[Spoiler] This is horrifying. I took a close up picture of the final boss

Check out what this Reddit user [  djxyz0 ]

My heart is breaking…. This is Jolder

Edit: There’s discussions on whether this is her or not because she has a helmet on. I can’t explain the helmet but her armor is the same and this thing has her machine gun as well.

Edit 2: heh

Edit 3: Questions I hear, my personal answers

  • Why are they so huge? It seems since they’re half corpses being kept alive by SIVA (considering they yell and say jumbled words) they’ve been bloating since their blood isn’t really circulating and why they look so blue.
  • SIVA only seems to control armor and weapons from what Saladin said, why do people think it controls a guardian? My personal theory is that to take over the body it takes time. SIVA is seen inside the guardians as they have tentacles going into their eyes, nose, and mouth. They’ve been inside for many years so SIVA had time to use their bodies. When you kill them, their death animation releases thousands of mites.

  • Jolder blew herself up, how? As before, seems SIVA had lots of time to mess with the corpses and can probably regenerate the guardians. It’s a regenerative plague using nano technology

edit 4: Here’s footage of me grabbing that screenshot I’m using since people doubt it’s Jolder I’m fighting