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Peanut Butter Cookies

*throws allergic!Lance at you and runs away*

Summary: When Pidge’s birthday rolls around, Allura remembers her offhand comment about liking peanut butter. Little did she know that Lance is actually very, very allergic. (angst and fluff, and a bit of established klance because I have no self control and I ship it leave me alone)

I hardly ever post anything because I have no confidence ha so if you like it, let me know! This is very short compared to lots of other stuff I’ve written.

@taylor-tut I don’t think this is that good or even if it counts as langst/whump but I’ll tag you anyway and @voltronpaella thanks for actually getting me to post this my dude

When Allura called the Paladins into the kitchen, Lance expected some sort of emergency.

Why they’d be meeting in the kitchen, he had no idea, but he slid out of bed regardless. After removing his face mask he padded out into the hall, slightly resentful that he didn’t have time to straighten his hair.

Lance nearly bumped into Hunk in the hallway, who was also still in pajamas. The two were the last to arrive in the kitchen. He surveyed the others and found Shiro in full armor, Keith with an activated bayard, and Pidge rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with a laptop tucked under her arm.

“Princess, we’ve talked about this,” Lance grumbled. “You have got to stop interrupting my beauty sleep.”

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The Signs as Iconic Power Rangers (2017) scenes

Aries: Any of scene of Jason slapping someone.

Taurus: Zack telling the team about his mom.

Gemini: Billy blowing up his locker.

Cancer: “Stand By Me.”

Leo: Trini and Kimberly fighting over a cinnamon roll at Krispy Kreme.

Virgo: Trini’s coming out scene.

Libra: Trini doing mountaintop yoga while listening to death metal.

Scorpio: Rita eating a Krispy Kreme donut with muffled Destiny’s Child playing in the background.

Sagittarius: Jason’s friend realizing he gave a cow a hand job.

Capricorn: Kimberly using her superpowers to try and recreate Lemonade Mouth.

Aquarius: Zack taking the Mastodon Zord for a joyride and nearly demolishing a bus full of nuns.

Pisces: Rita straight-up sticking her fingers in the mouth of the jewelry store clerk, who does nothing to stop this.