jozani forest


Kizimkazi Cove & Jozani Forest - we went down to Kizimkazi to see the Bottlenose dolphins, which was a pretty cool experience. It was amazing to see wild dolphins playing in the water and we even had the option of jumping into the water with them. The water was crazy choppy though, and at some point, the waves were taller than myself sitting down on the boat. By the end of the boat ride, everyone was seasick…

Jozani Forest was also a very interesting place, especially for someone who had never been to a tropical forest. It is home to the endangered Red Colobus Monkeys (whom we saw hanging out in a tree!) as well as other tropical wildlife. If there is one thing I learned about myself on this trip, its that I have an abnormal love of monkey. Like, I love monkeys a lot. So the forest was heaven. 

On our way back, we also saw all these people selling fruit and vegetables on the street, which is very typical for the country.