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Time Travel Chika (JP Only)

Haregi Ruby (EN Only)


Hey guys. so I got a TON of people asking why they can’t watch the Slowpaint video of this, and I was confused because there shouldn’t have been anything wrong with the video. So I just went to check it out now. and I found the problem. So, Apparently a claim was put onto my video– someone put a claim on a Donkey Kong Country Song from Tropical Freeze at around an hour or so in. (which is fine, that’s not where I have a problem, because that is to be expected being as I’m using original soundtrack from games and stuff, and I don’t care about monetizing for money, so I’m ok with the claim) 

 HOWEVER!!! the problem is that this claim wasn’t made by the original content/copywrite owners. the owners to this song is to Nintendo, however the people claiming that this is their copywrited music is from hong kong, and a Turner EMEA kids, CartoonNetworkJP and a lot of other claiments, which is… totally weird being as none of these companies hold rights to this song. And in that list, Nintendo, isn’t even one of them. All I could figure is that there are some companies out there, apparently from JP and China, and who knows where else, that is trying to make money off of music that is not theres but placing claims on Nintendo’s music that does not belong to them. Now I usually wouldn’t care about this, except for the fact that these companies claiming to own rights to this music is making the slowpaint video blocked in some countries because of their (fake) claim. and the list is too long to count it’s ridiculous how many countries are blocked because of this fake claim. The only reason why I can assume that these illegal claimers made it blocked in, I swear, most countries of the world, is so that Nintendo doesn’t find out that they are making money off of my video with Nintendo’s property. But the point is, because of these guys, they are holding the video from like everyone, and being as I share my stuff with you guys, especially how the slowpaint is specifically open for you guys to learn from, having it blocked by someone trying to put a third party claim on a song that doesn’t even belong to them, and keeping it from literally dozens of countries, is where I have my problem. 

 Now I CCOOUULLDDD file a dispute but…. that’s a head ache I’d rather not deal with, so I’m just gonna delete the slowpaint video and just reupload it with different music. It should be up again for you guys to watch and observe for learning purposes tomorrow night. I’m sorry these jerks came around and block my video from like 90% of you guys, I’ll fix it as soon as I can. :> ((the music just might be boring is all :/))