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The coat of arms in the ballroom of the Beast’s castle consists of a lion, a boar, and the letters WD. The boar and lion are references to the Beast’s design, and the W.D. is of course, a reference to Walt Disney.


In the 2017 beauty and the Beast, the Beast has mentioned that he had an expensive education and read most of the books in the castle’s library, whereas in the original animation, the Beast never learned how to read, so Belle teaches him. Dan Stevens, who played the Beast, also famously portrayed the character Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey, who also had a expensive education. Dan Stevens himself also studied English Literature at Cambridge University.


At the end of the new adaptation, Belle asks the Beast how he feels about growing a beard, and the producers have confirmed that that line was originally supposed to be included in the 1991 animation, but it was scrapped.


When the Beast shows Belle the magical book that allows her to teleport to anywhere in the world, she chooses Paris. The scenery of Paris shows, we see Notre Dame; Beast also suggests that they go visit it. Belle has a tiny cameo/was an easter egg herself in The Hunchback of Notre Dame!

Extra: Just like Belle in the movie, Emma Watson herself was also born in Paris!


During the opening song, Belle, she asks Monsieur Jean if he lost something again, to which he responds that he can’t remember what he forgot. While many fans considered this a nod to Neville’s scene with the remembrall from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, director Bill Condon said that it was a total coincidence and that the line was supposed to be a reference to the Enchantress’ spell on the palace and townspeople; Monsieur Jean forgot about his wife and son, Mrs. Potts and Chip.


The name of Belle’s town in this movie is Villeneuve, which is a reference to the author of the original Beauty and the Beast story, Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve.


When Maurice enters the castle for the first time, he travels the sound of music to the great hall, where Cadenza was playing a song, and that song was Be Our Guest! This is also a reference to the fact that in the original animation, Be Our Guest was initially meant to be performed for Maurice instead of Belle.


Director Bill Condon has said that the Be Our Guest musical number has at least 12 musical homages including Singing in the Rain, Chicago, Cabaret, and West Side Story.


In the original draft for Beauty and the Beast (1991), Chip was initially a very minor character with only 1 sentence of dialogue, and all his other scenes were supposed to be replaced by a music box that couldn’t talk, only playing music to show his emotions. The music box was replaced with Chip after the producers realized it would be better to have a viewpoint of a child shown in the film.


When Belle enters the castle, Chip tells Mrs Potts that there’s a girl in the castle and also wonders what type of tea she likes to drink (Chamomile, Oolong, Earl Grey, etc). This is a nod to the fact that Mrs. Potts’ original name was supposed to be Mrs. Chamomile but it was changed to Mrs. Potts after the producers realized that Chamomile might be too hard for children to pronounce.


When we see Belle teaching a young girl to read in the village, the book reads “The blue bird that flies over the dark wood.” This is a reference to the opening scene in the original Beauty and the Beast animation, where we see blue birds flying over the dark first in front of the Beast’s castle.


At the tavern, Gaston asks LeFou “why no woman has snatched him up yet” to which LeFou responds that he has been told that he’s clingy, but he doesn’t see it. This could be a subtle reference to Olaf from Frozen (also voiced by Josh Gad), who is a very clingy character and is completely unaware of it.


Just outside the tavern there are 2 wooden carvings of boar heads, which is a reference to the design of the Beast in both the animation and live action movies. The production team used a wild boar as the main source of inspiration for the Beast’s head, with the tusks being a big resemblance (especially in the animation).


When creating the music for the movie, the director, producers, and music team came across some lyrics that were scrapped from the original film. Bill Condon confirmed that the lyrics were in Gaston, as well as the ending of Emma Thompson’s Beauty and the Beast in the finale. 

The new Beauty and the Beast words are: “Winter turns to spring//Famine turns to feast//Nature points the way//Nothing left to say//Beauty and the Beast”

& the new Gaston lyrics are: “When I hunt, I sneak up with my quiver//And beasts of the field say a prayer//First, I carefully aim for the liver//Then I shoot from behind//Is that fair?//I don’t care”


The new lines from Gaston “First I carefully aim for the liver/ Then I shoot from behind / Is that fair? / I don’t care” can be seen as foreshadowing to Gaston shooting the Beast in his back after the Beast let him go.


