Rachael Fried, a 27-year-old graduate of Stern College, spent years formulating one three-word bombshell of a sentence: I am gay.

‘Just being able to say it to myself, let alone others, took years,’ said Fried, former student council president at Stern and current graduate student at Parsons The New School for Design. She wore a knee-length pencil skirt, button-down top, cardigan and colorful scarf, long hair falling down her back.

'I’m pretty religious, and I’m pretty gay,’ Fried joked. 'My story, though, is not an extraordinary one. I was a typical Stern student leader.’

—  The Jewish Week, “‘Safe Spaces’ For Orthodox LGBTQ Students Spreads On Campus,” by  Hannah Dreyfus  
Jewish LGBTQ Youth Drop-in Center
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This link was shared on a Facebook page I’m a part of; the JQY Drop-In Center is 90% of the way towards their fundraising goal and the page expires tomorrow, September 7th, at 11:59 EST. I’m not sure if it’s been posted to tumblr already, but for a cause this good it can’t hurt to have another link out there, right? Here is part of the description from the Generosity page; if you click the link they have more information about specifics of what they do and why it’s so vital.


JQY (Jewish Queer Youth) is a nonprofit organization supporting and empowering LGBTQ youth in the Jewish community. JQY fights to ensure the emotional and physical health and safety of these individuals, with a special focus on teens and young adults from Orthodox, Chasidic, and Sephardic communities. Our goal is for all these individuals to know: You are a valued member of the Jewish community and you are not alone.


In May 2016, JQY launched the first and only Drop-in Center for Jewish LGBTQ-identified youth.

Located at CBST, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the JQY drop-in center is a place for LGBTQ Jewish youth to:

check in with licensed social workers
meet others they can relate to
participate in support meetings
access health and safety resources
enjoy a hot kosher meal
be part of a community
know that they are not alone