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Hey Bendy! Now that you're free, are you ready to experience snow for the first time? What about a thunderstorm? Personally I like snow better 'cause snowball fights are the best!

Bendy doesn’t seem to recall experience any sort of weather in his cartoons, so he’ll have no idea what they will be like. He hasn’t seen any of it yet, but…

… Huh.

This wasn’t so bad, though it does bear concern about the rain mixing into his ink if he stayed for too long-

He’s never going outside again.




Have you ever heard this noise before?

Baby corvids are some of the noisiest patients we get in at WAF. Click the video to hear for yourself what ‘feed me’ sounds like in Jackdaw!



🍓Strawberry Ice Cream Martini🍓 

This bitch is in my parking spot again


are you a five year resident? You get your own sign!! And your own spot!! That one is mine!!!!!!

What did you do before I got here, neighbor? Where did you park? Cause I’m THIS CLOSE

White Noise Era Rebirth Theory

So in a few videos Lynn has managed to tell the story of her drowning and being corrupted. Why though? Perhaps it’s a metaphor for suicide due to what you see in the mirror, or what you see of yourself. Maybe Lynn didn’t like the person she was, so after falling into the hole of this corruption, she realized she can just change her image. SOUNDS A LOT LIKE A REBIRTH TO ME!

Theory in which Lynn kills herself by drowning, due to being corrupted by the mirror.

In the first video PVRIS released, St Patrick, we are introduced to the mirror. In several shots Lynn is seen in the mirror, but looks happy, as she’s dancing and jumping around, regardless of the depressed looks of Brian and Alex in the background. In the beginning of the video, Lynn holds the mirror out for Brian and Alex to take bats, which are black. This begins my theory in which everything that comes out of the mirror is black (which won’t come up again until You and I).

My House is the second video they release, and this is the first black and white video we see. Lynn has somehow harnessed powers to enable things to levitate, which starts the “Lynn is a ghost theory”, which becomes a common theme in their videos. There are static images on the TV which appear to be the outline of Lynn’s face in a few shots. Could it be the White Noise Lynn? We are also introduced to the water theme in this music video, as Lynn is seen with the same blow dryer from White Noise as well. In a few shots, Lynn is seen with a white sheet over her, but no feet, pushing the ghost theory even more.

Speaking of the ghost theory, the White Noise music video is full of examples. Alex and Brian literally appear as ghost hunters. Perhaps looking for a friend who died in this house? Lynn is trapped behind a static TV. This appears to be the other side of the TV from My House, where Lynn is yelling into it. Lynn is frustrated she’s trapped in her ghost world because she can’t be seen by Brian and Alex. They see the mirror, which Lynn is using to blow dry her hair. Brian almost looks at the mirror like he’s seen it before, which leads me to believe that it has been associated with Lynn when she was alive. Lynn’s hair in this video is wet. She is continuously seen trying to blow dry her hair. Why won’t it dry? Maybe it’s because Lynn died drowning so she is stuck in that state forever. In the end of the video, Brian and Alex travel through a white doorway which leads to nothing but bright white light, as Lynn does the same from the other side.

They meet in the Holy music video. Here, we see warped bodies which may be them traveling through a portal or to another alternate universe, due to them going through the door. This seems unclear, though. There are two versions of Lynn, fighting over who has control, and in some shots it even appears that Lynn is beating herself up. There’s the pure, naked innocent Lynn, and then there’s the black Lynn, which may be a metaphor for the good and evil fighting inside of her.

In Fire, they are back in the same room reflected in the St Patrick music video, where Lynn seemed much happier. They’re standing behind glass for the video. Is the glass the surface of the mirror? Have they been stuck in the mirror the whole time? IS THE MIRROR LYNN’S AFTERLIFE?? The band is seen with the same bats and umbrella from St Patrick and begin to destroy the place. Maybe Lynn isn’t happy in there anymore. Maybe she was corrupted to believe that this was what she wanted. Maybe the good Lynn won in Holy and she is trying to break free of the mirror that corrupted her.

In the Smoke video, we see the aftermath of destroying the room. In the end of the Fire video, they literally set the place on fire. In this video, there are lots of shots of smoke, which may be the mirror universe burning down.

In Ghosts, the band seems to appear behind glass again, which appears scratched. There is no room in the background, considering it was burned down in the previous videos. Lynn is seen here in braids. Does this mean she’s innocent now?

There’s also no room behind them in Let Them In. There are crazy lights in almost every shot. The one controlling the lights looks like the same lady in the Eyelids video.

Eyelids seems like the entire video is a memory, with everything moving backward. The lady discussed before is dressed in black, as well as handling a black sheet. Maybe she came from the mirror, because everything that comes from the mirror is black. Maybe she’s the embodiment of the mirror, or a witch that cursed Lynn’s afterlife. This is supported by the lady seemingly seducing Lynn, as Lynn is trying to stay in control. Throughout the whole video, there’s a shot of Lynn on the ground in a white sheet. This leads me to believe that she is dead at this point and the lady could even be a past significant other.

In the Mirrors music video, Lynn is worshipping the mirror. She is constantly looking in the mirror and almost seems in a trance because of it. Her makeup makes her appear as if her intentions aren’t good. She seems possessed in this video.

Finally, You and I. This video begins with Lynn being submerged in water, or drowning. She is then seen naked on the floor. She is also seen on the floor covered in black ooze. But wait, everything that came out of the mirror was black, so does this mean Lynn finally escaped? I think so! The drowning theory is pushed in this music video as well. With all of the shots of her singing under water, as well as shot of her getting pulled out of the water in the end, what else is there to believe?  If you look hard enough, in some shots she appears blonde. In the shots she appears blonde, it seems to be a reflection in glass. The mirror? I think so.

After Lynn is pulled out of the water, in the short film All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell, Lynn emerges from a bathtub, choking for air. THE REBIRTH!! She gets out of the bathtub and wiggles her toes before moving. Was this shot for the foot fetish fans? Or was it to make it seem as if she hasn’t been walking for a while?? But, I mean, how could you have been walking if you were too busy drowning? AH AND THE MIRROR APPEARS! Lynn finally breaks free from the mirror’s corruption by destroying it. She gets ready to leave, by combing her hair and putting on shoes. When she’s walking down the hall, Brian and Alex, or in this case two faceless, black figures, follow her. Are they dressed in black because they were mourning the loss of their friend? Are they dressed in black because they came from the mirror??

Whether or not this theory is supported, it was still fun to analyze all of the White Noise music videos. Can’t wait for the new stuff :)


My albums selection for the week :

- The Legendary Pink Dots  :  The Tower

- Club Moral  :  To all Who Are Interested

- V/A  :  Katacombe vol.2

- Grain Belt  :  Dragline

- V/A  :  Dissonance From Woman

- J.D. Emmanuel  : Electronic Minimal Music 1979-83

- Junko  :  The Void

- My Bloody Valentine  :  MBV

- Aidan Baker  :  Letters

- Pod Blotz  :  Phantom Pains