jp rowan

“Daddy, I want to be a woman when I grow up…” - stoked kid

    This weekend was filled with festivities from the Golden Gate Park Race to Bonzing Beach BBQ to Sliders Party to PDX sessions to Tacos.  The Portland crew showed up as their quest for radness brought them to the San Francisco terrain to test their might - their band of wiggleboarders proved solid in all terrain with Carmen cracking stairs and gaps with great fortitude, JP shredding hard enough to pull a frontside death-grass-ride-shoulder-dislocate to shoulder-reset-revert while rolling, John didn’t die in what was a truly gnarly San Francisco bus situation most people die in, Alicia more or less demonstrated that she was the best skier on the mountain as she put people to shame while skating every hill in-front of her with heavy metal slides and supreme style…  Needless to say, they managed to have a sweet time and inspired the sliders to work on our sauce - - -  and plan a Portland trip! 

*Correction* Photo: Daisy