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anonymous asked:

Do you know any great manga/anime made by actual LGBTQ people? I only know Nabari no Ou.

Yes, Kamatani Yuhki is a godsend. You should check out their other manga, Shimanami Tasogare, if you haven’t already. 

There’s also… 

  • Otouto no Otto by Tagame Gengorou 
  • The Boy who Cried Wolf by Mentaiko 
  • Sabishisugite Rezu-Fuzoku Ni Ikimashita Repo by Nagata Kabi
  • Honey & Honey by Takeuchi Sachiko 

There are a lot more, but this is a good starting point, since all of these can be found online in english. Others, like say Kumada Pooh-suke’s “Honjitsu mo Ohitori Homo”, are only available in Japanese. 

You can also find a bunch of manga related to LGBTQ topics at (, but again none of these are translated. Many of them are autobiographical like Yamada Taiki’s comics about being a trans man. 

I also recommend you check out Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It, which looks at the men who make gay comics in Japan or gei komi ゲイコミ. This is available on amazon and myreadingmanga. 

dysfunctionalrobit  asked:

Hey! I saw that manga that you posted a picture of (honey blood was it?) and it looks super cute!! What's the japanese name of it so i can look it up?? (*´ω`*)

Eyo! It`s called ハニーブラッド, which is translated back to Honey Blood             ( I hope I said it right )

Heres a direct link for it:

The first two chapters are free, and the rest has the same ticket system like Nanbaka, so it isn`t that much of a deal if you`re already used to how COMICO works by now

Glad to see others are falling for it. There are about 50 chapters up so far, and its an ongoing manga which posts new chapters the same day and on the same time like nanbaka!