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Ooo congratulations on your new job! Since it's prom season... how about a promposal fic? I guess in Auradon's case it would be a ball-posal though! :) Congrats again!

Oh, how cute! I didn’t get back until much later than I planned, so I’m writing this while I’m tired, but it’s too cute!

Guilt was becoming a more familiar emotion the longer they were in Auradon and it was one of the few things that Mal hated about her new school. She had felt it when Ben was drugged into loving her, she felt it when she held Fairy Godmother’s wand in her hands, she felt it every time she looked at her mother, small and scaly in a tiny cage.

Looking at the pride and excitement on Jay’s face, Mal felt that dreaded guilt again.

“I’ve been working on this for two nights,” he boasted. “I’ve kept it hidden under my bed, Pup has no idea.”

Mal didn’t roll her eyes at Jay’s ridiculously sweet nickname for his boyfriend. He never made fun of the names Evie gave her, she could return the courtesy.

“Are you sure he’ll…like this, Jay?”

“What do you mean?”

A giant, bright poster, spanning nearly the width of the room, laid at their feet. Swirled, elegant lettering spelt out ‘Carlos De Vil, will you go to prom with me?’ while stickers and crudely hand-drawn cartoons decorated the edges.

Jay looked at her cautiously, as if Mal was about to tear him down as often as she use to. “I was gonna have the cheerleaders hold it up at-.”

“Hold it up at the end of the last game.” Mal finished. “You told me. You said you were going to make a crazy announcement and have the tourney team lift Carlos in the air for it all?”

“Yep.” Jay crossed his arms and grinned.

“But Carlos doesn’t… He doesn’t like being the center of attention, Jay.” Mal pushed. “It makes him uncomfortable and nervous.”

He made a face, a mix of surprise and confusion, as if Jay doesn’t understand how he didn’t consider that or how Mal remembered it before he did. Jay furrowed his brows. “I-I know that.” He said quickly. “I was gonna make it quick.”

“Are you sure you want to ask him like this? I know you mean well, but this might embarrass him.”

“No it won’t!” Jay clenched his fists. “The whole point of this is to show I’m not embarrassed of him!” Mal opened her mouth to speak, but thought better of it, waiting for Jay to continue. “I… I want Carlos to know that I… I like him and I don’t care who knows it.”

Mal considered his words, hand on hip. She ventured over to Jay’s bed and gestured for him to sit beside her. “Maybe Carlos just needs to know that you like him and that’s all. You don’t need to make a big deal of your relationship to the school for him to know that.”

“It was gonna be big and spectacular,” Jay pouted. “It was gonna be memorable.”

“How about just make it special for Carlos? He’s the only one you’re asking, not the whole school.”

Jay rested his chin on his hands. “I guess. All the Pup would really want is just for me to ask him in between classes or something,” he muttered.

Mal snickered. “You can make it a little more special than that. It’s not like your only options are to make a spectacle or to do nothing. It’ll still be nice to make it special.”

“Well what are you doing that’s so special?” A moment passed. “You don’t have anything planned, do you?”

“No.” Mal joined him, slouching forward to rest her chin on her hands. “I was just gonna ask her with flowers and chocolate but that’s too simple for E. I mean, she’ll love anything I do because she’s Evie. But I want her to really love it. Nothing is grand enough.”

“We should switch.”

“No thanks. Carlos is pretty, but not as pretty as Evie.”

Jay laughed and punched her shoulder. “I meant we should trade promposal ideas, not relationship partners.”

“That’s…not a bad idea, actually.” Mal sat straighter, finger to her lips in thought. “Can you get Carlos’ name off of that sign?”

“I was joking.”

It was Mal’s turn to punch his shoulder. “But it’s perfect. E would love a huge, crazy prom ask in front of the whole school. I already bought the choc- don’t give me that look. Yes, I bought them, not stole - I bought the chocolates already, you can have them if I can take your sign.”

Jay gave her a sideways look. “Flowers and chocolate… Well, maybe chocolate and a new tool kit would really make Carlos happy. He would love that actually.”

“Let me take a look at this sign,” Mal hopped off of the bed and knelt on the ground. “I could go over and re-do a lot of these pictures,” she traced Jay’s pencil sketches and looked up, “I can definitely improve this. Can you pull some favors with the tourney team for me?”

