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teentaal  asked:

hi! maybe it's a steep request, but do you have a list of all of the music you used in a bomb called darkipt? such a well-made, beautiful game with a perfect atmosphere. i would really appreciate if you could share such a list with me, if it isn't too much trouble. thank you very much!

Thank you for asking! I like Darkipt, too…


・Dvorak: Symphony No.7 in D Minor, Op.70, B.141  Allegro

・Vivaldi: LEstro Armonico No. 2 1st 2nd

・Haydn: Symphony No. 44 ‘Trauer’  Adagio
・Haydn: Symphony No. 44 ‘Trauer’  Presto

・J.S. Bach: Cantata BWV 106

・ Tchaikovsky: Manfred Symphony, Op.58  Allegro con fuoco

・Haydn: Symfoni No. 45 ‘Farewell ’ Menuet allegro

・presence of music: Vacant eyes
・presence of music: Fact
・presence of music: Merge(tremolo ver)
・presence of music: Messiah
・presence of music: Plunder

・騒音のない世界: ships

(I hope this will help.)   


Shadow of The Mad King

Guild Wars 2 events are very fun and well made, Halloween definitely is one of the best. Haven’t been in Clock Tower JP since 2012, never thought i would be back in into this nightmare, but here i am, and i still suck at this jumping puzzle lmfao