How This Revolution In Football History Started ?
 The Madrid player revealed in an interview that he felt he was different from other children when he was younger but did not think he would make it as a professional initially.  

“In my family, we all love football,I remember that one day I was playing in the street and my father told me: ‘Why don’t you train at the club when I go to work?’. I said yes, why not? So I started to play.”   

“I went to train every day and I enjoyed being part of the team. My father was always there for me At first I felt I was different to the other children. I never thought I was going to become a professional or go to Manchester United, Real Madrid or Sporting [Lisbon]. At that time I just wanted to enjoy it and it wasn’t going through my head that I had talent. At first I didn’t think that.”
“After three or four years I started to think: ‘I want to play there’. I got to watch all of the matches and I dreamed of wearing the shirts.” -Cristiano Ronaldo Interview with Herbalife

Day 459 - Yogiras | ヨーギラス | Larvitar

Yogiras lives up in the high cliffs of Johto. There, it literally eats mountains to evolve. It likes to curl up for the winter in caves. You will rarely see a Yogiras in the city.

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Contrary to popular belief, God does not promise you the riches of the world or a comfortable life, the Devil does. God promised you that as His own you will face trouble and pain in this world just as the prophets and His son did. You are not of this world so do not pursue the pleasures of this world. You’re called to be a living sacrifice pleasant in His sight, a vessel of purity, and in the world but not of it. Always given unto death for Jesus’s sake, that the life of Jesus would be made manifest in our mortal flesh. We as the bride have to get out of this comfortable idea of material and luxuriate prosperity. All that we need, He will supply.