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Manga serialization of Katsugeki Touken Ranbu, based on current anime, will begin in August issue of Jump SQ (published on July, 4th).

On the same day 1st volume on Touken Ranbu Hanamaru manga (based on TR Hanamaru anime) will also be published. // The first 5 issues of that manga are view-able on shonenjumpplus website (in Japanese).

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I just watched Redline for the first time last night. It was insanely cool! The animation was top notch (thanks to Madhouse) and the characters were way awesome. I watched the dub, and I have to say, the voice acting was solid. I highly recommend this film if you’re into hardboiled, edgy, actioned packed anime. One of the best one shot anime films I’ve seen in a long time. Highly recommended! 

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do you have any recs for lgbt+ japanese media made by lgbt+ creators?

Hi! Sure, let me try listing a few. First, please check my posts here, where I’ve answered similar questions:

And then here are some other manga recs:
Echoes by Ayumi
Boku ga Watashi ni Naru Tame ni by Hirasawa Yuuna
Otoko ni Nari-Thai! by Takeuchi Sachikoを知るためのおすすめ書籍7冊がこれだ!/

For media other than manga try checking out these websites:

This is just a starting point but I hope it helps!


Honoka Kousaka Fairy Tale version!

Please give love to these photos, they’re my favourite of the photoshoot and I love being Honks! Reblog if you like, please ;;

Cosplay and edition: me.

Photo by Buganvilla Photography.

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Your booklet is beautiful with images filled with so much soul. The saddest part is that anything 'anime' related is shunned as not being 'art'.

oh dear yeah i want ranting about this not a few days ago it’s Very upsetting

i’ve spent 4 years in art school among people who’d celebrate us comics like nothing else yet look down at any kind of jp graphic novel/manga like it was shit

which is to say i’ve spend 4 years among people pretending to hate everything anime related only to dare admit under their breath on the last fucking week of the last fucking year that they actually enjoyed it but dared not say a thing bc it was not well regarded

so u know what. i’m not bothering anymore. there are treasures in every art genre. if people want to play elitists it’ll be without me !


A couple months ago, justlikeswitchblades asked me about uploading the entirety of my E7 collection. I had some time today so I rummaged around, got it gathered together and took pictures! 

One of the items not included in this photoset is a mech figure of Ray’s red Spearhead which I bought recently, but I’m just waiting for it in the mail.

Under the cut is a full list of the items in this photoset.

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El Manga ‘Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro’ tendrá adaptación a Anime

La serie de Kawasaki Tadataka fue lanzada en 2014 

La portada de la edición de agosto de la revista Comic Flapper ha anunciado que el Manga de Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro por Kawasaki Tadataka, tendrá una adaptación a Anime. El anuncio no especifica la fecha de estreno o formato de la adaptación.  

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