SEIRA KARIYA  (仮谷せいら) - Nayameru Gendai Girl

A woman’s value as a commodity is at risk of evaporating as soon as she appears “unobtainable” to her male fans, according to Mark Schreiber, who has written extensively about Japan’s entertainment industry. […]

“These people are brands owned by entertainment cartels,” he said, “and they don’t want anything to threaten that brand.”


Guardian article on the downfall of Becky, Japan’s girl-next-door whose 15-year career was ruined in a mere week after it emerged she was going out with a (secretly) married man, Kawatani Enon of Gesu no Kiwami Otome. Gesu no Kiwami Otome, meanwhile, got their first #1-charting album on the backs of the scandal.

The article also mentions several female idols who have recently run afoul of the no-dating clause, including one who had to shave her head in contrition and another who was ordered by a judge to pay her management ~US$5,500 for breaking said clause.


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anonymous asked:

Hey, do you know any other actors or jpop boys who could most likely play/look like kaneki? All transformations of him, I mean, some friends and I were talking about fancasts for him (other than his theater actor)

I’m not familiar with J-pop boys but I know a few things about K-pop boys so…

I think that Taehyung would make a very good Kuroneki and Shironeki???

And Key looks a lot like the current Haise here??

Any other suggestions???