“Yeah. You scare the piss out of Chad and Ben is still sweet on you,” Jay snickered. “If you get Evie out on the field at the end of the game, I can hook you up with the megaphone.”

A grin took over Mal’s face. Her smiles were no longer mischievous and nasty, but genuine and excited; the reminder of the change in his friend brought a smile to Jay’s own face.

“This is gonna be perfect! E will love having everyone watch her get asked to prom and have the cheerleaders holding up signs for her,” Mal’s grin grew at the idea of surprise and happiness on her girlfriend’s face. This is exactly what Evie would want, she bloomed like the fairest flower under attention and would flourish being in front of the entire student body.

Mal stood quickly, reaching for the door and calling over her shoulder. “I’m going to run back to my room, I’ll bring the box of chocolates and some paint!”

Her guilt for ruining Jay’s grand promposal effort was forgotten and replaced with two new emotions: excitement and joy. True, Mal had never experienced those things before Auradon, but the reason for them had been with her for many years. Excitement and joy were found in expressive brown eyes and curly blue hair, in soft hands and a softer voice, in ridiculous nicknames and in kisses that left Mal breathless.

And Goodness, she was going to make asking Evie to prom as exciting and joyful as the princess herself.

Big Bang Reactions to their kid’s first day at school

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I hope you like this one because kids are my life. I love kids and I love writing about them. 



You woke up and found both of them dressed and ready to go. Since they were ready and you weren’t, you let them go alone. It was the first day of school for your 6 years old daughter. T.O.P was nervous about this day and he was scared how she’ll communicate with other classmates. He bought her very beautiful pink dress for this day and even managed to dress her. He put on sunglasses and drove her to school. He thought she wouldn’t let go of his hand, but it looked like he didn’t want to let go of her hand. He kneeled to her size and told her to behave and be nice to the teachers and other classmates. He was standing there for a bit until he saw she sat down and started talking with others. He was surprised she fit in so quickly. He was at work, helping Jiyong with a song for their new album when it was time to pick her up. He couldn’t wait to pick her up and see her smiling from the adventure she had.
“Hey Sweetie, how was it? Did you enjoy your first day of school?”

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His first born was a boy and he loved him. He was a replica of him but had his emotional side like you. He couldn’t be happier. He was used to getting up early, but you weren’t so he took him to school. You were worried because he said he’ll dress him and he wasn’t really sure what’s appropriate for a 6 year old to wear at school. So at the end, he had to wake you up to ask if ripped trousers are appropriate, you told him to how to dress him and after that, he made breakfast for him. He wanted his son to have good friends at school and that’s why he wore sunglasses and a mask when he arrived. He was surprised when he saw his son talking to the girls more than the boys. But he smiled and was proud that he was friendly to the girls too. When he picked him up he listened to his day and his son told him other boys taught him how to draw a boat and how they played with swords. He was really relaxed while listening to him.
“Oh yeah? So we’ll draw boats together, okay? And once, we’ll go to one okay?”

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Taeyang couldn’t wait for his daughter to go to her first class and learn new things. He loved to teach her to sing and write, but now it was time to get her in school. He left dressing and breakfast up to you, but he prepared her schoolbag. He even bought her big pink bow that she wore in her hair. He wanted for her to be well dressed every day and to be well mannered. He drove her to school and only waited until she changed her shoes. He hugged her tightly before she went in the classroom and kissed her on the forehead. Since it was his day off he was out with some friends until it was time to pick her up. He surprised her by buying her an ice cream and then they went in the park and talked about each others days. He told her a lot to be friendly to all of her classmates, even if someone was different.
“Cutie, just be friendly to everyone, okay? Even if there is someone you don’t like, promise me you will be friendly to them?”

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He loved his son and was always playing with him. He had to make a lot effort to learn him how to write, but he didn’t worry about him going to school because he knew the teachers are good to kids. He made sure to know who was his teacher. He made him breakfast since you were already at work and drove him to school. Before they went to school he told him to learn and be nice to the others. He would go crazy if he learned his son was not good to the others because he knew socializing is important when you are young. He wanted the best for him. When it was time to pick him up, he was there 1 hour earlier and just watched the kids play on the playground, because he like kids and that relaxed him- to see his child is having fun with others. He ran to his son to hug him when he came and together they came to pick you up at work.
“Hi~~ Did you learn something new? How was it? Tell me all about it.”

