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RWBY Manga Anthology, Vol. 4, “I Burn”, Fan-Translated by me.

Original source from Japanese Official Release of the 12 page preview.

*Reading tip: This is in Original Japanese format: Read from Right to Left.


I am crying real actual tears! I found this boxset in an obscure shop and it has two books in it! One book is a full color manga over the Be Forever Yorozuya movie and the second is a full storyboard for the movie! I AM IN LOVE! IT’S GORGEOUS! 

This is the storyboard part and it’s full of pages like this:

And this is the back of the movie book ((the front is displayed at the top)):

The pages inside look like this:


*Updates to the Eureka seveN Collection*

Some people asked me about this awhile ago, so here you are! I’ve been buying and making E7 items to add to this collection since about 2008, and its something fairly near and dear to me at this point.

I’m a bit lazy to take pictures of items individually but I’ll list them below in case people want to know their product names and look them up for yourself!

- Item list under the cut -

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That was, hands down, one of my most favorite BLCDs lately (or EVER!)

I knew I’d enjoy it (since I’ve read the manga before) but it was so much better than I could have ever expected!! Taku-chan, Massu & Whitey did such a great job - I couldn’t stop laughing through the whole thing, I was practically crying at some point and never stopped 😂😂😂 

This story is like a dream coming true for BL lovers, and having some of the best seiyuus voicing it was… THE BEST. Kinda felt like breaking the 4th wall…hearing Taku-chan saying ‘Yaoi’ was soo weird haha

I wish the free talk was longer, they could have covered so many subjects >< 

I hope this manga will be translated to English soon. I’ve been following the JP manga, but obviously didn’t understand a lot of things…-_-

I just watched Redline for the first time last night. It was insanely cool! The animation was top notch (thanks to Madhouse) and the characters were way awesome. I watched the dub, and I have to say, the voice acting was solid. I highly recommend this film if you’re into hardboiled, edgy, actioned packed anime. One of the best one shot anime films I’ve seen in a long time. Highly recommended! 

so there’s lots of stuff i don’t know about love live and i wonder. am i a bad fan? what the fuck have i been doing this past three years to not know this things? and dude!! i see the positive side of this: i still have a lot to know about this thing i love so much!!! and that’s amazing!!! there’s so much to discover!!! god i’m happy!!!