Forget Me: Behind the Scenes Part 1

We’re so excited that our “Forget Me” video is finally out! Editing was a long process, and actually setting up/shooting the video was a lot of work! It may look like we shot it in a studio…

Nope. We shot it in what used to be our grandma’s living room (same location as our video for “I Will Love You”) and with Joy Newell, we DIY’d the whole thing.

Joy actually dreamt the concept of the white room for the video. We covered the entire room in white sheets, and paper, and spray painted some other props. We also wanted a pop of color, so we went with blue. We were meticulous about what props to use, and whatever we decided on had to be just the right shade of blue.

Joy’s sister, Promise, came up with the concept for styling the video. We based our wardrobe off of Louis Vuitton’s S/S13 collection (check it out - they used twins on the runway!). We loved the checkers, and Joy came up with some great ways to tie them into the concept of the video (which I’ll get into later). 

Obviously we couldn’t afford to wear the real deal, so Justine and I searched for the perfect white dresses. We found them at Forever 21 and each bought two. We had to hem all of them, them spray paint checkers on two of them, so we could change quickly from the “white look” to the “checkered look.”