During the song “How Does a Moment Last Forever”, Maurice is shown making a music box that resembles his life in Paris with his wife and an infant Belle. (His art studio is also full of sketches of Belle’s mother and baby Belle.) These reflect Maurice’s inability to move on from his tragic past and let his daughter find true happiness. At the end of the film, during Belle and the Prince’s party (and possible wedding), Maurice is shown painting a picture of the joyous event. This reveals that Maurice has finally continued on with his life.


Maurice played by Kevin Kline is possibly inspired by Gepetto from Pinocchio as both old men are single fathers and are creators by making music boxes and toys respectively and both get separated from Belle and Pinocchio respectively as well.


The book the Beast uses to transport Belle to Paris is similar to the book seen in Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas during the song Stories, in which Belle flips through a book and is then incorporated into the scenes within the book.


The 2017 edition does not feature the song “Human Again” which was deleted from the 1991 animated edition but included with the home releases after 2002.


The concept of the household objects slowly losing their mobility comes from the stage musical. When Belle first enters in her bedroom, you can hear the instumental version of “Home”, the song which Belle sings in the musical in this moment of the story.

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just wondering but does jeremy have a tattoo in the tattoo au?

Oooh! That post was from pre-Jeremy (or at least pre-Jeremy in the main room and thus his fabulous self was not yet in my writing) so i hadn’t considered it but of course he would! Hmm. Jeremy might actually be the only one to have a set colour scheme rather than a set symbol (and i’m sure you can guess what that filthy colour combo is). 

Following a close call where Jeremy came to his rescue in the most obnoxiously improbable way Geoff gets a lurid monster-truck ramping off his shoulder blade. And with that the final unspoken barrier was breached, undeniable evidence of the truth they’d all long since embraced, that Jeremy was as permanently entrenched in the crew as anybody else.

It would be a joyous event except, well. The tattoo tradition is well and truely in place at this point so it turns out to be more of a problem than anything, considering not a single other member of the crew was even remotely prepared to ink that travesty of a vehicle onto their bodies.

Geoff cops a lot of shit for his choice, and for the longest time nothing is done, but eventually it is, as usual, Jack who comes up with a solution. She turns up one morning, after a long drunken night on the town with Jeremy, inexplicably bearing a neat little row of shots across the inside of her bicep. The glasses, holding varying levels of liquid, are two-toned; the same eyesore colours as Geoff’s truck, the unmistakable mark of Rimmy Tim.

From there all bets are off and within the next month or two the rest of the crew adds to their collection. After the pair utterly destroy a rival gang with little more than their fists Michael gets the most cartoony looking knuckle dusters printed on his ribs. When Jeremy spends a week going out of his way to keep Gavin occupied after a particularly nasty job got him down Gavin comes home with a fluffly little purple and orange tabby cat cheerfully etched into his skin.

Ryan’s takes a while, waits so long that Geoff’s gleefully insisting that the only thing left for him to do is to immortalise the godforsaken cowboy hat the whole crew thinks Jeremy wears just to spite them. In the end though, after Ryan and Jeremy get paired together for jobs more and more often the image comes easily. Crossed weapons, Jeremy’s favourite ridiculous custom coloured semi-automatic over Ryan’s sleek and sensible matte black, like crossbones over the fiery glow of an explosion.

(Original post / Michael and Jack

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I hope it won't offend you, but I was just wondering do you have headcanon of Yuuri and Victor's sexuality? Are they Gay, Bi, Pan, Trans, Genderfluid, Genderqueer, Non-binary, Ace, Demi? Experienced or Inexperienced? Virgin or Not? How they discover it?

I actually have a lot of headcanons about these things!

Yuuri’s sexuality is complicated. I definitely don’t headcanon him as gay because I think he has the potential to be sexually attracted to just about anyone provided that he’s established a relationship with them. I think Yuuri can be a very sexual person, but it depends entirely upon his existing relationship with them. I generally headcanon that he and Phichit had a sort of platonic sexual relationship in college, which Yuuri had to cut off because Yuuri is the kind of person who just associates his sexuality with romance, and Phichit isn’t, and that’s fine but neither of them wanted to muddy the waters of their friendship. Yuuri was getting anxious and Phichit understood–Phichit also understood that Yuuri wanted something more out of a sexual relationship. For this reason, I guess I would say Yuuri is somewhere on the ace spectrum, probably Demi-sexual. If that makes sense? Sorry if that came out wrong. 

