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What a difference 45 years makes Alternating pics of Lotus Europa John Player Special, 1972 and Lotus Evora Sport 410 GP Edition, 2017. The original Europa JPS was a limited edition of 100 numbered cars to celebrate the success of the Lotus John Player Special F1 team, the new Evora GP edition is a limited edition of just 5 cars based on the special edition Evora Sport 410 which is limited to 150 cars


patterns of lotus by peaceful-jp-scenery (busy)
Via Flickr:
Takada Park 高田公園・観桜会 A lot of cherry trees can be seen at the lakeside. The background covered by the snow is Myoko mountains, and front patterns are lotus stalks. ハスの幾何学模様は相変わらず? 妙高の山々にはまだ多くの雪が見られました。 [16:9 trimming] Joetsu city, Niigata pref, Japan


Lotus Europa John Player Special, 1972. A limited edition of 100 numbered cars which introduced Lotus’s ‘big-valve’ twin cam engine and which commemorated Team Lotus’s 1972 F1 World Championship title with John Player Special (a cigarette band) as sponsors. All of the cars were black with gold pin stripes matching the livery of the GP cars, and the John Player Special cigarette packets

the racing line …

start of the 1984 French Grand Prix at Dijon-Prénois

it was the last time a Grand Prix was held at Dijon, it hosted its first in 1974 & would see the paddock return 5 more times, once as the Swiss Grand Prix (in ‘82)