joyful trouble

New tags: platonic and romantic ships


  • s: Shine my sun; Lend me your light [Steph]
  • s: The sun and night sky [Steph+Khaida]
  • s: Sun by day; Stars by night [Steph+Aly]
  • s: The music of Skysteel [Steph+Daryl]
  • s: A rose bloomed in winter [Francel]
  • s: Sunlight through a cracked lens [Solar Flare]
  • s: Your sword; shield; and armor [SE]


  • r: The sun; The rose; and The snowdrop [Steph+Joye]
  • r: Light on even the darkest night [Steph]
  • r: He who grants wings [Aurvael]
  • r: I’ll build you up; Do not suffer alone [Emmanellain]
  • r: I taught you to run; Now to heal [Francel]
  • r: Fire; Ice; and Raging Wars [Chlode]
  • r: Trouble never looked so good [Steph+Aurvael]
  • r: The strong who have suffered are stronger [Gracie]

Former tags, in order;

  • otp: I am the moon for without you I could not shine; StephanivienHaurchefant
  • ot3: Khaida placeholder tag
  • ot3: The sun and stars; StephanivienAlyHaurchefant
  • ot3: The hands that hold my heart; StephDarylHaurchefant
  • s: a flower wilting in the sun
  • otp: sunlight through a cracked lens
  • otp: your sword; shield; and armor
  • brot3: The sun; the rose; and the snowdrop
  • you could melt the snow with a smile; Stephanivien
  • Aurvael placehlder
  • [ no tag ]
  • A rose bloomed in winter; Francel
  • brotp: Fire; Ice; and Raging Wars
  • brot3: Steph and Aurvael placeholder
  • [ no tag ]

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