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Seungri always treated her daughter as a princess. He called her a princess and he spoiled her, but he was very strict when it came to behavior  He wanted her daughter to have what she needs and if she had too much, she would give that to others and she was just like that. He was so happy when he saw her in her dress and her cute backpack. Before he drove her to school he gave her flower and told her to be as sweet as the flower’s smell. He loved saying cheesy things because he knew it meant a lot to people. He had to watch her change her shoes and walk in the classroom. He hugged her and didn’t want to let go of her because he had work after that and he couldn’t pick her up. When he got home, just before she went to bed, he listened how they played princesses with other girls and about the food they ate. He was happy to hear her talk so joyful.
“Oh? Princesses? But you’re my princess and I won’t let any prince take you away from me, okay?”

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Day 5: Fai Finds a Friend

Once Fai found out that they had some time to kill, he wasted no time in cheerfully traversing the length of the market. There was a lot to see, and much activity, and all the noise and people buying and selling their interesting things made for a lively atmosphere. He bought some jam scones to nibble, and then spent some time walking, soaking it all in.

Eventually, Fai got a little tired, even with how peaceful it was. He’d lost the others in the group, though he could see Mokona hanging out above the crowd, and though he was sure they were nearby and fine, he wished that he had at least one of them to spend the day with. Things were always a little more pleasant with Syaoran-kun, or joyful with Princess Sakura, or even fun tinged with mischief with Kuro-tan. By himself, Fai was just… well, there was too much to think about when he was alone.

Pasting a dim smile on, and licking his fingers from the jam, Fai wandered along the pathways, away from the crowd, towards the noise of a stream. There was an artificial water system through the block the town was set on, and the market had stalls on both sides of the pond and bridges to cross the tiny waterfalls. There were overhanging trees and lush grass lawns with benches for the market-goers. Ducks and other fowls wandered by clucking or quacking, and Fai found himself in a little glen, somewhat hidden by a tall flowering bush, and some cattails.

Finding the spot nice enough, and pondering that perhaps he did want to be alone, since this was where his feet had taken him, Fai settled down on the grass, his smile a little more real, and his shoulders loose. It was nice back here, and there was no one to pretend for.

“Mow,” said something from behind him, and Fai twisted to see a pair of yellow eyes blinking at him from the dim under the nearest bush. Fai could make out an impossibly small shape. “Moww.”

Fai turned and kneeled to better see a tiny kitten, huddled under the leaves.

“Ohh, you are cute,” Fai murmured, holding out a hand. “Cht cht,” he clicked his tongue, wondering if the animal was too afraid to emerge. But, this little one was happy to escape the nasty bush, creeping out, and ‘mow’ing again at him. The little face was scrunched up, in an almost ugly sort of way, but it really combined with its big green eyes to make an adorable, disgruntled face. It was entirely black, and Fai immediately thought of the perfect name.

“I shall call you Kuro-kitty,” he said, holding out his hand, and letting the creature sniff it suspiciously. Then, with another ‘mow’, it butted Fai’s hand with its head, and let him scratch almost too big ears. “Aww,” Fai laughed.

Gently, he stroked it, and then when it felt right, lifted it up, and quickly checking its under tail bit. “Ah, Kuro-kitty is a little girl. Well, aren’t you the sweetest?” Fai cooed, rubbing the kitty’s tummy. She waved barely there claws around, snagging on one of his fingers, and Fai chuckled.

“Yup, I named you well.”

He played with the little girl for a while, waving a long grass stem for her to chase, and cuddling her when she got tired. Her fur was soft, and healthy, and she had a nice roly-poly belly, so Fai assumed she wasn’t a stray. She wasn’t very old, but there was also no collar. So, perhaps a house kitten that had gotten out?

Once she had settled down, curled in a ball on his lap, Fai let himself stare at the glitter of the sun on the water, while he stroked her. It was a peaceful day. Fai didn’t know where the others were, but he assumed they were fine. There had been no disturbances at all in the market block, and Fai could still hear the pleasant hubbub as the sun lowered. They’d have to go find their ride soon, he supposed. Still, this was nice, sitting cross-legged on the grass in the shade, with a kitten for company. With the fur under his fingers, his mind was pleasantly empty, and he hummed gently, in tune with little kitten snores.


