DSTM & Modest Shows are teaming up once more to bring you one hell of a noisey night. 
We are beyond happy to welcome Full of Hell to Portsmouth for the first time in a 100 person capacity venue as well. There will be carnage. 

Full Of Hell (A389 Records):
Blackened, sludgey hadcore noisepunx. Catagorising a band like Full Of Hell is no easy task, so let’s keep it simple: they’re heavy, they’re fast and they’re fucking incredible. FFO: Insect Warfare, Thou and tinnitus.

Grindcore three-piece from Washington DC, featuring members of Magrudergrind. Head-spinning blasts, dissonance and aggression. Blehhhh. FFO: Wormrot, Nails and gravity blasts.

Two piece Doom / Black metal band from Cornwall, Bringing riffs that are guaranteed to melt your face FFO Sleep, The Melvins and Head-banging 

Portsmouth’s favourite grindcore sons. Silly sods playing short songs. Damogrind. FFO: Spazz, Weekend Nachos and wagging your fingers.

Shouty hardcore punx outta Brighton, featuring the dudes who brought you War Wolf and Dopefight AND Lloyd Denman. Imagine if aggy punk bands from the late 80’s stopped worrying about where to buy some Ketamine and instead got really fucking tight. FFO: Coke Bust, Vaccine and jumping off things.

One-man noise/power electronics from the South Coast. If you’re coming to this you probably know who Dean is, and who Witch Cult were, and you know you can expect confrontational, empassioned perfomance and a heaviness that transcends 
traditional musical forms. FFO: Iron Lung, Content Nullity and Hello Kitty memorabilia.

Advance tickets will be £6 / On the Door £8 

Entry will be 7pm with Knifedoutofexistence starting at 7.20 Sharpe.

DSTM & Modest Shows

Razoreater / Stallone / Joythief / Empolyed To Serve / The Divorcée

So we kick off 2014 in a similar fashion as to how we ended 2013. We welcome back the awesome Razoreater for yet another trip along to the south coast and they are bringing some friends along for the ride. 


One of the heaviest bands in the UK right now. Every time they have come down to Portsmouth they have just blown everyone away so it is an absolute pleasure to have them kick start 2014 for us. 


This thrash hardcore band have been making quiet a noise in the last few months. Since the release of their record ‘Mire’ via Tangled Talk Records the band have gone from strength. 2014 is looking set to be the year of Stallone 


After being blown away by these guys at their first show we had no hesitation on getting then on yet another line up. Prepare to have your face melted off. 

Employed To Serve:

Chariot influenced female front hardcore band, Maybe one of the hardest working bands in the UK right now as they constantly seem to be playing shows or on tours. They bring a lot of energy to their live shows so not to be missed. 

The Divorcée:

New look, new sound, new direction for The Divorcée in 2014. This show brings about new beginnings for Portsmouth’s favourite noise merchant which trust me everyone is rather excited about it. 

Doors will be 7pm 
At the edge of the Wedge in Portsmouth 
Entry will cost £4