Viktor, on the other hand, is very straightforward. I headcanon Viktor as gay. Viktor likes having sex with men. He likes their voices, he likes being touched by men, he likes the way that men have sex. Obviously gender is a more complicated issue and Viktor has his own gender things, but generally Viktor is attracted to people who identify as men. Viktor has always wanted to have a husband, you feel?

AS FOR GENDER, that has its own labyrinth in my brain. I’ll attempt to be succinct:

I don’t think that Viktor or Yuuri is what would be considered trans, generally, but nor to I think either of them is straight forward, cis man, I was declared male at birth and that is what I am.

Except when I do. It’s complicated. 

Lets put it this way: If Yuuri, in some miraculous and joyous turn of events, were confirmed as a trans man, I would not be surprised, and I would also be very, very happy.

I’m uncomfortable talking about these things for the simple fact that I consider myself a cis woman. I don’t consider my gender so rigid and cut-and-dry as just ‘I am a woman, that’s all there is folks’, but nor do I consider myself a trans person in any way. The closest thing I’ve come to in explaining my own feelings on my gender is ‘demi girl’, but even that isn’t really??? appropriate. There’s not really a label for what I feel, but that doesn’t make me uncomfortable. I don’t experience dysphoria. It would probably bother me if someone used ‘he’ to refer to me. Not so much ‘they’, but still I prefer she/her which are the pronouns I was assigned at birth. For that reason, I don’t really feel like I belong in the discussion on trans issues–at least not as anything but an ally.

But yes. I see Viktor as genderqueer, in that he doesn’t generally mind WHAT pronouns people use for him or which gender people see him as; he dresses masculine at this point in his life, but hasn’t always. I think young Vitya probably wore a lot of skirts and liked to feel pretty. 

Yuuri is more comfortable being seen as male. I think he prefers a slightly gentler, more feminine style for himself than is generally considered ‘usual’ for men (whatever that means) but in the end he is a masculine person. 

Also, when I write Yuuri, it’s always in the back of my mind that he may be dfab. I’m not sure why, but it’s always there. I tend not to directly mention Yuuri’s anatomy as much as Viktor’s for this reason.

So yeah, I hope?? that makes sense and that I voiced myself in a respectful way? Yeah.


It was four in the morning. 

At least that was the words he heard uttered by his house steward when he bumbled his way through the doors of Shallowbrook Manor doused in gold dust. The Ranger-Lord let out a snort and a few slurred words before departing for his beloved room. Much of their conversation was a bit of a blur, but the second he found the piano bench, he knew he was home.

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I recently passed the 100 followers milestone, which wow it’s a miracle all by itself, so I decided to celebrate this joyous event with a thank you post. I adore all of you and I am so grateful for your support, you have no idea. This fandom is so great and you all have made me feel at home. So here’s a little list of people who have been ultra nice to me:

First of all, my wonderful followers who are a bit shy to come out of anon but that still manage to make me smile every single time they ask a question because damn you are a wild bunch but I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. You make my day every time you send something in and I will always be thankful for the little interactions.

                              ~ : My Partners In Crime : ~

@ice-daddy-vitya: the first person to come up to me and welcome me into this madness. I am forever thankful for that and all the crazy bits and pieces that we have come up together. You really bring out the most ridiculous part of my muse and that is simply awesome.

@softbeka:Sweet, sweet, sweet! Lovable and a soft and cuddly Otabek and my Yuri just wants to squish and cuddle and… other things, but that’s beside the point here. My point is that I love how you can come up with ways of surprising both my muse and me, and how our threads can get outrageously sweet and spicy at the same time. It’s like making candy!

@otabangbang: What can I say? You complete me? That’s too 90s movie, but it pretty much goes about it all. Your Beka is awesome and can handle my muse so easily, it’s incredible. I love our threads and how they get plot twists even without us planning anything beforehand. 

                                       ~: The Wild Gang : ~

@goldenbeka@anxious-katsudon, @mystique1400, @yurioplisetsky1304: You all have made my stay here all the more lovely. Your questions, your interactions, your muses and your messages ooc. Thank you, really, for making me feel at ease.

And finally for something a bit different: 

                                         ~ : The Regulars : ~

@theholmesalone, @theniftycat, @glacialispictorem:these three right here, these three persons are entire constellations bottled up and shown in human disguise. These three, even when they may not follow every single crazy rp blog I create (because seriously that would be wicked) have been there for me for a very long time and I am simply grateful to life that we crossed paths. Wonderful people, seeing them in my dashboard always makes my days a bit brighter even when I am feeling down. You motivate me to be a better person, if only to try and return something from what you have given me.

