joyful chaos

Okay so the Marauders + the Beatles has always been, like, my favourite combo ever but just stop a minute and imagine the first time Sirius Black hears a Beatles song. 

Maybe it comes after a particularly difficult conversation in the aftermath of the discovery of the Furry Little Problem. Remus has sunk into himself a little and is sitting on his four-poster, with Sirius sitting opposite him looking at him with sad eyes. There’s only one thing for James to do. He heads over to the muggle record player - Sirius had been longing for one for the dorm since the minute he saw a picture of one, and James had managed to persuade his parents to buy one and send regular instalments of records randomly selected from their nearest muggle store. He’s been sent one only the week before, a few years old and by a certain band from Liverpool, and now seems a good time to try it out, so that’s what he does.

It’s one with a little energy - perhaps Can’t Buy Me Love or She Loves You or Help! if you want something fitting. For a few moments Sirius just sits in astonishment because Merlin’s Beard, what is this magic??

And then before Remus knows what’s happening he’s being pulled swiftly to his feet and swung wildly around the middle of the dormitory as Sirius grabs the nearest person and starts an insane energetic swinging dance. 

James blinks for a few seconds and then begins to laugh, rolling his eyes at his best friend, before offering a hand to Peter with a charming May I have this dance?

The dormitory descends into joyful chaos as four boys swing and jive and occasionally swap partners, all while Lennon and McCartney belt out choruses. Eventually Remus is back with Sirius, being swung low over the bed, and as the song ends the expression on Sirius’s face gets a mischievous edge to it. Remus only has time for a startled uh oh before he is dropped the few inches onto the mattress and the tickle fight begins. The grin on James’s face transitions to a mirror image of Sirius’s and, despite Peter’s best efforts, it’s all Remus can do to reach behind him and grab a pillow to ward off his attackers. 

The resulting pillow fight lasts until all four boys are completely exhausted, and they slump down in a heap of tangled limbs on the wooden floor of the dormitory, panting and laughing. Just when Remus feels as though his happiness could not get any more, he feels a gentle hand take hold of his. Looking to his right he sees Sirius Black smiling at him. Not smirking, not grinning, but smiling, the pure, warm, radiant smile that Sirius saves for only the most special moments. 

Remus looks at him and gives him his own rare smile: the smile of perfect, untouched happiness that he has not smiled for a very long time. 

Daryl Dixon/Paul ‘Jesus Rovia

Prompt: “I’m too sober for this.”

Paul hadn’t realised that the arrival of their little group at Alexandria would warrant a party, but he’s certainly not opposed to it. It’s good to see Maggie, Rosita, Daryl and Enid having such a good time with their old friends. It’s a nice night for it, too, pleasantly cool after a long, hot day, crickets chirping and stars dewy in a velvet-black sky.

He and Daryl have stepped outside of the joyful chaos of the packed Grimes’ residence to sit on the top step of the porch for a bit while Daryl smokes a cigarette, but it’s barely more than a minute before Enid appears at the front door and heads straight for them with drunk determination.

Her hands are empty so she must have finished the single alcoholic beverage she’d been permitted for the night, and good thing it was only one. Her cheeks are pink with it, and from what Paul has observed of her so far tonight, she’s been more talkative than he’s ever seen her.

He gives her a warm smile. They’ve grown quite close since she’s been sharing his trailer, and he’s found himself filling a mentor-type role in her life. He likes to think that it’s his ‘youthful energy’ that makes him more appealing than some of the other adults, but Maggie was quick to assure him that the word he was actually looking for was ‘immaturity’.

Enid plonks herself down beside Paul on the step, forcing him closer to Daryl until they’re pressed together from shoulder to thigh. Daryl is another former Alexandrian he’s been getting to know better, but in a very different way. In fact, they’d even kissed for the first time two days ago, but Paul hasn’t pushed for anything more since, wanting to give Daryl all the time he needed to adjust to the concept of being with a guy.

“I have a question,” Enid declares.

Paul leans back on his elbows. “Shoot.”

“I don’t understand anal sex,” she states without compunction. “Can you explain it to me?”

For a long moment, the only sound to be heard is the chirping of the crickets. Beside him, Daryl goes absolutely still.

“I’m too sober for this,” Jesus says, lifting his bottle of homebrew to his lips and taking a long draught.

“I can ask someone else if you’re too embarrassed,” Enid says, ever the pragmatist.

“No, no, it’s fine,” Paul says. After all, the poor kid needs to get her sex ed somewhere. He takes one more swig to fortify himself for what’s to come. “So, what are you confused about? The mechanics of it?”

“Yeah,” she says, leaning back on her elbows beside him, “and, like, what people like about it.”

And so Paul proceeds to explain. It would be a lot less weird if his crush wasn’t sitting right beside him, but he wants to make sure Daryl knows this stuff too, about lube and preparation and the prostate and how good it can feel for all involved. Paul wouldn’t have been surprised if Daryl had got up and left, too uncomfortable with the subject matter, but he doesn’t, just listens silently to every word, gaze fixed on the bottom stair.

Paul concludes his sexual health lesson by pointing out that he doesn’t know much about the topic from a woman’s point of view, and that Enid might want to ask someone else about that.

Enid nods matter-of-factly, then promptly stands and marches back inside. “Maggie!” she shouts over the noise of the party, “I have a question!”

Paul chuckles and shakes his head. He shifts away from Daryl, but only a little and Daryl fills the space so that their sides are still lightly touching.

Daryl takes a final drag of his cigarette and flicks it away. “So that’s what you do, huh?”

“That’s not the only thing we can do,” Paul responds lightly. He means ‘we’ as in gay men in general, but Daryl’s head twitches towards him and he realises that it sounded like he meant ‘we’ as in the two of them.

“What else is there?” Daryl asks in a low rumble.

What an opening. He shifts on the step so he’s facing Daryl a little more. “Well, there’s always handjobs and blowjobs.” Daryl doesn’t meet his eyes, but his chest is rising and falling with silent, shallow breaths, and he’s at least half-hard in his pants. “But one of my favourite things to do,” Paul murmurs, leaning in closer under the guise of not being overheard by the party-goers inside, “is to lie facing each other with one hand wrapped around both of us…”

Daryl seems get the picture, at least going by the small grunt of want that escapes him.

“Or I could just show you?” Paul breathes, hoping to god that this is the right move, that he’s not about to scare Daryl off.

“Let’s go,” Daryl rasps, jerking his head towards the house next door that was theirs for the duration of their stay. He stands abruptly and starts down the stairs.

It’s all Paul can do to make himself walk like the mature adult that he is (thank you, Maggie) and not run after Daryl like an eager puppy.

Bringing this back because why not

There’s so much going on here but just look at that little girl grabbing onto Kuroko’s shirt. Just look at her.

Kuroko would be such a magnet for the shy ones. Those kids who have a hard time speaking up and always get picked last for team sports, but within five minutes they are trailing after him like ducklings, addressing him as “nii-chan” and hanging onto his every word. He’d be so patient and gentle and praise them for every shot they make because he can see they’re all doing their best.

While the mini-basket event descends into joyful chaos around him, Kuroko winds up generating this bubble of peace and serenity on the crowded court. He’s the first person to pay attention that every kid warms up properly and stays hydrated, he knows where all the first aid kits are and helps peel apples and oranges for them when it’s break time.

After some time Kagami emerges from his own side of the court and is like, “Oi, Kuroko, where are…?” and hey, there’s Kuroko, kneeling down to put a band-aid on a little kid’s knee while she drops a crown of daisies on his head, and then Kagami has to go lie down because this? Nobody prepared him for this. This is not okay.

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