“Do small things with great love”

“We complain because roses have thorns, or we rejoice because throne have roses”

“Go hard or go home”

♡ Healthy hair

♡ Pink lips

♡ Healthy & clean eating

♡ Moisturize the body inside & out

♡ Drink tea every morning

♡ Sleep & wake up early

♡ Attend every class

♡ Do hw the night it was assigned

♡ Be approachable

♡ Lovely vibes


♡ Work 10 hours a week 

♡ Use Clarisonic on the body 1x a week & on face 1x a day

♡ Work with what you’ve got


• road trip
• colorado springs
• food food food
• airforce academy
• under the influence
• smores
• cross faded phonecalls
• ♥

If you miss someone..

Tell them.

If you feel guilt, apologize- and do so without any pride standing in your way.

& most importantly, if you love someone, be sure to remind them with every opportunity you have. 

It’ll help you sleep better at night, I promise. 

So far, I am absolutely loving college.

The freedom, the responsibilities, the redemption.

Despite the fact that I missed out on class since my clicker wasn’t working, my life is literally perfect.

I’m involved in a circle of new peers and connections from students from Hawaii to students from Europe- I’m just lucky to even have people from random parts of the world to go to school with me.

It’s refreshing to finally let go and move on from the mundane area I’ve been in for rather too long. 

Although it’s a breath of fresh air to progress into a new atmosphere, it’s still comforting to run into familiar faces once in a while to remind me of my home and growth.

I’m not going to be bitter about my past, but like I said, it’s just amazing to finally be here- where I am.