So there you have it! I have nothing more to say than to thank each and every single person who has taken the time to interact with me and my muse, you’ve really made the short time I’ve had this blog a blast and I look forward to all the new things the future holds for us.

Love you all,

~ Abril

NaruHina moment - (Sakura Hiden)

The snow that had accumulated in the village had all completely melted. The season was already springtime. Even the people who were walking down the street were liberated from their heavy coats.

“Huh? Sakura-chan”

Suddenly, she heard a voice from behind. It was a voice that she knew well.

“Naruto! Hinata!”

Turning around, Sakura saw the figures of the two of them. Both of them were wearing civilian clothes and were walking in her direction.

“What? (Are you two) on a date?” Sakura asked.

“Yup. Because by chance, both of us are off-duty”

“(How are you), Sakura-chan?” said Hinata.

“I was at the hospital in a business meeting with Ino”

“I heard about the discussion ‘dattebayo. Ah-, the usual-, what was that again-, The Children’s….err-, something clinic?”

“ It’s ‘The Children’s Mental Healthcare Clinic’ . After she corrected him, Sakura asked, “What are you up to right now? (Going out for) a meal?”

“Yup, (we’re going) to Ichiraku” Hinata nodded.

“Hey.” Naruto started to whisper into Sakura’s ear. (I borrowed 「An-An」from Sai. In (that magazine), it wrote about how the man should pay for the expenses of the date. But the cost for the courses (of the meals at the restaurant) were too expensive!)

While Sakura giggled a bit at Naruto, who was turning a little pale. She whispered back: (It’s fine! Don’t overstretch yourself. )

“What are you two talking about?” Hinata tilted her head to the side.

(Naruto responded back to her) with a laugh: “ Ah-, Ya-, It’s nothing, nothing (at all)”.

Naruto rubbed his stomach, “I’m looking forward to enjoying ramen~”

Since Naruto’s gesture was amusing, Hinata burst into laughter. At the sight of the heartwarming two people, Sakura’s mouth also broke into a broad smile.

The two of them were about to be recognized as an official couple in the village, (since they had been together for) several months.

Within their relationship, Hinata was shy while Naruto was thick-headed. When Sakura was near (the two of them), they had made (her feel) fairly anxious. However, now that (Naruto and Hinata) were happily tied together, (the three of them) also had joyous and sweet memories.
The event (that had brought them closer together) occurred this past winter.
The last descendant of the Otsutsuki (clan) was Otsutsuki Toneri, who lived on the moon. He had kidnapped Hinata’s younger sister, Hanabi. Snatching away her Byakugan, Toneri had planned for the downfall of the Earth.
Naruto was severely wounded while he battled against Toneri. The situation became one where Hinata was even taken away. Once Naruto had recovered, he crushed Toneri. They had then avoided the destruction of the Earth.
Throughout that mission, Naruto realized that Hinata’s being was irreplaceable and essential to him. And so, he informed Hinata about his feelings. (After) Naruto returned from saving the Earth with Hinata, they became a pair of lovers.

That news traveled throughout the village in an instant. For a short time, their shinobi peers and seniors were bantering at the two of them. However, such a time (when they were getting a little teased by their friends) was already over.

The other day, (Sakura) had received a written invitation. It was soon to be the wedding ceremony for the two of them.

Naruto: “Hey, how about we go together for ramen, Sakura-chan?” Naruto said such a thing while he flared-up and into a laugh. 

(In response), Sakura sighed back with “Well, about that-”.

“For what? (Why would) I go together with you? Because this an eagerly-awaited (time when you’re both) off-duty. (I’m saying that you two should) go on a full date.”

Sakura snuck around to behind the two of them. She pushed them on their backs. Naruto and Hinata were then walking along the bustling streets. Sakura saw them off as she viewed their figures from behind. Naruto was telling some kind of joke, and Hinata was laughing. At the sight of the two happy people, (Sakura thought to herself):

They’re lovely.  

She was unconsciously thinking that.

 - - - - - - - This goes for sakura - - - - - - - -  :

I’m proud of Sakura ( plus she is gorgeous )

Sakura encouraged Hinata to be straightforward.

