joyofbeing replied to your post: swear to gat, tyler perry either hates dark-skinned black men or black people in general. It HAS to be one or the other.

What does this say for his large following?

To be honest, I think Perry is only so successful because he’s the only major game in town. Indie films are great, but most people attending chitlin circuit plays & movies aren’t going to hunt down the few black filmmakers making short films. Especially since his audience is overwhelmingly older & Xtian. They get most of their values represented & people who look like them on screen. I mean, who else in Hollywood is casting older black men & women for more than bit parts? Who has heavyset black women in anything as a lead character? Perry’s a shitty writer with all kinds of issues, but he’s able to get his stuff to the screen. Now why he’s able & others aren’t is a different conversation. His work is kind of feel good for blacks while pandering to white stereotypes. Perfect balance of coonery & comedy for the mass market since he usually stops short of being too offensive for anyone anywhere. I hate his portrayal of domestic violence, abuse survivors, addiction, & well anyone that isn’t the archetype of a good Xtian who has led a mostly blessed life. But, he does show those people as people by some standards & that’s better than what his audience is getting from any other mainstream media. 

Practice Love.

A message about choosing love instead of anger and how we can all get along if we take responsibility for our selves, clean up our messes and feed ourselves and others. No one would suffer of we all worked together

And because the pain and fear and greed are so “out there”, it the becomes a moment by moment relinquishing of “that” so you can feel love and harmony.

Love is some thing to practice. Soon it becomes second nature and then ” the world ” will not move you from Love.

Practice Love.

Miraculous start to the week…. Played some some Michel Legrand and all excites about some more arranging of the EP tracks! May your week be filled with #joy, #creativity, #enthusiasm and #love 🙏 #gratitude #liveyourdreams #liveyourlife #liveyourtruth #joyofbeing #joyofcreativity #singersongwriter #pianist #debutEP #creativeprocess #alegría #alegríadevivir #joie #joiedevivre by leavansky