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Ensemble Stars Music Masterpost

I decided to make a masterpost compiling all of the Ensemble Stars unit music as of May 2017. If my translations are inaccurate (I only used google and my limited Japanese knowledge) please correct me through ask and I will fix it.


終わらないシンフォニア (Unfinished Symphony) by fine

羽ばたきのフォルティシモ (Fortissimo of Flapping) by fine


Neo Sanctuary by fine

虹色のSeasons (Rainbow-Colored Seasons) by TrickStar


Rebellion Star by TrickStar

HEART→BEATER!!!! by TrickStar

ハニーミルクはお好みで (Honeymilk As You Please) by UNDEAD


Melody in the Dark by UNDEAD

Darkness 4 by UNDEAD

魅惑劇 (Fascinating Plays) by Valkyrie

砂上ノ楼閣 (Castle of Sand) by Valkyrie

Temptation Magic by Switch

Knockin’ Fantasy by Switch

Love Ra*bits Party!! by Ra*bits

Joyful×Box* by Ra*bits

野うさぎマーチ♪ (Rabbit Marching Field ♪) by Ra*bits

Hoppin’ Season ♪ by Ra*Bits

斬 ー決意ノ刃ー (Cutting Edge) by Akatsuki

想ひ出綴り(Thinking, Spelling) by Akatsuki

百花繚乱、紅月夜 (One Hundred Flowers, Red Moon Night) by Akatsuki

花燈の恋文 (Love Flower Love Story) by Akatsuki

2winkle Star Beat☆ by 2wink

ハートプリズム・シンメトリー (Heart Prism • Symmetry) by 2wink

歓迎☆トゥ・ウィンク雑技団 (Welcome ☆ to 2wink Acrobatics) by 2wink

シュガー・スパイス方程式 (Sugar-Spice Equation) by 2wink

Silent Oath by Knights

Fight for Judge by Knights

Checkmate Knights by Knights

Voice of Sword by Knights

夢ノ咲流星隊歌 (Yumenosaki Meteor Shower Song) by Ryuuseitai

天下無敵☆メテレンジャー! (Unprecedented ☆ Meteoranger!) by Ryuuseitai

五色のShooting☆Star!!!!! (Five-Colored Shooting ☆ Star!!!!! by Ryuuseitai

流星花火 (Meteor Fireworks) by Ryuuseitai



Leon: That cocky-ass member of the group who knows he’s the best and is not afraid to show it. He has a lot of stage presence and is a charismatic performer, sending all fangirls into a screaming frenzy. Is the type to flash his abs on stage and do a lot of sensual lip-rubbing. He’s a bit lazy when it comes to practice much to Zyglavis’ annoyance. Is the face of the group (most popular member who represents the band).

Scorpio: That mysterious dude who never talks on variety shows and is judging all of his members 24/7 with his intense gaze under his bangs (even further enhanced with eyeliner). When he does talk though, he’s often dissing the other members for fun. Even though he seems a bit unapproachable, fans still love his ‘cold prince’ persona, but this image is often ruined by prankster Ichthys (these two share a Tom & Jerry relationship and fans love it). He’s probably the visual of the group - does a lot of modelling shoots outside of the band.
(I mean, seriously, look at this picture it looks like something out of an advertisement! And at 180cm, he’s tall enough to be a model compared to the other gods. XD)

Teorus: Fanservice lord. Always flirting with the fans and even interacting with them off-stage. He’s the type to throw hearts gestures and do sickeningly cute aegyo to charm his audience. Is often caught in the centre of attention in reality/variety shows. Even though he has a bit of a playboy personality, he (along with Karno) is known to be the closest and most caring to fans out of all the members. Part of the maknae line with Dui and Ichthys.

Dui: The cute maknae (youngest member) who tries to be serious and prove to his other older ‘hyungs’ that he is also capable of being a mature gentleman. Despite how much effort he puts to defy the cursed cutesy image of all maknaes, his large eyes still hold that youthful, innocent quality. Off-camera in the group’s dorm, he turns unexpectedly violent and can be found aggressively punching his teddy bear and yelling curses at his hyungs when he’s alone in his bedroom to let out the frustrations of being the youngest.

