“Dean, did you know about this whole thing? And how he feels about me?”

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I’ve seen links to this and discussion about it, and people asking ‘what happened?’, but I haven’t seen the actual screencap on tumblr yet so I’m throwin it up here, especially since he seems to be backpedaling and thinking that’s just gonna make it go away.

This is a shitty thing to say. When he made the Bieber tweet, I thought it was immature and childish. I saw it, and I wrinkled my nose, and I said, really? And when he got so much positive publicity for it, I was vaguely disappointed that a grown man in such a position of exposure and popularity did that and got praised for it. But I wasn’t all that surprised. He’s made bratty, critical tweets before. I was more disappointed when he seemed to think that saying Bieber “looks like a girl” would make for a rad sick burn, because that was pushing more serious (and personal) territory- People get assaulted for not looking like their gender “should”. I catch shit for not looking “girly” enough. (Don’t let “seemed”, past tense, fool you. He never apologizes. He still thinks, if you’re a boy who “looks like a girl”, you’re worth mocking. Consider that.)

But this is a whole other issue. Not only is he aggressively ignorant re: addiction (I say “aggressively” because he isn’t just quietly unaware, he is shouting his ignorance at the top of his lungs, without apology, when no one asked for it and when people are already wounded) and disrespectful to the highest degree, he’s hurting this man’s family and friends. He’s willing to tear into people who are already mourning a sudden death for no return at all. I mean, what’s he getting in exchange for this tweet? What’s worth saying this? Literally nothing. He’s just a lil shitbaby who doesn’t feel the need to censor his (admittedly awful) thoughts, even in the face of someone’s sad- Yes, sad- and unexpected death. Cool.

I think he’s kinda revealing himself, at this point. He hasn’t faced any consequences for showing us how bratty he can be, so he thinks it’s okay to show us how devoid of compassion and decent human emotion he can be, too. He’s just slowly stepping up his game. Meet Jared, guys.

Fuck him.

(I apologize for adding Hoffman’s name to the tags- I don’t want this to show up in his tag, but I understand that some people, myself included, blacklist the names of deceased celebrities immediately after the fact because they don’t want to see the posts, or are upset by them, so I don’t want this to show up on the dash of anyone who doesn’t want to see it.)

As an actor, I love it, because it’s always been, like, ah, you know, summer’s great and relaxed, and then I read an episode and I’m like, “Soulless?! I’m gonna have to do some work, like what?! I have to figure out what someone soulless does! Agh, summer… angel?! Now I gotta think like an angel character!” So as an actor, it’s been wonderful, but it’s been a lot of hard work, so it’s nice to see Jensen get to flex those muscles.
—  Jared Padalecki, when asked how Sam’s dynamic has shifted while Dean’s has pretty much been the same (x)