I’m convinced dave strider is a 2017 kid. the lowercase, ironic, deadpan style of typing. commenting on the ironic value of shit. surreal, over the top ms paint, jpeggy sbahj would be considered a masterpiece if made today

anonymous asked:

Hello hi, you're awesome for all you do for artists. My question is about file formats. Like I'm trying to make a logo and I don't know what file format to save as so its not all jpeggy and pixelated.

I would recommend using a vector format like SVG, so you can scale it up or down infinitely. (Of course, it would also have to be designed in a vector editor like Illustrator or Inkscape for the scaling to work.) If you’re going to have it professionally printed on stuff, you will likely have to convert it to EPS, PDF, or AI.

If you need it in a rastor format, PNG is good for web use and will not lose quality. If you’re having the logo printed, TIFF is usually the way to go.

[Here’s a thing] that talks about different file formats for print.