In a faraway land, long ago, there lived a King and his fair Queen. Many years they had longed for a child, and finally their wish was granted. A daughter was born, and they called her A u r o r a. Yes, they named her after the dawn, for she filled their lives with sunshine. Then a great holiday was proclaimed throughout the land, so that all of high or low estate could pay homage to the infant Princess. And our story begins on that most joyful day…


Ramadan greetings from the Jordanian Royal Family

“نشكر الله على رمضان شهر السكينة والإحسان - وكل عام والجميع بألف خير #رمضان_كريم #الأردن #حب_الأردن

The holy month of Ramadan is finally upon us! God bless all Jordanians on this sacred occasion #Ramadan #Jordan #LoveJO” - Queen Rania Al Abdullah

“كل عام وأنتم بخير بمناسبة حلول الشهر الفضيل #رمضان_كريم #أردننا
#Ramadan Kareem to you all! #OurJordan”
- Crown Prince Hussein

“Ramadan Kareem 2all my sisters and brothers in our global family.Let compassion,understanding &justice give u peace.” - Queen Noor Al Hussein

“ غدا تستعد المساجد في أنحاء دبي لاستضافة وجبات الإفطار وصلاة التراويح في أول أيام شهر رمضان المبارك.
وبهذه المناسبة أتمنى أن يعود عليكم الشهر الفضيل بالخير واليمن والبركة

As mosques across Dubai get ready to host their first Iftar’s and Tarawih Prayers, I wanted to wish people around the world a very joyful Ramadan Mubarak”
- Princess Haya bint Al Hussein

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I want to see: A crazy lick everything noose surrounded Terezi

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I want to see: A bitchy know-it-all lucky Vriska

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I want to see: A pop hip chic modern Feferi

I want to see: A bubbly joyful fish princess Feferi

Do you see my problem?


† November 16, 1878 – Death of Princess Marie of Hesse and by Rhine

Tragedy strikes again upon the Hessian family when on 16 November 1878, the youngest child of the Ducal couple died from diphtheria at the age of four. Following a joyful summer in England, Princess Victoria the eldest began to feel pain in her throat and neck, soon the children (except Ella who was sent to Queen Victoria) and the Grand Duke himself fell ill. Princess Alice nursed them all with great care but Princess May passed away few days after catching the disease. Princess Alice came down with the disease herself and died on 14 december, she is buried beside her daughter, a statue by Joseph Boehm was placed on the tomb of Alice holding Marie in her arms.

A very dreadful day. — After breakfast, a telegram was brought to me, which said, that precious little May was gone! This is too dreadful. How my darling child, adored that little angel. Westerweller telegraphed the news. The sweet child died suddenly at ½ p. 12. Alice terribly grieved but brave. Louis better, Ernie less satisfactory, & the others better, especially Alicky. Telegraphing to poor dear Alice, & all the family. To think of all this misery, & all, whilst the others are still so ill! — Resting on the sofa. Telegram from dear Alice herself: “Our sweet little one is taken, broke it to my poor Louis this morning. He is better, Ernie still very ill. In great anguish”. — Endless telegrams. All so distressed & grieved. — Can think of little else, am so anxious. — A telegram from poor dear Alice in the afternoon: “the pain is beyond words, but God’s will be done”.’ Queen Victoria’s Diary


♛ Royally Themed Movies (4/?) 

Sleeping Beauty

“In a faraway land, long ago, there lived a King and his fair Queen. Many years they had longed for a child, and finally their wish was granted. A daughter was born, and they called her Aurora. Yes, they named her after the dawn, for she filled their lives with sunshine. Then a great holiday was proclaimed throughout the land, so that all of high or low estate could pay homage to the infant Princess. And our story begins on that most joyful day…”

I think you guys will enjoy this.

My brother works as a freelance… The media like to take images + twist the story around to fit their lies. We have submitted so many pictures of Kate & george during polo.. She was never DANCING with George.. she was just trying to catch him because he was trying to run to his daddy who was busy at the time. We sent in 9 pictures from this scene clearly showing Kate running after george….but……..

External image
External image

They Choose to Only publish this from the set~>

External image

which looks like she is dancingThey’ll do anything to sell their lies.. 

and we also have more images of George & Uncle Harry, He was in the tent with George for a while.

