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狂乱 Hey Kids!! - Orchestra Version
THE ORAL CIGARETTES - arranged by temarichi
狂乱 Hey Kids!! - Orchestra Version

I made an orchestra arrangement of this opening since I love it so much~
For Flute, 2 Violins, Viola, and Cello.

It’s currently a software instrumentation, but hopefully my friends and I can perform this as well as a few other anime songs at a convention this year.

Please do not use without my permission. Thank you!

(if you can’t hear it when pressing play, please view the original post on my blog)

J-Birthday list

Sorry for a new edit again… ah I apologize for that

01.01 -Ice (Ex. Xodiack / Ex. Black Gene For The Next Scene/ solo-musician)
05.01 -Miku (An Cafe)
08.01 - Daisuke (Ex. Roach/ Jupiter)
19.01 -Keiji (Mix Speaker’s,inc.)
20.01 -Aoi (The GazettE)
20.01 -Rui (Ex. SCREW/ now Solo-musician)
29.01 -Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
01.02 -Ruki (The GazettE)
07.02 -Miki (Mix Speaker’s,inc.)
09.02 Takuya (An Cafe)
16.02 -Reon (Ex. RoNo☆Cro)
17.02 -Hizaki (Versailles/ Jupiter)
18.02 -Yuki (Ex. Jupiter/ Versailles)
18.02 -Ren (Danger Gang)
26.02 -Sorao (Ex.THE KIDDIE)
07.03 -Miko (Exist Trace)
20.03 -Omi (Exist Trace)
20.03 -Shinpei (SuG)
25.03 -Ryohei (Megamasso)
02.04 -Chisa (Ex. Nexx/Ex. DIV/ Chisa&Shogo)
09.04 -Yusa ( Ex. THE KIDDIE/ Guts and Death)
10.04  -Teru (Versailles/ Jupiter)
10.04 -Jyou (Exist Trace)
16.04 -Rucy (Ex. Killaneth/ Jupiter)
17.04 -Taka (ONE OK ROCK)
23.04 -Tsubame (BugLug)
25.04 -Masashi (Ex. Jupiter/ Verasailles)
25.04 -San (Ex. Nega/ Ex. Black Gene For The Next Scene/ Lack-co)
04.05 -Hiroto (Alice nine)
07.05 -Issei (BugLug)
11.05 -Takeru (SuG)
13.05 -Waka (Danger Gang)
26.05 -Masato (SuG)
27.05 -Reita (The GazettE)
09.06 -Uruha (The GazettE)
23.06 -Manabu (Ex. SCREW)
11.06 -Rame (Ex. Vidoll/ Ex. Black Gene For The Next Scene)
24.06 -Saga (Alice nine)
27.06 -Tomoya (ONE OK ROCK)
30.06 -Jui (Ex. Vidoll/ Gotcharocka)
03.07 -Yukihisa (Ex. Yeti)
04.07 -Gackt
05.07 -Shou (Alice nine/ DIAWOLF)
05.07 -Kanon (An Cafe)
18.07 -Setsuki  (Ex. RoNo☆Cro)
19.07 -Kamijo (Versailles/ solo-musician)
22.07 -Jin ( Ex. SCREW)
28.07 -S (Mix Speakers,inc.)
30.07 -Maya (LM.C)
31.07 -Nao (Alice nine)
04.08 -Jun (Ex. THE KIDDIE)
05.08 -Kazuki (Ex. SCREW)
08.08 -Takumi (Ex. v[NEU])
11.08 -Toya (Ex. Charlotte/ Gotcharocka)
17.08 -Sala  (Ex. Black Gene For The Next Scene)
29.08 -Yuki (An Cafe)
01.09 -Zin (Jupiter/ solo-musician)
04.09 -Ryota (ONE OK ROCK)
05.09 -Shogo (Ex. xTRIPx/ Ex. DIV/ Chisa&Shogo)
14. 09 -Miyavi
17.09 -Tora (Alice nine/ DIAWOLF)
19. 09 -Takanori Nishikawa (T.M.Revolution)
20.09 -Namie Amuro
24.09 -Ban (Ex. Loud Grape/ Lolita23q)
24.09 -Ryuuji (Ex. Zoro)
02.10 -Ayumi Hamasaki
05.10 Naoto (Exist Trace)
09.10 -Satoshi (Ex. DIV)
15.10 -Bikkey (Yeti)
17.10 -Kazuki (BugLug)
19.10 -Toki (Ex. Black Gene For The Next Scene)
21.10 -Yuji (SuG)
25.10 -Yui Itsuki (Yousei Teikoku)
26.10 - Mello (Ex. RoNo☆Cro)
28.10 -Kai (The GazettE)
09.11 -Minami (Ex. Vurny/ Ex. RoNo☆Cro)
11.11 -Mitsu (Ex. v[NEU]/ solo-musician)
13.11 -Koda Kumi
13.11 -Satoshi (Ex. Aicle/ Yeti)
17.11 -Jun (Ex. Phantasmagoria/ Ex. Spiv States/ Gotcharocka)
17.11 - Aiji (LM.C)
26.11 -Kayuu (Ex. v[NEU])
27.11 -Mally (Exist Trace)
04.12 -Chobi (Ex. xTRIPx/ Ex. DIV)
07.12 -Toru (ONE OK ROCK)
08.12 -Teruki (An Cafe)
10.12 -Hiko (Danger Gang)
21.12 -Yuudai (Ex. THE KIDDIE/ Guts and Death)
26.12 -Shingo (Ex. Gotcharocka)
27.12 -Chiyu (SuG)