My Note to the VLD Fandom

There’s been a lot of negativity recently; I’m sure everyone knows about it in some way, whether they’ve seen it on this blog or their dash or somewhere. SDCC brought out a lot of new information that everyone is still trying to deal with, and a lot of people are reacting in frustration to some of it. Which is understandable; it’s stressful having the status quo broken up and having to assimilate new information against your previous ideas. That, and it wasn’t fun having the creators scare us with the idea of Shiro dying; he’s a very popular character and his fate hangs in the balance on whether he’s going to go the way of Sven or do something else.

I’m not here to call anyone out. This is not to drag the fandom or throw out all of our dirty laundry; this is simply a request for everyone to take a moment to think about the fans. Think about the people who like this same TV series and think about the new fans coming in. I for one really don’t want the new fans to come into Tumblr, looking for people to share their new interest with, and see all of this negativity. We’re not even a month old; please don’t let this set the norm for the rest of the fandom and for the rest of the series. We’re probably going to have more scares worse than this one and more information to deal with down the road. And all of these people we interact with love the show just like us. It’s easy to forget we’re all people behind the keyboard, people with lives and ambitions and hopes and scars and fears. Please don’t dehumanize people based on their interests or their beliefs.

Please take a moment to consider what you’re really doing before you send in anon hate. Think about what your words can do to someone, or what it would feel like to have that sent into your inbox. Find other ways to release your anger. If you need to let someone know something is bothering you, take a moment to make sure your words are civil. If someone lets you know something is bothering them, make sure you treat their concerns as valid. Tag things so that people can blacklist for their own emotional safeties. 

Please don’t turn the VLD fandom into something ugly. We all just want to enjoy it.

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so I just saw Laura’s ML theme song music video, and lemme tell you,


The above videos are the first two confirmed tracks for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2

1.  “Come A Little Bit Closer” by Jay and the Americans

2. “The Chain” by Fleetwood Max