I love Tumblr people

You all are so helpful - I had a question earlier about a typo I made on my cover letter & within minutes, I had several great suggestions.  It’s just so great to have this network of people here who will give their opinions and suggestions - whether it’s career stuff or relationships or the best product for dark circles under your eyes (I’ll actually take any input on that too!) . 

Here were the answers to my question:

  1. nmattea said: i would send a revised cover letter [+ CV, if necessary] that includes any recent work. fix the error on the new one and reinforce your interest. good luck!
  2. joyengel answered: Resend the materials, saying that you refreshed it based on recent experience, fix the error, but dont call attention to it
  3. edatrix answered: don’t resend and point it out. they won’t notice. in your reply, re-emphasize your interest and make sure you get all the info right ;)
  4. bimsk answered: could you send in a revised letter with minor edits (maybe updates on things you’ve done in the last few months) and fix the error on that?

I decided to add one new thing to my resume (that happened between Sept & now) and fixed the cover letter & sent it back.  It was the perfect compromise of not pointing out my error, yet having a chance to fix it.  Somehow I couldn’t figure that out on my own! Too damn honest for my own good!

While I’m at it, on a more superficial level - what is your best solution to dark eye circles?

Early last summer in an effort to ~*werk on mah fitnizz*~ I downloaded the ever-popular "Couch to 5k" app.

I actually hate running with the fire of a thousand suns, but the early summer fitness desire clouded my judgement and I decided, with my friend Lizzie in tow, to give it a shot.

For a few weeks we actually did pretty well and exercised with relative consistency, alternating  our 3-days-a-week of Couch to 5k with two days of swimming at the local community pool. I was better at swimming and Lizzie was better at running, so we balanced each other out and encouraged the other person to keep-on-keepin’-on with the fitness activity with which she struggled.

Then the Waldo Canyon Fire happened (remember that?) and The Powers That Be encouraged everyone to stay inside away from the toxic smoke that filled the air. (Stay inside? Well, only if you insist, Colorado.) After about a week the air quality was safe enough to leave the house for extended periods of time, but we…did not resume exercising.

Anyway, I just found this thing that Joy posted about Couch to 5k and it perfectly describes my current attitude towards the app:

So really what I need is “slovenly ball of winter fat and waste to couch, to slightly fast walk, to jogging if someone is chasing you, to attempting to run, to, perhaps, at some point in the next few years, running and then eventually, when your life is at stake, running a 5k”