jpop vs kpop

are you a fanfiction or fanart person?Are you a DC or Marvel person??Are you a Homestruck or Undertale Fan?Ever after high or Monster high? LoliRock or My little pony person?Steven universe or Gravity falls? Star vs the forces of evil or Miraculous ladybug?K-Pop or J-pop person?Dan or Phill ?

And I found a Kpop Fan bashing on JPOP. R U SRS?

▀ Anonymous whispered, "you guys never stop do you?

god, end of story.“

▀ Anonymous whispered, "haha butthurt jpop fans
no srsly tho kpop is better
wayyyyy better
they all look like gods
and at least they’re young
old japan is old”

▀ Anonymous whispered, "i can name bands that are already taking over japan like KARA, SNSD, B2ST, BIG BANG, SHINee, 2pm. SO BITCHES BEAT THAT…
even the japanese people are already liking kpop.. cause kpop is like-able

and you so called “arashi” band is OLD. even one of the guys there look 50 years old. and one of them look like a fucking rat.
so fuck all your jpop bands.. kpop beats all….

When it comes to this, KPOP is nothing to me. Yes, I am a VIP. Yes, I am a YG fans but no, I still stand up for JPOP.

You know what’s awesome? The Kpop music are getting boring and I am coming back for JPOP. You see, bitching on JPOP groups are not a good thing after all.

I KNOW I SHOULDNT SAY THIS BUT WHO STAYS LONG IN KPOP. ARASHI FOR 11 YEARS. FREAKING 11 YEARS! You see, unless BIGBANG can surpass that number of years, then I respect it. Just wish BIGBANG can do that.

But gurl, you are messing with the wrong fandom. JPOP fans stay united where else KPOP fans hate on each other. Never compare JPOP and KPOP. Totally a different thing. And yes, I will go for JPOP when it comes to this.

My heart belongs there.

I’ve been a KPOP fan for 7 years but still, I prefer Japanese language than Korean language. You may not believe me that till now, I still cannot make a sentence in Hangul. Japan are more interesting in a whole actually.

To someone that said: At least JPOP don’t strip themselves just to lure the fans.

Thank you for saying that.



Kpop Girl Groups vs Jpop Girl Groups