Sometimes I wish Joyce and Giles got together.

I love fictional characters.

But seriously! Imagine it.
And imagine how funny it would be when they’re in the same room with Buffy.
Together and all awkwardly mother/father-like, and all Buffy can think of is when they had sex in Band Candy, on the hood of a police car… twice.


I suppose Joss Whedon would probably have given Joyce a more horrifying death though, if that were to happen O_______________________________o
Rip Joyce.. this post is now a sad post, of sadness.

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joyce and giles meeting up behind everyones backs and being super awkward at first (:

“Well hello Joyce,” Giles whispers to her, pushing his glasses up on his face and grinning at her like a schoolboy, “fancy meeting you here.”

Joyce glances up at the windows to make sure neither of the girls’ lights are on before resting her arms to rest on Giles’ shoulders, leaning up to kiss him.

“Mhm,” he says, before a thought occurs to him and he grabs her arm, pulling her away from their spot in the yard, “if we’re doing the sneaky thing, we’ll want to be sneaky; Buffy has slayer hearing you know, so kisses under her window aren’t recommended.”

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Alright alright alright I can jam on les Mis okay let's talk height differences. IMHO Enjolras is like a majestic elf and v tall. Grantaire is like 5'3" maximum. The only exception to this is where R is taller by like half and inch MAYBE. And he uses it all the hecking time. "Okay well that may have been a poor example of communism BUT IM TALLER SO IM RIGHT" "R THIS NEEDS TO STOP YOU'RE BARELY TALLER" "sorry I can't hear u can u speak up please? Maybe a megaphone?"

Ahh in my headcanons E and R are just a few inches apart (I think usually E is taller?) BUT

If we’re gonan tlake HEIGHT DIFFERENCES

Imma tell you about my Joly and Bossuet who have a WHOLE FOOT of height difference. Joly is 5′4″, and Bossuet is a great whopping 6′4″. It is hilarious seeing them together because they look so totally different. Also Joyl 100% gets piggybacks from Bossuet when his leg is hurting him and it’s GREAT because he’s SO HIGH

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1. Why did you choose this url? One time I was eating Bananas Foster flavored yogurt and was just like"heh…bananas foster….parent" and idk I just though it’d be a cool url

2. What’s your middle name? 
Fun fact. I don’t have one. My middle names never got finalized on my birth certificate due to some drama but it was supposed to be Joyling, Saint Fera, or Carmon. Honestly I want all 3.

4. Fave color? 

5. Fave song right now? Thunderstruck by Owl City

6. Top three fandoms? Steven Universe, Assassins Creed, Monster High

7. Why do you like tumblr? It’s just kind of a place I can speak my mind and post whatever without being questioned or getting funny looks the way I would if I posted these things in places like Facebook. Plus all the pretty art, nice artists, fandoms, like minded people and funny posts. Tumblr certainly has its issues but there are some really nice things about it too.

8. tag all nine of your tumblr crushes or people you just think are cool as fuck to do this as well!
…’s 3 am…so not right now lol