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Learning Japanese Master Post #01. 

Here’s a master post for the first 50 video lessons in the Learning Japanese video series, all view-able for free on YouTube! That’s right, each topic gets its own episode! All arranged in order and linked below. Check out all 200+ video lessons at the official YouTube channel hereAnd so, the journey of learning Japanese starts with lesson one, mastering Hiragana:

  1. Intro to Japanese - The Hiragana Syllabary, Vowels, Pitch Accents, and More
  2. The Katakana Syllabary
  3. First Person Pronouns, or, Ways to Say “I” in Japanese
  4. Second-Person Pronouns, or, Ways to Say “You” in Japanese
  5. Basic Phrases (How-to Greet, Thank, Introduce Yourself and More)
  6. XはY(です/ではありません) as “X is/is not Y”, Noun Modification with の, も as “also”
  7. Existential Verbs (Aru, Iru, Irassharu/ある、いる、いらっしゃる)
  8. Locational Markers へ, に, で
  9. The Particle に as an Object Marker and Indirect Object Marker
  10. The Particle で as an Instrument Marker
  11. ね and よ as Final Particles
  12. Introduction to Verbs, Dictionary Form, ます-Form
  13. VERBing Alone with 一人で (hitori de) and Together with と一緒に (to issho ni)
  14. Expressing “From X to Y” (Time and Space) with から and まで
  15. Pre-ます Form + ましょう as “Let’s VERB” or “Shall we VERB”
  16. Noun Verbs/Verbal Nouns
  17. Polite Past Tense Form of Verbs (ました-Form) 
  18. How to say “I intend/plan to VERB” with VERB + つもりです
  19. How-to say “Won’t you/Would you like to VERB?” with Pre-ます Form VERB + ませんか
  20. X は Y があります as “X has Y”
  21. X から Y as “because of CLAUSE X, CLAUSE Y”
  22. How-to say "Why is that?” or “How come?” with どうして
  23. Listing Nouns Indefinitely with NOUN X や NOUN Y など
  24. もう as “already” and まだ as “yet”
  25. Negative ない Form (Verb Conjugation)
  26. How-to say “Go/come/return to do VERB” with Pre-ます Form VERB + に + (行く/来る/帰る)
  27. How-to say “I can VERB” with Dictionary Form VERB + ことが出来る
  28. Answering to Negative Yes-No Questions
  29. Introduction to Adjectives (い-adjectives and な-adjectives)
  30. Basic Introduction to the Particles は and が
  31. X でYがある as “There is Y (an activity) in/at X”
  32. Introduction to Adverbs - Common Degree Adverbs 
  33. The Particle が as “But/However”
  34. X は(どう/いかが)ですか as “How is X?”
  35. XはどんなYですか as “What kind of Y is X?”
  36. Kochira (こちら)/Sochira (そちら)/Achira (あちら) as “this/that way”
  37. Introduction to the て-Form (Verb Conjugation)
  38. How-to Say “Please do VERB” (て-Form VERB + 下さい/下さいませんか)
  39. How-to Say “am/is VERBing” (Ongoing Action) (て-Form VERB + いる)
  40. The Particle まだ as "still”
  41. How-to say “I like/love/hate Y” with X はY が(好き/嫌い)です
  42. How-to Say “X is good/bad at Y” - XはYが(上手/下手/とくい)です)
  43. X にする as “decide on X”
  44. How-to Request an Object with X を(下さい/くださいませんか)
  45. た-Form VERB +ことがある as “have VERB-ed before” 
  46. かかる as “it costs X/it takes X time”
  47. ぐらい and ごろ(に) as “about/approximately”
  48. Comparing 2 Objects/Entities (XとYとでは、どちらの方がAですか) 
  49. Comparing 3 or More Objects/Entities (XとYとZとでは、Xが一番A) 
  50. Modifying Nouns with Clauses

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Marauder's Vocabulary

Remus AKA: Moony

- “Oh yeah? Who says?”
- “Sirius, no.”
- “Prongs, stop staring at Lily”
- “What’s wrong Peter?”
- “You want to prank the Slytherins? Again?”
- “…count me in”
- “Your idea, Padfoot, will kill us”
- “Shit”
- “Sirius, you git”
- “Sirius, come here and cuddle with me”