Sakura helped Naruto and Hinata and She support them till the very end.

Later on, she’s Hinata’s maid of honor

So THANK YOU SAKURA-CHAN!! a big hug and kiss for you my strong and truly beautiful Sakura-chan!!

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[Translations and scan/official illustrations] by: OrganicDinosaur (ex

Second Hand News


Sam and Marg Stephens of Falkland, BC are very happy to announce the marriage of their youngest daughter, Abigail Stephens to her longtime friend and soul mate, Sean Rove, May 29th, 1991.

Family members and close friends witnessed the exchange of vows by Abigail and Sean at a beautiful outdoor ceremony at O'Keefe Ranch in Vernon, BC. Although it had rained that morning, the skies cleared prior to the event, and the were blessed with sunshine throughout the ceremony. Following the ceremony, everyone celebrated the joyous event at the reception, also at O'Keefe Ranch.

The couple are now spending their honeymoon relaxing in Sayulita, Mexico. Their families wish them a long and happy marriage and hope that the good luck they experienced on their wedding day will always

He crumpled the paper and tossed it. Turned the truck off and put his feet up on the dash. The beach was quiet save for the waves. Watch read 6. He shrugged and cracked the beer in the cup holder.

A Camaro roared behind him. He adjusted the mirror slurping from the can. It rumbled by and he was left looking at himself: bushy eyebrows, rough pores, crows feet, bagged eyes. He unwrapped a pack of cigarettes. Searched for a lighter. A folded polaroid fell out of the visor. Him and Abigail. Naked in a field. He thumbed the photo. Raised the pack to his mouth and drew one out with his lips. The waves kept rushing in. He could hear his heart in his ears.

He found the lighter beneath his boot. Cranked the truck to life. Popped the cassette in. Out of the hiss acoustic strumming like a steam train. Put it in drive and kicked up sand. He crumpled the photo and tossed it.

Novel Length Friday

Sweet Philes, this week’s Novel Length Friday post is a special one.  @kateyes224 and @piecesofscully will be at Wizard World Comic Con, so to celebrate this joyous event, we will be using today’s post as a massive recap of every Novel Length fic we have rec’d so far!  Each link will take you to our original post where rating, word count, summary and such will be stated for you.  

So if you’re stuck at home waiting for Con and panel updates on tumblr, browse our list.  Catch up on whatever you may have missed.  Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you on Sunday for our usual smut date.

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Ivan Chernenkov: First Night

This is a fanfic for otomesiren, under the OTOME Contest.

P/S: I hope you like this~ I have spent days revising this fic but I have deviated from what you have wanted and instead, focused a bit too much on, uh, some parts ;) Have a good night~ <3

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The prince was donned handsomely in his fine suit of jade and young maidens flocked to him endlessly. But his eyes had never wandered far from the lady in pink, dressed ravishingly in a gown of sheer pearl, the shimmering fabric hugging her small figure, looking as dainty as a little flower.

She was beautiful, and she was his.

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The Ghosts of Christmas Eves Past (1972 To Be Exact) - @Bretty

Warning: mentions of child abuse

Bruce should have realized that eventually his not-so-little issue with the Christmas season was going to bite him in the ass one of these days. Christmas Eve, 1972. One of many days that lives in infamy for him. The first instance of abuse at his father’s hands, all because he could build a highly intricate structure from an Erector set at the tender age of 4. Bruce has a complex set of issues, phobias, and triggers thanks to Brian Banner. Yet the Christmas-related triggers are some of the most embarrassing for him. All of the tiny things that make Christmas a beloved holiday, from Christmas music to stockings, set him off. But it’s the Christmas tree that sets him off the worst.

In the past, Aunt Susan gave up celebrating Christmas, a practice Betty would adopt herself. Aunt Elaine, Uncle Morris, and Jenny would celebrate Christmas in California, but would respect Bruce’s fears and not come to visit until New Year’s. Bruce never once asked them to give up the holiday for his sake, and felt a great amount of guilt for allowing it to happen.

So when Bruce became an Avenger and began living at Stark Mansion, he had a choice to make. Tell the Stark family about his issues and make another family give up a joyous event just for him, or don’t and suffer in silence. Bruce chose the latter. Though it taxes the limits of his fragile sanity, Bruce couldn’t take away Christmas from the then-11 year old Stark twins. Ellie and Atticus were still at an age where Christmas was meant to be enjoyed. The nuclear physicist may turn green on occasions, but like hell was he going to become the Grinch that stole Christmas from a pair of children.

