Just like I had hoped, I saw this expression again. The expression on the boy’s face from the day we met. Awe. Wonder. Fear. Restraint. But this time, there was more. Compassion. Content. Desire. He gazed into my eyes with this look and yet again I couldn’t turn away. I am in a loss for words. Keagan presses his delicate lips to mine after a brief moment and we continue to gaze at the stars. As every second passes I can feel his heart beat slowly decreasing with his breath. He breaks the silence and begins to talk about the stars and depths of space. As he began to speak out what’s happening on other planets and moon, he slowly builds into an entertaining, passionate rant about how mind-blowing it all is. I could help but to giggle and hold him tighter, though I looked up at his face every once and a while to see the most adorable expression and hear to slightly too enthusiastic tone in his voice. I lay there are think how wonderful he is, but in that moment he begins singing about being young and empowered by the world. I look at this boy and admire him. His face soft, not many rigid lines. His eyes inviting. His hair messily laying on the trampoline. My heart sinks in my chest. This is one of the best moments of my life, I think. I promise you, if I could choose any moment to relive for the rest of my life. This is the one I would choose, but, as most perfect moments, this one had to end. The breeze increased, the cold of the night was settling in further and the warmth of our bodies could not keep us warm enough. We then returned to reality. 


<3 Life.