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So, apparently Japan has the steepest road in the world. I had this awesome idea at work that it would be fun to slide down that street on Steve's shield. So: Imagine Steve using (or one of his friends borrowing) as a sled to slide all the way down this street

Loud, nearly maniacal laughter could only barely be heard over the screech of metal on asphalt.

Without a doubt, even with all of the tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sam Wilson was performing the most rock-n-roll stunt of his life. He wished he knew what it looked like, and that he’d brought someone to take a photo, because he imagined it was wild. Sparks rained down the street on either side of him, created by the friction of the road against Captain America’s shield.

Every so often, he’d catch a little air and the threat of tumbling forward and turning the joyride into a hospital visit would make him cry out (but not scream. He was too brave to scream, after all), but it soon gave way to peals of laughter again.

Sam paid a decent amount of money to have the Eshima Ohashi bridge closed just so he could do this, and it was worth every damn penny.

When he reached the bottom, and the shield finally came to a stop, Sam fell back, still laughing while simultaneously trying to catch his breath.

“You are such an idiot.”

He opened his eyes to see the owner of the shield standing over him, arms crossed over his chest.

“Please,” he wheezed. “You jump out of planes with no parachute.”


It’s not everyday that we get to see a crow ride on the back of a soaring bald eagle, but that’s exactly the awesome sight captured by California-based bird photographer Phoo Chan. While crows are known for harassing raptors spotted flying near their nesting territory, that didn’t appear to be the case here. According to Chan:

“…in this frame the crow did not seem to harass the bald eagle at such close proximity and neither did the bald eagle seem to mind the crow’s presence invading its personal space. What made it even more bizarre was that the crow even made a brief stop on the back of the eagle as if it was taking a free scenic ride and the eagle simply obliged.”

At one point the joyriding crow even assumed a pose that looks remarkably like the mighty “Crane” stance from The Karate Kid:

Visit Phoo Chan’s 500px gallery or Flickr page to check out more of his stunning bird photos.

[via Bored Panda]