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Since I’ve got a pen pal and I need to save paper, I transfer my Chinese and Japanese notes on these two notebooks. The pattern is still the same: dialogues, vocabulary and grammar. This morning I had a very sweet breakfast, I watched a subbed anime and I reviewed some past lessons I had forgotten I had forgotten.

What’s up you jurassic jerks!! You guys loved the original sketch for this so much more than I ever anticipated, thank you so much!!

I don’t have pictures of the actual stickers at the time of this posting, but they’re up and ready for grabs


Concept art for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom [x]   


The best scene in jurassic park is grant trying to put his seatbelt on and cant find the other end of it, so hes clacking 2 female ends together, and says fuck it and ties em in a knot
“but all the dinosaurs in the park are female” 
“life uhh uhhh ..   finds a way”

they summed up the whole movie in one little gag
jurassic park is the best movie