Huedhaut: He’s probably the most musically inclined out of all the gods (he can play the flute, right?), so I can see him as the lead vocalist of the band. He may seem like a calm, almost pokerface person when he’s not performing but when he sings, he is surprisingly filled with emotion and is particularly skilled at bringing lyrical meaning in ballads to life. Seeing as he has such a sharp, sassy tongue, he would be perfect as an MC for radio/variety shows, and often has solo guest appearances in talk shows. A great communicator and has a thing for sophisticated language, he probably has written lyrics for a fair number of his band’s songs.

Ichthys: The happy virus - he is always seen laughing with a wide, mischievous grin on his face and his pranks on other members are the #1 reason why the band’s own reality shows are so popular. Due to his childishness people often mistake him as the youngest, so he’s also a bit of a ‘fake maknae’. He likes to use this to his advantage to fool people and see the shocked look of their faces on variety shows, and it doesn’t help that he’s also the shortest in the group at 170cm. Fans have a thing for his habit of sticking his tongue out.

Karno: The oldest hyung. He’s the kind big brother to all and is highly respected (well…by most members anyway). He is often sought for advice in life and he acts as the pacifist when members argue with each other. Is often thinking about how dark the idol world is in reality. He’s the type to bring extra water bottles to practice for his members, and sometimes buys food for them. Like Huedhaut, he is also rather witty and very persuasive. Is the only member capable of convincing Leon to come to practice.

Zyglavis: The strict, responsible leader. As the leader of such a large band, he carries heavy responsibility, but he does it well. Before every comeback, he will drag ALL members to the practice studio and slave away at perfecting the choreography from the break of dawn to late at night, making sure that every member is in sync so they give the best performance possible for their comeback stage. He’s a very hard-working member, and gives 101% effort in everything he does. If he catches anyone slacking off, he will give them a whipping with his ponytail. XD He always ends up cleaning after the members in the dorm.

Aigonorus: The 4D boy. He’s always, always zoning out in reality/variety shows - it’s like he’s from another planet! He is constantly sleepy and can pretty much sleep anywhere, which is often the butt of many inside jokes within the band. The reason for his lack of energy is because he seriously gives it his all when he’s performing - he’s one of the main dancers (surprise!) and his crisp, passionate powerful moves on stage sharply contrast with his apathetic personality off-stage.

Krioff: Manly, manly macho man on the outside, a big softie on the inside. He’s one of the quieter members (alongside Scorpio and Aigonorus), but he has a very STRONG presence on stage that could (almost!) rival Leon - his eyes are like fire when he’s performing. I could imagine him as the badass rapper of the group. He is not afraid to spit out confronting lyrics about injustice or something like that, LMAO.

Tauxolouve: Not much is known about him in SCM by far, but looking at him, he seems be the cool, suave type. He has a different masculine charm from Krioff. While Krioff is tough and rough, Taux is confident and sophisticated (classy mature type), with a teasing smirk on his face that can send fans begging for more of him (YES WE NEED HIS STORY OUT NOW!! XD).

Partheno: THE FABULOUS DIVA OF THE GROUP OH MY GOD ISN’T IT OBVIOUS. He that one damn member who does sexy girlgroup dances without any shame and all members (probably except for Ichthys and Teorus who will join him) will facepalm and cringe at him. He’s a pretty boy, and has an extravagant sense of fashion. Flirty just like Teo, although unlike Teo who is more cutesy, Partheno’s flirting style AND sense of humour borderlines R18+.

Headcanon: One night, Hanzo got a little too drunk and let slip the name of Genji’s old J-Pop band, which led to Hana looking it up. Now, Hana knows every single song Genji ever made, and will often tease him about it. Whenever Genji pesters her, she sings a few lines, causing him to leave in embarrasment.

- Submitted by cobydjchua.

☆QUARTET NIGHT★ English Full
Quartet Night
☆QUARTET NIGHT★ English Full

♥”QUARTET NIGHT “English Version Full~*

So because Quartet Night celebrated a recent victory in Uta no Prince-sama Legend Star, I wanted to celebrate the start of the new season by singing an Utapri song ^_^! I dedicate this to all the Utapri fans old and new & to everyone who is super supportive of me & the series as well~*  If you like the song, feel free to reblog and share with your friends!  ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* ✧・゚:*✧・゚:*

And I do take song requests! ☆Enjoy everyone!♥♥♥♥

Anime: Uta no Prince-sama

Song: Quartet Night

Original Artist: Quartet Night

English Adaptation/Vocals: @manabingu / @manadarkmagiciangirl  

LYRICS (under read more):

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