What if the world is watching?

What if you broke the law when you (fill in the blank) because you are a woman?

Now pick your favorite noun to fill in that blank.  How about trying, when you drive your car? How about trying, when you ride your bicycle? How about trying, where you can only leave your home on foot or be driven in a car by a man, because if you don’t, you are beaten for being a woman who breaks the laws for leaving your home any other way?

Join by going to .  Please have a look for yourself and make your own decision, something you can do everywhere except in Saudi Arabia without being arrested or beaten. Help Manal al-Sharif.  She is a celebrated women’s rights activist in Saudi Arabia. She was arrested nine days ago…for driving her own car.

Manal’s arrest is inspiring an uprising. On June 17, women across Saudi Arabia will get in their cars and drive. They know full well that religious leaders have called on any man who sees them, to pull them out of their cars and beat them. The women who are protesting in this uprising won’t back down for driving a car, they want to help the world watch a King and a Prince decide about a woman who drove her car, which broke the law and was arrested for doing the simplest thing.

Please sign the petition today asking King Abdullah and Prince Nayef to drop the charges against Manal. They need to know the world is watching.

(This blog was inspired by an e-mail I received from Weldon Kennedy, I used some of his words and some of my own and then put it together here.)  And I thought finding a job was tough…well it is, however I can still drive my car to an interview or anywhere without being arrested.