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yoi western au

a while back the very talented @kevystel got a prompt about a yoi western au and unfortunately i grew up with a dad who loves westerns and my brain wouldn’t stop (EDIT my brain continued to not stop, read about all the secondary characters here)

if i was being true to the prompt it’d be called “a ranch called love” but they kind of left the ranch and instead of being a list of headcanons it turned into something like actual writing oops but anyway here i go it’s Yuri!!! On the Range!


Yuuri is a taciturn, nervous but kind cowboy in the employ of rancher celestino. He’s good with a gun and known for bringing cattle to market with incredibly low losses, and everyone who’s ever ridden with him has nothing but kind words to say about him. Of course if you brought it up with Yuuri he’d downplay and deny and insist he’s only doing his job. He doesn’t talk much to the townsfolk but there is a quiet, common knowledge among them that if anyone is giving you trouble and you can’t reach the sheriff, Katsuki Yuuri is the man to call.

 Viktor Nikiforov is the kind of adventurer-cum-celebrity that could only exist in the old west. Under the authority of sheriff Yakov Feltsman, he’s taken down more outlaws (and in a more dramatic fashion) than just about anyone. At the age of 27, dime store paperbacks are already being published about his fictionalized exploits (Yuuri has secretly hoarded every newspaper clipping and every shitty novella with Viktor’s name on it. He keeps a yellowed, faded newspaper photo of Viktor’s face in his belt pouch on long journeys. It’s ridiculous). Of course by the time our story opens Viktor has grown bored of that life and taken off to a sleepy frontier town where he can open a saloon in relative anonymity.

Yuuri is finally back in town after a long time away. Tomorrow he will leave with his closest friend and fellow cowhand Phichit on a grueling cattle drive. Despite his excellent reputation, things aren’t looking up - there’s been talk of bad weather, banditry and rustlers on the road ahead, and the last season ended with them out $500. The worries pile up until Yuuri finds himself at the local saloon.

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