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In an interesting move, Bloomy, Indiana guitar pop dudes Sleeping Bag has premiered the closer from their ten-track forthcoming LP as the first “single” of sorts. But what an album closer it is! If these guys had an anthem in them, “Walk Home” is it—and just so fitting that it’s opens with whistling. I’ll typically be first to call bullshit on whistling, but it really works. Less of a tremendous, glittering anthem and more of an ode to long, rural roads and one too many thoughts. Bring on the major leagues.

Their sophmore LP ‘Women of Your Life’ will be out November 27 on Joyful Noise Recordings! The vinyl version will be limited to just 300 hand-numbered copies on “double mint” green vinyl, packaged in silk-screened jackets! Don’t Sleep(ing Bag)!

Half Japanese releasing first album in 13 Years

Legendary lo-fi, post-punk band Half Japanese will release first album in 13 years. The new album “Overjoyed” will release 3 September on Joyful Noise Records
Efsanevi lo-fi post-punk grubu Half Japanese 13 yıllık bir aranın ardından “Overjoyed” adını verdikleri albümü Joyful Noise Records‘tan 3 Eylül'de yayınlayacaklar.


1. In Its Pull

2. Meant To Be That Way

3. Brave Enough

4. Do It Nation

5. The Time Is Now

6. Our Love

7. Shining Star

8. Each Other’s Arms

9. Overjoyed And Thankful

10. We Are Sure

11. As Good Can Be

12. Tiger Eyes


Child Bite - Monomania (Slime Green #407/500)


I am doing things a bit backwards, last week I featured Child Bite’s 2nd EP which was in accordance with this beautiful slime green 10" entitled Monomania. Ive already talked about this band but I just wanted to give you guys an in depth look into the packaging. both Vision Crimes and Monomania are essentially the same when it comes to how the record is packaged. Aside from the actual screen printed artwork these are both equally beautiful, and I highly suggest picking both of these up from joyful noise.


wednesday boom.  

Son Lux - Lost It To Trying

[Joyful Noise Recordings] 


One night in the Spring of 2014 I was so feverish that my sense of pitch was completely distorted, and I packed up my speakers thinking they were broken. This song (a new project by Yoni Wolf of WHY? and his ex-girlfriend Anna Stewart) emulates that night in the best possible way.

Child Bite - Vision Crimes (“bloody feces” brown/red #148/260)


Everything about this EP is brutal, fun, and all around crazy. Child Bite is a recent discovery for me. What convinced me to pick up both EP’s from Joyful Noise? One track and this beautiful packaging.  The best way to describe this band is If Andrew W.K and Valiant Thor had a baby that somehow grew in to a serial killer. If you are looking for something new that will shake you to the core, Vision Crimes is the EP you are looking for. 



The packaging is easily one of the best I have seen in a very long time. Not only do we have screen printed and hand numbered artwork, the jacket is essential a pop-up book with some of the coolest artwork you will ever see. 


The sound quality is spot on, everything is even and the drums hit so damn hard they shake every inch of my tiny apartment. For $12 i can honestly say this was the best impulse purchase I have made in a while.
Sound Of Ceres – “Hand Of Winter”
Previously working as a duo under the name Candy Claws, Karen and Ryan Hover have long been known for creating songs that blend layers of far-off-sounding synths, guitars, and samples with rhythms whose almost island-y qualities made their music as easy to listen to as it was unprecedented. Now, the fairytale-ish shoegaze group has joined up with the Apples In Stereo’s Robert Schneider, Ben Phelan, and John Ferguson, as well as Jacob Graham of the Drums in order to put together a new project called Sound Of Ceres. Set to release their debut album, Nostalgia For Infinity, in March, the band’s first single, “Hand of Winter,” sounds like a fresh take on the Hovers' previous sound. Still lined with ethereal samples and strategic swells of deeply humming pads, Karen Hover’s impossibly dreamy vocals remain at the forefront here. That being said, "Hand Of Winter" does take down the level of noise, and replaces it with a clearer sound, while also minimizing previously upbeat percussion and

Stereogum, you have our hearts. Stream our FIRST single Hand of Winter… PRE ORDER our new record… A SECOND single coming to you next week…