The problem is that keeping feelings bottled up over the span of a decade was a very difficult thing to do. There were tells, Bruce was sure of it. He couldn’t help becoming nervous, fidgety, and squirrelly when he was dragged over to participate in opening gifts, Christmas dinner, the Stark Industries’ Christmas party, etc. It was nearly impossible to get him out of the lab, even worse than it is the rest of year. And heaven help them all when a battle occurred when New York was decked out in its Yuletide finest. The Other Guy was never shy about beating up the nearest Christmas decorations, or attempting to steal or even destroy the famous tree in Rockefeller Center.

This story started off much like the other Christmases, just with an even bigger Christmas tree than Tony usually got, gaudily decked out in the Iron Man colors. Bruce forced a smile, about to lie about how wonderful the tree looked and what a great job he did decorating this year (Tony never strayed far from the look of a Christmas store having exploded inside the mansion.) The one thing that Bruce didn’t factor into Operation: Survive Christmas 2014? Betty and her over-protectiveness of him.

Betty came by without warning, which had Bruce scrambling for a plan. He tried to drag her to the lab without seeing the living room. He failed, and she was about five seconds away from punching Tony with a red fist before Bruce finally admitted that he never told Tony anything beyond the event of Christmas Eve, 1972, not its everlasting effects on Bruce.

Bruce practically ran out of the living room and fled to the safety of his lab, which is where he is currently trying to stave off a particularly bad panic attack. He turns on his Pandora station with his mother’s music, The Shoop Shoop Song blasting from his computer speakers. He burns some vanilla incense, since that was the scent he associated with Mom. He sits down at his desk, gripping the edge until his knuckles turn white. His heart is pounding. He tries to catch his breath, which comes out in pants and shudders. His body trembles, with feelings of nausea and dizziness crashing over him in waves. His body seems torn between fainting, puking, or running away and hiding.

Though Bruce’s eyes are currently rimmed in green, surprisingly a stress transformation isn’t immediately on the list of concerns. He and Hulk always truce around this time of year. The Other Guy is always so strangely protective of Bruce around Christmas, almost as if he cared. In his mind’s eye, Hulk crouches down beside Bruce’s desk, crossing his legs.

Little Guy should’ve told Tin Man a long time ago. Hulk always said…

“Hulk, don’t. Please don’t. Betty is probably going to lecture me as it is. I don’t need it from you too,” Bruce interrupts, his voice wavering.

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How do you feel about The Phantom Planet, the final episode of the Danny Phantom series? I really didn't like it but you seem to like the show more so I was interested in seeing your opinion

It upset me a lot so I don’t really remember it. It would have been okay if there was more content to fill in all the plot holes or at least another episode before the movie.

I will never forgive them for making Valerie go from a temporary truce with Phantom and threatening Vlad after finding out his identity 

to being a background character clapping at the reveal of the ghost she wanted to destroy actually being the boyfriend she broke up with to protect from ghosts.

“Oh, would you look at that, the ghost I’ve vowed to destroy for ruining my life is also the boy I like. Let me genuinely clap at this joyous event and watch him kiss another girl with no sort of resentment or confusion whatsoever and never show up again despite all the episode build ups of my character.”

There’s also solving the problem of Vlad by banishing him to live in space without any food or water but yknow.

Kuroshitsuji and the Language of Flowers

Part 5: Chapters 81-84: Midnight Tea Party flower (for anonymous, thanks for the request)

What flower is depicted and what does it stand for?

night-blooming cereus: transient beauty

Context of the scene

This flower is given to the chosen few allowed to attend the principle’s Midnight Tea Party at Weston College. Only the P4, their fags and Ciel (because he excelled at the cricket tournament) are given the flower. The time it blooms the party takes place.


The night-blooming cereus, also called Queen of the Night, is a member of the cactus family. Most of the time it’s a plain cactus that almost looks dead. But once a year, during nighttime, the beautiful white flower blooms for only one night. Therefore, the flower is associated with transient beauty.

The principal’s Midnight Tea Party takes place during the night, so a night-blooming flower as a symbol for that makes sense. Like the blooming of the flower, the tea party also takes place only once a year. It’s a special occasion, only a chosen few are allowed to attend and it’s located in a hidden flower garden within the college.

