「Learn Japanese」 “If I quit here, I’ll become a man who couldn’t do the one thing he decided to do!”  (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable #11. - Anime Line of the Day)

Vocabulary List:
やり遂げる (やりとげる/yaritogeru) - to accomplish, to finish, to carry through, to follow through
悔い (く/kui) - regret
息子 (むすこ/musuko) - son

Moshi koko de kore (w)o yameru to
“If I stop here,”
Ore wa ichido kimeta koto (w)o yaritogerarenakatta otoko toshite
“I’ll become a man who couldn’t accomplish the one thing he decided to do and”
Isshou kui (w)o nokosu koto ni naru
“and live an entire life of regret.”
Sonna musuko ni nattemo ii no ka yo kaa-san
“Is that the kind of person you want your son to turn out as, Mom?!”

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According to the official Tales of Zestiria the X Twitter, the episodes to be shown during the 2nd pre-screening event on August 5th in Japan will be different from the TV broadcast versions. Not sure how “different” it will be yet. Note that the info on “episode 5 and 6 will crossover with Tales of Berseria” thing also came from the pre-screening announcements.