My other final piece (and definitely my favourite). I think of this as different weather conditions working together as they do in the world, at the same time different things are happening in different places. The image itself looks quite calm and happy and I like that because I think people tend to think of the weather and immediately think of sunny or cloudy and not the catastrophic effects it can have and the distraction is can cause. I feel like the longer you think about it the more you recognise the power the weather actually has.


Final Illustration Work in Process

Here is the process of my final illustration coming together. I am working on my iPad pro using the apple pencil to achieve the fine detail which you can notice on the leaves and grass. I am drawing inspiration from Arthur Rackham in terms of the colour scheme by keeping it quite dark and neutral with the bright red pop of colour on the toad stools. Next, I am going to work further into the pathway and the mushrooms. I also plan to incorporate a character into the composition to add a figure with which the audience can identify with. I will have to carefully design character since all you will be able to see is there back. Variables such as their age, gender, hair colour, clothing and the way they carry them self will be very important to portray their story and what kind of emotion they feel whilst engaging with the environment.


VISCOM in New York City

This week I have been less active on my blog work as I took part in the annual Visual Communication study trip to New York City.

I did everything from the usual tourist attractions to discovering new elements within the icy they say that never sleeps. This trip has really helped me to gain inspiration for my design work and to see what is current and upcoming in what is considered to be one of the design capitals of the world.

I scouted and looked for examples of graphic design work which surrounded me throughout the entire stay. Times square is an advertisers paradise with huge LED screens which light up the plaza [I even saw this from the plane as we climbed out of Newark Airport on the return flight].

The trip also allowed me to attain a broad bank of stock images that I can use within my work. The architecture was stunning and incorporated a mixture of both old and new.

I was lucky enough to visit the design studio of Ivan Chermayeff whilst I was in the city which was organised by Andrew Kulman. this was a really inspiring and insightful experience to have been able to take part in. Ivan has designed the brand identities for major international companies such as the american bank chase as well as the NBC television logo! This was such an incredible experience and one that will stick with me throughout my career.

Overall I have had an amazing experience not only to be in the city of New York but also to meet like minded people from the second and third year. This post has been written hours after landing back from the states, I will be blogging about my aims for the week before sleeping off the jet lag ready to make considerable progress with my project from tomorrow onwards!

Posted | Saturday 13th February 2016

NOTE // All photographs were taken by myself.



Above are some ideas that we were playing around with involving geometrics shapes, and also incorporating some of their product to create the logo at the end of the bumper. We’ll show these in our tutorial to see what they think and which avenue they think we should explore more.

Advertising & Promotion.

A little over a week ago I was introduced to the concepts of advertising and promotion which are two areas for which I can venture into with the degree course I am undertaking. I was introduced to the principles of advertising, marketing and promotion and how these principles should be used as part of this current project.

Promoting the Festival //

  • WHY // To get people interested in the new event and for them to come and experience something new.
  • HOW // Posters / social media / bus stops / billboards / TV adverts / advertisement on websites / youtube videos / short videos to post on social media - these need to be carefully considered when reaching out to my target audience.
  • WHERE //  the methods for which I choose to place the promotion and advertising for my event need to be carefully selected, there is no point in developing promotional collateral elements for which will not benefit my event or inform people.
  • WHAT //  What are the fundamental aspects the need to be promoted?
  • WHEN //  project planning will ensure that the timings for which the event is to be advertised such as the launch, when new acts are revealed, ticket release date and prices and what not. it is said it requires a minimum of 6-7 months time period to successfully advertise for an event.
  • WHO // This looks at who we are presenting the event to - the target audience.

Advertising Principles

  1. Know your audience
  2. Behind every great advertising campaign is a great creative concept
  3. Less is more
  4. A picture is worth a thousand words, but never underestimate the power of a great strap-line
  5. Originality is just copying with a twist
  6. The medium is - or at least has a serious impact on - the message
  7. There is no such thing as bad publicity 
  8. Ignore all the rules

- 10 Principles of Good Advertising - Robert Shore

  1. Go to the essence of the product
  2. Make your product an actor in the scene; not just a prop
  3. Art and copy must be fully integrated
  4. Advertising must have vitality 
  5. It is useless to employ a ‘gimmick’
  6. Tell the truth
  7. Be relevant
  8. Be simple
  9. Safe ideas can kill you, be brave!
  10. Stand out!

- Principles of Advertising - Bill Bernbach

This lecture has really opened my eyes on the world of advertising and promotion and I will be taking into consideration these principles within my own work. my aim now is to clarify my identity and begin to design, experiment and make the collateral elements.

Posted | Saturday 13th February 2016


Jeff HongUnhappily Ever After

Jeff Hong is an American animator who used to work for Walt Disney creating fairy tale animated stories always ending in happily ever after. However, in his work Unhappily Ever After Hong put those fairy tale princesses and princes in modern day situations and facing modern day social issues eg. drug addiction, poverty and pollution. Hong: “The idea just popped in my head to put Disney princesses into environments that they wouldn’t be associated with.” His work caused debate on how we could deal with these problems. The images are disturbing but Hong has always said that he is a fan of the original Disney films.

I can understand where Hong is coming from here but everyone knows that Disney is pure fantasy and escapism and they are made as feel good movies. We get enough images of our social problems on the news.

Little Mermaid – washed up on a beach covered in oil pollution her life in danger.

Mulan wearing a mask because of severe pollution in China obviously worry how it will affect her health.

A homeless Winnie the Pooh – Not in Hundred Acre Wood but in a forest that has had its trees removed (deforestation).

Belle (my most loved princess as a child) who was supposed to be a great beauty from Beauty and the Beast in a Plastic Surgeon’s office worrying about her fading looks and getting ready for surgery.

Poor Bambi who obviously came across a hunter whilst in the woods and whose head is hanging on a wall in the hunter’s mansion.

Alice in a not so nice Wonderland obviously a drug addict with hollow cheeks holding her “drink me” bottle.

This genius, yet twisted art done by Jeff Hong, I find incredible! He makes people feel sympathetic about the damage and suffereing done by modern living. It grabs your attention!

So of course this was my FAVORITE ad, it’s make up and Marilyn. The M&M’s of life.
I feel like the visual communication principles that correspond with this design are:

Emphasis- Marilyn is clearly the focal point, demonstrated by the size of the photo.
Asymmetry- this layout is not centered or naturally balanced. Images, text and fonts are kind of spewed everywhere.

This ad demonstrates movement because of the images it uses force your eyes to move over to other parts of the design, such as the map of flight travel and the companies logo/information.

This ad demonstrates the gestalt principle of proximity because of the placement of it’s images and text being within proximity of each other, it allows our minds to see the movement that needs to be preformed with our eyes, and we do so.

I chose this vintage Zenith ad because it used a lot of interesting design principles. I feel this ad has a lot of movement from the clever use of emulating a pamphlet of sorts, how each product jumps down to the next until it shifts upward at the bottom of the page. The ketchup red and mustard yellow make for a good contrast too.