External image

see George’s little head there.. he was chill in with uncle harry : }

External image

but every time we submit it, they don’t publish.. because They want to control and brainwash the public into thinking Harry has no contact with his nephew which is a damn lie.

~Something else… The media like to paint Kate in an isolated sort of way, For most of this day, George was actually roaming around by himself and with his other family while Kate played with the other kids & chatted to with adults. She even had to discipline George at one point because he hit one of the kids with his car. The media would never show you this because it shows Kate as a real Woman.. And The media wants you all to only see an ALWAYS JOYFUL PERFECT PRINCESS..

External image

External image

External image

They only showed you her leaving back up to the cars but didn’t show you why. lol

External image

And when they returned George had a major attitude LOL : ]

External image

 Maybe I will keep you guys updated. I hear most blogs always say i don’t believe gossip “i don’t believe it until i see pictures” Well unfortunately the media also lies with the selectively chosen pictures to fit their lies. 


Thanks for the pics, not seen these! 

Between Emma and the princesses of Frozen

With season 4 getting closer, I decided to write this meta about how Emma is paralleled with both Elsa and Anna.

We know already that we are gonna have a significant bonding between Emma and Elsa in the next season. The most obvious thing they have in common is that they both have this strong power that they are only as adults learning to control, and I will address this issue in my meta, but first of all I want to start at the beginning, and by the beginning I mean their childhood.

I chose to put those two gifs here because they represent so loudly what I’m about to write. Let’s look at those two faces. The suffering of what look like a life struggling against pain is already there at such an early age. Both girls have paid the price of magic from such an early stage in their life.

Elsa was alone because she was afraid to hurt the people that she love with her magic, Emma was alone because she was sent to our world by her parents because of a prophesy saying she will be the savior one day. In both cases the parents have determined the fate of their daughter’s life. Elsa’s parents isolated her from the outside world and from her sister, and the Charmings condemned Emma of a life of an orphan. In both cases there might have been a good reason behind it, but the bottom line is that both girls were miserable and leaving an un happy childhood.

While Elsa knew of her powers her all life, Emma came to know them only as an adult. Nevertheless, both young women struggled against their magic.

All through the last 3 seasons we saw Emma constantly denying her ability to do magic, even after she believed in magic and discover her singularity as the savior, she refuse to see it as a positive thing and she is constantly avoiding her powers. And just like Emma Elsa is seeing her magic as a negative thing and she tries to conceal it for years.

For both girls there is a stage when they learn to have fun with their magic, to see the positive side of it, and really connect with their nature.

And only by the help of others they are able to truly control and activate it. To truly accept themselves for who they truly are.

Now, the way I see it in the movie, Anna among other things represents the life that Elsa would have wanted for herself. The joyful princess full of life and hope. Free to dance and sing around the castle. Anna also represents the life Snow and David wanted for Emma.

Emma also wanted the “life of Anna” for herself, but because she grew up in our world she found her own version for it in New York.

The life in New York gave Emma the ability to escape her fate as the savior. The ability to be the “normal” girl and have the glamorous life. Just like Anna Emma is living in New York without knowing the all story. Anna spent her entire life thinking that her sister doesn’t love her, not knowing of the big secret of the family. It made her get lost in her own dreams and trust someone who knew how to take advantage of her need of a normal life. Emma in New York just like Anna is living a life of lies. And Walsh just like Hans took advantage of that.

And we all know how those things ended once both Emma and Anna woke up from the dream world and faced reality

Who didn’t think of Hans when Walsh discovered himself to Emma, please raise your hand…

Although Emma and Anna were hurt by someone they thought they had true love with, they also got real true love in the process,

As I was preparing the gifs for this meta I also prepared this gif set to parallel between Emma and Hook and Anna and Kristoff, which we also know will be addressed in OUAT. I would not go into the parallels between the couples here, this is an all different meta, I’ll just say that I think that it is beautiful that both Anna and Emma came to acknowledge their true love in a journey that made them discover who they truly are themselves.

This is what I love so much about Emma Swan, she is so complex and is such a good character to explore. Look how she can parallel with both Elsa and Anna at the same time. There is so much more to be revealed about this unique woman, and I can’t wait to see where we are heading next with her.