The party is organized by the principle – the mysterious ruler of Weston who’s never really seen by anyone. So everything about this party seems mystical, fascinating and beautiful (at least to those who never attended).

This beauty and fascination is represented by the night-blooming cereus. However, appearances are deceiving and beauty is transient. Even though the party is supposed to be a joyous event that most students only dream of attending, it takes a dramatic turn: Secrets are uncovered, crimes are solved and people are being injured. The highly praised principle turns out to be Undertaker and the seemingly perfect tradition of Weston proves to be only a facade to hide the ugly truth.

It’s also interesting that on that special night the prefects and their fags don’t wear the usual flower that represents their dormitory. Only for this party they are all wearing the same flower. The rivalries between the different dormitories seem forgotten what emphasizes the illusion of unity and gives the (false) impression of the perfect miniature garden that the school tries to represent.

So in conclusion, the flower symbolizes the one special night in the year that the Midnight Tea Party takes place, when a few individuals have the honor of meeting the principle of the school. However, it’s only one short moment of beauty. In the end, the truth destroys it and shows that the beauty was only an illusion.

(If you want me to pick a certain scene to analyze, just send me a message.)

088. School.

It was Thanksgiving, babies, I was getting my Martha Stewart on. And now, ten pounds heavier and still slightly hungover, here is my next.


Hermione’s homecoming from her final year at Hogwarts is a joyous event. Her parents are there, the Weasleys, Harry… all of them crammed into a booth at a nearby Muggle pub to have a celebratory toast for her and Ginny.

And of course, there’s Ron.

Other people would note how Ron is a bit quiet for such a happy occasion, how he releases Hermione a little quickly from his embrace, how he seems subdued for someone who could usually be quite boisterous.

But other people don’t know Ron like Hermione does. She feels the tension in his body, how his fists are tightly clenched, how he can’t quite look her in the eye and she knows exactly what he’s thinking.

It’s because she’s thinking the same thing. They saw each other on a fairly regular basis over the course of the school year, but over the last few months she’s been so busy with NEWTs and it’s been so long.

She loves her family dearly and it’s wonderful to see everyone again but all she wants right now is ten minutes alone with Ron. And if she can’t get ten she’ll take two -

He’s staring at her again and she blushes and looks down. Even if people don’t know Ron quite like she does she doesn’t know how they’d mistake the blatant, naked hunger that’s seems to be radiating off him and just how much it’s driving her insane.

She takes a deep breath and tells herself that they’ve made it this far, a few more minutes won’t hurt, but her mind keeps wandering back to him. He looks taller, stronger, and she knows it must be her imagination because it hasn’t been that long but she can’t remember how the weight of him will feel, how strong he’ll seem under her hands. In her agitated state, she barely remembers anything about him, his skin, his taste, his hands, his mouth. While she’s been away at school, it seems there have been some important things she’s forgotten, things he’ll have to teach her again.

But never let it be said that Hermione Granger doesn’t like to learn.

Pia de’ Tolomei (c.1868). Dante Gabriel Rossetti (English, 1828-1882). Oil on canvas. Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, Kansas.

Rossetti creates a character and scene from Dante’s Divine Comedy through the use of symbols. The surrounding foliage alludes to La Pia’s frustrating and miserable situation. She plays with her wedding ring (“fair jewel”) that symbolizes how a once joyous event now represents her unfortunate predicament. The rosary lying on an open prayer book refers to her name La Pia, which translates as “The Pious.” Old love letters from her husband symbolize the passing of time.

Too much sadness so instead imagine a lair where most of the hatchlings get exalted

Imagine proud parents hatching a nest of ridiculous looking children, imagine them rejoicing that they are strong and healthy and perfect for serving their deity

Imagine parents bringing their fresh hatchies to the leader and boasting that they’re perfect warriors

Imagine large families getting disdainful looks from the rest of the clan for selfishly keeping so many of their babies

Imagine newly grown dragons excitedly thrashing their way through the kelp beds, taking a beating along the way but knowing that in the end they’ll become strong and go to serve their deity

Imagine hatchlings placing bets to see who can accrue the most wealth to leave behind for their families

Imagine exalting as a joyous event, one that dragons look forward to, and one that they are only rarely called away from, either to lead, to protect their clan, or to take up some other profession