the_gazette_official: The documentary film of the GazettE’s latest world tour is out today on iTunes worldwide!!
Please visit JPUrecords for DVD/Blu-ray releases in European countries. 

Aoi: #unconsciouslygotallworkedupagain #ifwecoulddoitagain #challengesofmen (image)
Aoi: it’s super disappointing that we didn’t get to go to Argentina and Chile so I would love the opportunity again to make it come true. 🌎

Hints on a World Tour
  • Kai: This will inspire us to keep performing around the world. So, come see us! (J-Melo 10th Anniversary Special)
  • Ruki: Nothing is set in stone but of course wanting to go back again is in talks. (the GazettE [Space Shower] 11.10.15, being asked if they're going overseas.)
  • Ruki: The album represents only a portion of PROJECT:DARK AGE. There’s still more to come and I believe that to fully understand the album it has to be experienced live. We want to bring this sound around the world. ( )
  • Official Website: Still completely self produced, the GazettE continue moving forward uncompromised in their artistic and unique world view, at home and abroad. ( )