

So I’ve been thinking about the KJ AU, and after finishing the first season and seeing how Lee’s arm was cut off due to the walker bite, but still turned, Duck wouldn’t have been an exception. But the thing is is that in the series (TV wise and other apocalypse wise), you need to cut off the limb IMMEDIATELY, and I’m sure they didn’t have time to do this at the motel. So, I decided to make this more heartbreaking :)

Instead of Duck being bit, KATJAA gets bit instead. While on the train, Katjaa calls for Lee to come over in a private cart behind the part where the train connects. She reveals her bite, and asks what to do. 

[Tell Kenny and Duck] If you tell her to tell Kenny and Duck, Katjaa will be thankful. She will then leave the group once you arrive with Omid and Christa, and falls out of the train onto her face. This results in Kenny and Duck being quiet the rest of the season, up until Kenny’s season one death. 

[Tell Kenny] If you tell her to tell only Kenny, she’ll ask about Duck and what he’ll do without her. Lee will tell her he’ll be fine; just as strong as his dad. She’ll tell Kenny, and up until they get to the house in Savanah, Kenny will tell Duck what happened after the fifth time of asking that day. This will result in Duck disliking you in the next episode

[Tell Duck] If you tell her to tell only Duck, she’ll ask about Kenny. Lee will feel conflicted and so will Katjaa, leaving her confused and said she would think about it. In this case, she doesn’t have a choice but to tell Duck first, but before she can tell Kenny, Ben shoots her in the head out of fear; he heard the entire conversation. This results in an early removal of Ben, and your relationship with Kenny decreasing for not telling him

[Keep it to herself] If you tell her to keep it to herself, she’ll keep the bite hidden from Duck and Kenny, but will refuse on making the trip to Savanah. This results in her being left behind. In the train, Duck is constantly asking where his mother is, and is wondering if she’ll come back. You can chose to tell him or not, but if you tell Clementine she WILL tell Duck. This results in Kenny and Duck disliking you for the next episode.

No matter what you tell Katjaa to do, she’ll either be left behind or killed. This shapes Duck into a more mature person, almost like Clementine but a little more childish. 

However, you may be wondering about how Kenny will feel about his son; they both fell, so why didn’t Kenny hurt Duck? Kenny does yell at Duck for the fourth episode in the house, just as you’re finished taking care of the walker (determinant). Kenny will step downstairs and wait for you to finish killing the walker, when he is approached by Duck. At the end of the episode, they do make up, and Kenny apologizes, which Duck accepts. 

So in summary: Duck doesn’t get bit, but instead Katjaa does, and asks for Lee’s advice privately. Once you make your choice, Katjaa will either be left behind, or killed. This shapes Duck for the future; losing both his mother and father in one season.

Also, at the end of the season Duck will go with Kenny who survived the walkers in season 2 and meet up with Clementine in whatever episode you see her again (I haven’t bought S2 yet, but I will once I get paid at the end of July), and is still missing an arm after being caught in a bear trap (because now that I’ve drawn him without an arm, I’m too lazy to draw him with two).