Just hit 30k word count on the second draft of JQ book 1, finally starting to get back on track.

On that note, would you guys be interested in hearing more about my novels? They’re fantasy with a few sci-fi elements blended in, been making efforts to draw the main characters so I have a better feel for them. But yeah, any interest in updates about more than just word count?

Hit 45k on the novel today, have been able to consistently write 1k every weekday since last week. Going to try to get that to include weekends, and possibly bump my daily progress up to 2k per day.

The narrative is officially cresting the roller coaster drop, so things will get easier to write from now on due to being more tense and exciting as a whole.

Hit 35k word count on JQ1. Speed has been varying a bit depending on how my day is. Need to focus up and just get the second draft done already.

Last time some of you expressed interest in hearing more details, but tbh I have no clue where to begin. I have tried to draw the protagonist but honestly I’m still so unhappy with the design that I don’t know if I want to share yet. Anything in particular you’d be interested in hearing about?