I love Tumblr people

You all are so helpful - I had a question earlier about a typo I made on my cover letter & within minutes, I had several great suggestions.  It’s just so great to have this network of people here who will give their opinions and suggestions - whether it’s career stuff or relationships or the best product for dark circles under your eyes (I’ll actually take any input on that too!) . 

Here were the answers to my question:

  1. nmattea said: i would send a revised cover letter [+ CV, if necessary] that includes any recent work. fix the error on the new one and reinforce your interest. good luck!
  2. joyengel answered: Resend the materials, saying that you refreshed it based on recent experience, fix the error, but dont call attention to it
  3. edatrix answered: don’t resend and point it out. they won’t notice. in your reply, re-emphasize your interest and make sure you get all the info right ;)
  4. bimsk answered: could you send in a revised letter with minor edits (maybe updates on things you’ve done in the last few months) and fix the error on that?

I decided to add one new thing to my resume (that happened between Sept & now) and fixed the cover letter & sent it back.  It was the perfect compromise of not pointing out my error, yet having a chance to fix it.  Somehow I couldn’t figure that out on my own! Too damn honest for my own good!

While I’m at it, on a more superficial level - what is your best solution to dark eye circles?