it is the year 3013. tumblr is a desolate wasteland. your dashboard is filled with nothing but one post. it is the post that consists of text: “when u get to sit next to ur friend in class” followed by a gif. u gaze in wonder. it is the actual original gif.

the signs as food
  • Aries: half a head of cabbage
  • Taurus: a single french fry dipped in ketchup
  • Gemini: dry unseasoned chicken
  • Cancer: stale bread
  • Leo: day old microwaved pasta
  • Virgo: a moist vanilla bundt cake
  • Libra: instant ramen with a squirt of sriracha
  • Scorpio: raw carrots
  • Sagittarius: lightly fried fish
  • Capricorn: burnt popcorn
  • Aquarius: egg
  • Pisces: deep fried twinkie

Hi, I know you will all probably scroll past this, but this is my friend Manda. She has a disease which makes her old and animated, commonly in Latina women aged 30-40. What’s so weird about this is that Manda is only 15. Manda has a tumblr account; her url jpgay, and I think she would really appreciate some nice messages, or at least a reblog to get this medical phenomenon out there to the public. Please, if you have a heart, it’ll only take 30 seconds max.