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Well since I’ve been talking about it, I figure I might as well share about my film on here! For my senior thesis film, I’m doing a historical fiction documentary on The Emu War of 1932 from the perspective of Emette, the granddaughter of one of the emus who fought in the war. She’s telling it as a family history project in her class, and it’s been a joy to work on the film!

@martisilent has been helping me out as an animator on this project and it’s been going amazingly, but we still have a lot of work to do before it’s ready for the senior film showcase, or for short film festivals! At some point we’ll be launching a GoFundMe page for the film, but for now, here’s some teaser art. Hope you’re all having a good last week of March!

su92  asked:

How do you share your joy for your everyday work with your family and friends when you have to keep the confidentiality? It seems like it would be hard to talk about it she frustrating that you can't.

My family cares more about how things make me feel than the details. If I’m excited, the excitement is what makes them happy for me not the details of why I’m excited.


Fëanorian Week Day 5

The fifth-born son of Fëanor is of low-burning flame and polished steel, driven and deceptive.

His father’s name he bears with pride, his House’s might his sole vocation.

The devotion to craft and the joy in his hands’ work; the fire in his heart and the strive to regain their heritage, which is power and glory and treasure; the son he teaches the same, to further the legacy – all by Fëanor, all for Fëanor.

(The House’s power – renounced.)

(The kingdoms he covets – lost.)

(The son he cherishes – estranged.)

(What remains is his father’s name, and the works of his hands.)

Survey of the Miraculous fandom

Hi, I always have the impression that there’s so many artists in the Miraculous fandom so…

If you’re a fanfic writer for the Miraculous fandom, could you please reblog this.

If you’re an artist who makes fanart for the Miraculous fandom, could you please like this.

This Survey will take place until the 21 december (in two weeks).

I will then share the results with graphs.

(It doesn’t matter if your fanarts and fanfictions are popular or not. You gave time for the Miraculous fandom and you’re an artist all the same!)

God put a good work in you. He’s continuing to put a good work in you. Day by day, night by night, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, God is transforming you into the person He designed you to be.

He takes the things you call mistakes and turns them into testimonies of redemption. He transforms those messy, broken pieces into something magnificent. He is molding you on the darkest nights. He is celebrating on the brightest days. There is no hole too deep and no cavern too wide for God to travel through. You are God’s handy work… and He rejoices in you for it.

He never gets tired of working on you. He doesn’t get frustrated when you don’t do something quite right the first time - He is gentle in His guidance. There is no condemnation in God’s love - there is only peace and salvation and the bettering of the soul He has placed in your body.

He has never given up on you. He will never give up on you.

Don’t give up on yourself.

-31Women (Ansley)

God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it.
—  Ephesians 2:8-9 (NLT)

“We bonded instantly on the film, and laughed our way through the production. Ever since that time, we never referred to each other again as Julie and Mary. Whenever we bumped into each other, people must have thought us nuts…screaming across some shopping aisle in a supermarket or yelling to each other down the corridors of CBS…’Millie! Miss Dorothy!’ She was a joy to work with, her talent was monumental. She was brave, kind, generous and an activist for many causes. I will miss my ‘Miss Dorothy’ so much, but I’m comforted to know that the joy she brought us all will be everpresent in her many films and television shows.” - Statement from Julie Andrews on the death of Mary Tyler Moore
Act 1: Coming January 2017 Monsters in the yard. Monsters in the house. Monsters in the hall, beating on your door. Your brother’s tr...

I’m pleased to announce that Hiveswap is finally actually for real happening, January 2017. Been working very hard on this game all year, and on this trailer all week. Thanks for your patience everybody, you have no idea how grateful I am.