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newsie name appreciation

we all know the newsie names that’ve been there since paper mill, but with added newsies to the live capture some new newsie names where bound to surface.

Kid Blink - Andy Richardson deservedly so

Hot Shot - JP Ferreri because what else would jp chose

Vince / Myron - Stephen Hernandez sure, why not

Kenny - Jack Sippel to honor kenny ortega the director of newsies ‘92

Willie / Bart - Andrew Wilson you do you Andrew 

and its worth mentioning that the Guzman twins, David and Jacob, played Mike and Ike.

  • James Patterson: I worked so hard on the whole Maximum Ride series. This talk of plot holes and ghost writers is nonsense. I love the whole Flock! Maximum Ride, -looks at smudged writing on hand- Fnick, -squints harder- Igloo, -tilts head to side- Narwhal, -leans in closer- Gamecube, -stares at black smudge and sweats- and... Carrie.

sabakunocasali  asked:

Dear anon, i think the blog finds the last movie insulting because of the many scientific paleontology facts they decided to ignore, beginning with not adding feathers to the velociraptors, by the time the first movie was out i thiiink paleontology hadnt discovered the feathers, but by the fourth movie it was a fact. Also im sorry you got hate for stating your opinion in your own blog, that's really stupid of anons who hide just to spread hate. Have a nice day <3

That’s definitely one of them. 

The JP movie was fairly up to date, all things considered; it dramatically changed the public perception of dinosaurs (from “slow lizards” to “active bird-like creatures”)

JW was actually less up to date than JP, and it was made 20 years later; science moves fast, and it would have been one thing to keep it at the same level as the original JP, but they actually went backwards 

People look to the JP series as their one and only major media source of dinosaur information; not everyone goes to museums, not everyone reads books, and very few people keep up with science. JP in the 90s is what actually got public perception of dinosaurs almost back up to date with science. By keeping the series inaccurate, it’s keeping the public at a level of willful ignorance. 

And I don’t give a fuck if JW had to keep “continuity.” The new movie was a soft-reboot. They could have done whatever the fuck they wanted. They basically casually admitted that the animals aren’t real dinosaurs, so it wouldn’t have been hard to just go the slightest step further and make real dinosaurs. (Note: that throwaway line isn’t an excuse. Laypeople were not fucking paying attention to that. They think of JW dinosaurs as real dinosaurs, no matter how many 5 second lines Wu throws around.) 

Look, in an ideal world JP would have a competing franchise or something that would force it to do better, have more accurate animals, etc., but as it is there is only one mega-franchise about dinosaurs, and it has a fucking monopoly. 

Also I have issues with the plot, the very idea of Indominus, and the portrayal of women in the movie. But that’s a whole other can of worms. 

Anyways any and all JP fanboy hating on this statement will be instantly blocked, so don’t bother to send me anon hate you shitlords.
'Star Wars: Episode IX' Sets Summer 2019 Release Date
In other major moves, Disney pushes back the release of the next 'Indiana Jones' movie a full year to make room for 'The Lion King,' while 'Frozen 2 will hit theaters in November 2019.

Me: “Yay!!!! We won’t have to wait so long…for a possible piece of misogynist crap if Jurrasic World is any indicator.