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The Diary of Mr. & Mrs. Ackles

TITLE:  The Diary of Mr. & Mrs. Ackles

PAIRING:  Jensen x Reader


WARNING:  Oral Smut (female receiving), talks of being caught in sexual acts by in-laws, NSFW Gifs below the cut.

SUMMARY:  Follow the story of Supernatural star, Jensen Ackles and his pop star wife, [Your Name] Ackles as they deal with the pressures of fame and being newly married. As told through their point of views…You think you know, but you have no idea…this is The Diary of Mr. and Mrs. Ackles.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  So, this is my first attempt at smut, so please be gentle with me.  LOL!  Please let me know how I did.

DISCLAIMER:  This is strictly for fictional purposes only.  Any real life people mentioned that are portrayed in a negative light is not how I feel.  Just pretend they’ve been naughty.

(Gifs are not mine)

The Talk 1.1

As soon as I took my final bow for the evening, I quickly ran off the stage and right into my husband’s embrace.  He had just given me the best surprise of a lifetime.   “Oh my God, baby.  I can’t believe you’re here.“  When I pulled back, I reached out and playfully slapped him across his chest. “Why didn’t tell me you were coming?”

“Ouch.”  His green eyes stared at me wide eyed, as he grabbed his chest where my hand had landed.  "Well, I was trying to surprise my wife.  I didn’t know that I was going to get beat up in the process.“

“I’m sorry, honey.” I wrapped my arms around his neck.  Standing on my tiptoes, I captured his lips in a kiss.

“Now, that’s what I’m talking about.” He said placing a kiss on my nose, and I giggled.  

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Last photo op story!
Ok so me and my friend Joe (who happens to look a little like Jared) met Jared last year and he was super nice, high fived us, hugged us etc etc. Well this year me and Joe were totally unprepared, lots of people were saying we weren’t allowed to pose etc etc, I actually got changed for the op in the Que. We weren’t even expecting our picture to be taken so soon. We literally got to the front and Joe had this idea where I’d stand in the middle and push the two of them apart whilst they were ‘fighting’ so yeah we’re ready for someone to be like Noooo you can’t, however Jared remembered us from last year! He said hello, Joe explained what we wanted to do and Jared was like Yes! Amazing, got straight into character and got super close to me, I wasn’t exactly prepared to suddenly be feeling Jared’s chest, so the expression on my face is a cross of me 'acting’ like 'omg guise stop fighting’ and 'omg Jared is so firm, don’t react’. After it was taken I was like 'oh my god I’m so sorry for touching your chest,’ (It genuinely wasn’t intentional, I didn’t realise he’d get so damn close), but he just laughed and said its cool we’re friends now and gave me a huge Jared hug. After collecting the picture I was obviously thrilled, it’s fucking amazing! It looks like a stupid sitcom or something which I love!

When I went to go for the auto, I got him to sign a quiz book me and my mum and sister had written and produced, I explained that to him and said I was thinking of maybe selling it with his autograph (and permission) for charity, maybe the AKF campaign and he smiled and just simply said, 'what I’d like you to do, when you get home is, look up some local mental health charities, if you sell it, donate the money to one of them.’ I was like, 'yes that’s an amazing idea thank you,’ he smiled and gave me a high five. So now I’ve got to think of a way of auctioning this book for charity, if anyone has any ideas, let me know! (:

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