jr ducks


Duckvember #2-#6

Monster Duck: Paddywhack is really creepy.

Space Duck: If Launchpad doesn’t get kidknapped by aliens again or end up piloting a rocketship at some point I’m going to be disappointed.

Young Duck & Old Duck: Donald and Della arriving at Grandma Duck’s farm.

Sports Duck: Gosalyn, of course (and Honker because I love that they’re friends).


Aron Kwak (@nuestaron) of Nu’est - Best instagram posts!

I miss you Duckie! I miss your Maknae-Hyung ridiculous antics. I miss your beautiful voice. I miss your pranks on Ren and Minhyun lol. I miss your stupid facial expressions. I miss your flirting with Ren. I miss your childish personality. I miss your pretty face.

Most of all I miss seeing you with the rest of Nu’est. 

Whatever you are going through right now, please stay strong and know how much we love you. I’m praying for the day we can see Nu’est as OT5 once again <3

Older Mortimer, Gosalyn, and Honker. I was really rooting for Mortimer to eventually reform, but I kind of like the parallel of Quiverwing Quack having a nemesis who used to be a classmate, just like her Dad and Megavolt. 

So here’s a Mortimer who was inspired by his team-up with Fluffy to study robotics for himself. He still admires Gosalyn, but he also still thinks he’s in the right and is just “standing up for himself” when he knocks down two city blocks of apartment buildings.

Gosalyn becomes Quiverwing Quack (of course) and splits the workload of watching over St. Canard with Darkwing Duck. They patrol separately, but work on cases together and call each other for back up. Launchpad is still their pilot.

I imagine Honker being Gosalyn’s “guy in the chair” as well as the science behind most of her arrow gadgets. He’s got an Arrow Kid outfit and will sometimes go out in the field if needed, but he prefers to help her from Darkwing Tower.