Sirius AKA: Padfoot

- “Let’s hex Snivellous”
- “Prongs, the day you have a kid with Lily is the day I go to Azkaban for murdering Peter and 12 muggles”
- “Moooooonyyyyyyyyyy come and lovvveeee meeee”
- “Wormtail, what are you wearing?”
- “ No, Peter, red pants and a blue shirt do not go together”
- “Re, can I have your sweater?”
- “Fuck”

James AKA: Prongs

- “Sirius. Let’s go jinx Snivellous”
- “Lily is going to be my wife”
- “Lily is going to have my kids”
- “Lily and my kids are going to be beautiful and intelligent.”
- “No I will not shut up about Lily, your just jealous that I have a chance with her and you don’t”
- “Moony, you need to sleep”
- “Sirius, your hair is fine”
- “Peter, stop eating so fast. You’ll choke”

Peter AKA: Wormtail

- “Wait! Let me change to a rat so I can check if anyone’s on the otherside of the door”
- “Sirius? Does this look okay?”
- “You guys are my brothers, I would never betray you.”
- “I am not riding a broom. It’s a death trap”
- “Moony, help me with this question?”
- “James are Sirius and Remus dating?”
- “I’m hungry”
- “You guys hungry?”
- “Want to go to Honeydukes?”
- “What are we going to do now?”
- “Yes, Professor McGonagall.”
- “…”
- “Yes, My Dark Lord. I have become the secret keeper of James and Lily Potter”

★ The Future of School Idol Festival: Second Part ★

Preceding the large-scale update that will bring in Aqours on 7/5, new information on the coming update will be published for the second week in a row! This time we’ll be talking about “New Card Features”, “Member List” and “Music”.

SSR Rarity

A new “SSR” rarity will appear with the update! SSR will appear in Honor Student scouting as a rarity between SR and UR. Due to this, SR appearance rates will be increased in parts of scouting.

Changes to “Skill Level”

When you practice with a Skill Up support member or the same card, you’ll now get EXP points to level up your skill rather than just a skill level up all at once. Your skill level will increase once you gain enough skill EXP to take you to the next level. This also means you’ll be able to use Skill Up support members on any card, regardless of rarity!

※Skill Up support members must still be of the same attribute as the card you’re practicing them with for the Skill EXP to increase

※The amount of Skill EXP you gain isn’t affected by Super/Ultra Success when practicing 

New Center Skills

UR center skills, in addition to their current effects, will now give extra bonuses when you build your team using a certain unit, year group or set.

Partner and “Favorite Points”

“Favorite points” are also now being added. Favorite points is a mechanism that will be able to list the members that you use the most frequently and bond points in total. Favorite points will rise with your partner (girl on your home screen) and the girls in your team when playing a live.

Card Display Switching Function

A feature to switch the display of your card between their idolized and unidolized forms. You can play with them any way you like!

Increased Ease of Using Member List

Initial number of Member List spaces is being changed from 90 to 120. Due to this, the challenge where your reward is extra member spaces is being abolished. 

※After the update, the reward for the challenges where you would previously get member spaces will be love gems. Players who have already completed these challenges will receive the love gems post-maintenance.

The maximum number of member list spaces can now be increased to 1000. When buying extra member list spaces, players will now gain 4 instead of 3 per love gem.

※Customers who previously bought member spaces with love gems will be given 1 more per each gem spent (with the maintenance) to make up for this change.

Support members will also be moved to a new page and will no longer take up a member list space. (See image below!) New filtering options will also be added to the member list.

Above: Hot leaks. Check out the pretty Riko SR in the top left corner there is no escape from school uniforms and new cool R set! Possible OP outfits….?


EXPERT songs will now be moved permanently to the “Hits” section. With this, EX songs will no longer only be available for limited times. You can play them whenever you’d like!

※All the goals you’ve cleared up until the update (S score, FC, ect) will be carried over when EX is added to hits.

For the new difficulty “MASTER”, four songs will be added monthly. They’ll start with µ’s songs. Have fun!

µ’s and Aqours

You can switch between µ’s and Aqours music by switching between “µ’s Mode” and “Aqours Mode”. You can play with any team in either mode, but Aqours members will help you score higher in Aqours mode and µ’s members will help you score higher in µ’s mode.

Aqours music will not be unlocked by rank.

Random Selection

Random select are songs from the Hit section added to the B-side section. These songs are automatically chosen, and change daily between smile, pure, cool, μ’s, or Aqours song. (From /u/euni_2319 on Reddit)

Random Selection songs will fill up your Reward Box gauge faster than normal songs.

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